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Great Food Movie


Well, maybe not so yay. This movie is about where our food comes from and who controls it.

Now this movie, called “Food Inc,” looks beautiful, eloquent and farickadoodle interesting… (how did they get away with filming this thing? Stunning) But, all that aside, who really controls the food? Let’s guess… this is a hard one… hold on… Howzbout, say, a few multinational corporations?

But of course. So what? Really… what does this mean for you and me, if anything?

Well, if you are very rich, not much. You will be able to buy organic fresh fruits, veggies and natural meat, while the rest of the pleebs will have to live on Bankonit TV GMO dinners and canned fricassee of genetically modded corn-soy-fat-sugar-salt-msg stew. Yum.

Hey! Add fat, sugar, salt, msg, some enticing chemical flavorings, anything tastes good!

Just between u and me… i wanna be RICH….

Movie Trailer: (proof, man!)

Yes, will definitely go see this movie. Will learn who rules the world, and where should go to make obeisance to. Can u imagine? Hip hopping down to the local Monsantoe CarlyGroup and bowing three times. It will be like a new religion. They throw me some Soylentils, I give them all my money. Fair trade.

If they provide me a remote, a cozy slavish labor camp, some wine, beer, spirits, life will be peachy.

Hey! What’s a peach?

Disclaimer: Cdin Org and disavows all knowledge of who this poster is. We do NOT necessarily agree with anything on this website, period, end of story. Also, to those in power, we Heart Hotpockets. Specially the lo-calorie ones. : )

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