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Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids


MSNBC has a beautiful slideshow of Michael Jackson’s 3 children. It’s true that privacy is an issue, but they are the progeny of one of the world’s most popular entertainers and will remain in the public eye for possibly the duration of their lives. They will be loved, revered, and always remembered as Michael’s children. Click on image below to go to the full Slideshow at MSNBC.

A Warm Family Glimpse
Beautiful Michael Jackson and Children Slideshow Pictures by MSNBC

Beautiful Michael Jackson and Children Slideshow Pictures by MSNBC

Good or bad, right or wrong, we will all see these images. Many will want to see these beautiful children of someone we truly cared about. We will wish them the best, and hope all the court battles will end soon and leave these little ones in peace.

It was a dilemma whether to post this slideshow. But, in all honesty, I personally wanted to see these pictures and found them very special and very precious.

Michael Jackson is an icon, and his children are the closest remembrance of him. They were the most important people in his life and will always be thought of as closest and most cherished by the King of Pop, one of the world’s greatest and most famous celebrities.

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7 Responses to “Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids”

  1. New blog post: Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids

  2. New blog post: Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids

  3. Re: Personal Pictures

    I suppose it’s like we live in a great big village. We are all neighbors, and we want to know what’s happening down the street.

    When one of our neighbors has a baby, or is in trouble, we want to know the details – we care.

    Sometimes we’re just nosy. But it seems to be natural to want to know what’s happening around the corner, or now, around the world.

    Celebrities have become our neighbors. We see them more than the fellow or fella next door. We’re more familiar with their lives than our own relatives.

    Distances are eliminated via media deluge by television, Internet, magazines.

    So, when Michael Jackson has children, many people genuinely loving and caring for him, having sympathized with his life tragedies and having been deeply moved by his art and music, also care very much about his children and want to see how they’re doing, how beautiful they are, just as if they lived right next door.

    We have lost touch with our communities, but grown close to strangers across the world.

    It is the natural evolution of things, given the current way we are electronically entertained.

    Everyone in the world is just seconds away.

  4. The slideshow is beautiful. Michael’s children seem happy, and they are all such a lovely family. Their lives must be all turned upside down now – what a terrible loss for them.

  5. I think we all (many many of us) want to immemorialize him into our minds forever. Pictures are engrained in our hearts.

    We love and care about his children as we loved and cared for him.

    Whether they need this love, or care about it, is their personal right. Undoubtedly they might want to have privacy, or, like Michael, they appreciate how so many people are touched by him and his family.

    It’s a very personal decision.

    We all wish them, and the whole family, well. So sad.

  6. I loved Michael, He was a beautiful person with a beautiful caring soul He was my idol for 30 yrs I’m 40 now and I dont care what anyone say about him he just was a boy at heart and he showed everyone love and people should only focus on the good he ‘s done not a lot of stars old and new can say they did as much as michael did so my heart goes out to his family and i feel he should be layed to rest at Neverland because He did so much good for so many. God Bless a Child that has his own. Mrs. Traviann

  7. Hi Traviann –

    I agree with you. If he were laid to rest at Neverland, I would definitely want to visit. It would be a wonderful place i imagine, with beautiful sights, the dream place that Michael always wanted it to be for the kids.

    The Memorial was beautiful, wonderful. It closed the pages of Michael’s life book for me. Now, i think of his children, and pray they find peace, joy, happiness, love and sweet long life.