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This image broke my heart. It has the power of the Life Magazine image of a terrified little Vietnamese girl running away from bombs and explosions who was on the cover of Life magazine. It is difficult to think of what could exist that is more wrong than this picture below and the other pictures of similar impact and importance. What to do? All we can. And we will!

A young girl cries after another child stold the doll she found in a garbage dump. Photographer: Benjamen Rusnak
A young girl cries after another child stole the doll she had found in the garbage dump.

Photographer: Benjamin Rusnak/Zuma
From Doubletruck, Food for the Poor

If this isn’t a testament on what needs to be done…

This image won several awards.


Craigslist Prostitution

By any other name…

** Warning: Risque Alert ***

The following post may contain disturbing thoughts and sexual connotations.


We took a little look at about 12 – 20 ads in our local area.

The first thing we noticed was the great creativity in the noticeably imaginative headlines. Each was an artwork unto itself with lots of symbology and fancy flourishing.

The second thing we noticed were somewhat homegrown pornographic photos of young women in seductive and/or revealing poses offering “pleasurable” services.

Were they offering these services and “experiences” for free?

We quickly surmised, Absolutely Not. Why would all these ladies (some seemingly disturbingly young) wish to promote themselves so zealously for pleasure’s sake alone?


By any other name, Craigslist is a pimptious and whoremongering organization.

That said, we here are not so sure that prostitution is such an evil as it’s made out to be…

Now we can probably presume prostitution will most likely continue to exist no matter what. We can further surmise that criminalizing it has little effect other than to force it underground, contributing to the dark societal underbelly.


Possibly the legalization of prostitution, not necessarily morally, but rather, legally.

To become a prostitute legally, firstly, one should be provided completely free services at all times for psychological, psychiatric, counseling and medical services before obtaining their license.

Furthermore, especially if they have been a victim of abuse, they should have the opportunity to examine the reasons and needs behind their desire to seek prostitution as a livelihood.

They should be given a completely safe and monitored environment to provide them a comfortable location to conduct their business, for both them and their clients.

They should be provided educational opportunities as all people should be… however, when one is willing to prostitute their body, it’s likely indicative of greater need for ancillary support services than others not so inclined. Just an observation…

A good government would try it’s best to greatly assist those seeking this personally and bodily, very costly profession.


Craigslist promotes prostitution overtly and subvertly.

There are “no two ways” about it. Call a spade a spade, a rose by any other name, a rose.

The question is, will the law will consider their erotic section, legal or illegal?

Perhaps they will be able to continue as:

“Craigslist, Legal Purveyor of Prostitution and Erotic Services Around the Globe.”

If so, for “johns,” this would be… acceptable. And for the ladies of the night (and day), perhaps a sense of relief.

Or, considering loss of family, health, wealth and subliminal self recriminations, perhaps not.

At any rate, we will see what our governmental officials will say and do about all of this.


We reserve the right to NOT judge anyone except whom we choose. We choose to NOT judge any individuals, callgirls, callboys, prostitutes, whores, erotic purveyors, posters, johns, clients, customers. We DO choose to judge Craigslist as guilty of pimptious behavior… promoting prostitution and receiving monies, donated or not.

And about Free speech…

When free speech overtly leads to criminal activity, it needs careful review by a jury of our peers.

As for the term, whoring:

If a woman remains married to a man and has sex with said man strictly to receive money, a place to live, food to eat, is that whoring?

Is the provision of one’s body for sex and any compensation at all, whoring?


A whore by any other name is just a woman, a girl, a lady, a man, a boy, a person, a human being. And, as precious and beloved as any one of us could ever be.

Reference Article:…craigslist-prostitution…


FORCED Chemo Nightmare

True life horror story… imagine being 13 years old, hog tied and sedated by doctors while forced to endure painful injections delivering poisonous chemicals that cause you untold nausea, misery, suffering. Now that just seems WRONG.

But this story may end up being true to one little 13 year old boy who DOESN’T WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS.

When he is finally untied, what will he do? How will he feel? Will doctors tie him up for months? Will he moan, groan, cry, throw up, suffer against his will, all the while in restraints?

Some news here… once you receive chemotherapy, the likelihood of more natural methods (THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK BY THE WAY…) no longer have the same benefits due to the severe deleterious effects caused by the destructive nature of the chemo.)

In other words, you could be digging it deeper. On the other hand, to be fair, if the boy is completely cured the doctors would feel justified. But really… how long does chemo last?

What if the boy comes down with a relapse of cancer a few months, years later? More forced chemo?

Suggestion: Let’s write the doctors and tell them to tone down the Frankenstein stuff and try to be humans rather than monsters. HE DOESN’T WANT IT AND VOWS TO RESIST.

The very thought of what this little fellow may have to go through boggles the mind.


Black Pages – VISION

Are some people not sure what you’re doing? :O

Method to the Madness…


‘Slumdog’ Child for Sale

Update from the Daily Telegraph:

“Producer Christian Colson told the Daily Mail last night: ‘We have friends and colleagues in Bombay who are trying to speak with Mr Qureshi to get to the bottom of what happened. Her family is under a lot of pressure.’

He and director Danny Boyle are planning next month to visit the young stars, who were plucked off the street for auditions to star in the film.

Mr Colson added: ‘Danny and I are committed to Rubina and Azharuddin for the long term. We are trying to keep a roof over their heads, and keep them in school until they are 18. The problem is there are a lot of parties who are telling the parents different things.

‘We agreed to buy apartments a couple of months ago but that process stalled because they decided they wanted the money up front instead.

‘In the past few days we have got things back on track, and are now back looking at apartments.’

The film makers have set up a trust to give a lump sum to each child when they are 18.

Properties will also be placed in trust, with ownership released to the parents only when the children turn 18 and have completed their education.”


A Father and Uncle are Purportedly Attempting to Sell the Child Actress, Rubina for 200,000 pounds. Rubina played a substantial role in the Oscar winning movie, “Slumdog.”

From the Telegraph: “Rafiq Qureshi, who lives in a one of India’s worst slums in the city of Mumbai, reportedly attempted to make an illegal adoption deal for the nine-year-old girl.

“We are considering Rubina’s future,” Mr Qureshi is alleged to have told a man posing as a prospective buyer.

“They’ve been talking about giving us a house, but all they do is talk.”

He referred the caller to his brother-in-law, Rajan More, who said: “Rubina’s life is miserable and she lives here with her stepmother. Most of the time she stays with me because she is not happy at her parents’ home.”


Re: Claims that the child is living in abject poverty and was not reimbursed for her acting services.

Could it be that the movie producers of the Oscar winner, “Slumdog,” didn’t pay the child actors in their movie a good, proper and generous fee?

Fortunes were made, and will continue to be made from this movie, much of it due to its poignant and heartrending expose of child exploitation of the worst sort.

Hopefully, the claims of low payment are false. This family was bestowed, whether by luck or intervention, a rare and special opportunity. Living in squalor and poverty afterwards doesn’t fit…

The children were lauded before the creme de la creme of Glittering Hollywood on Oscar Night. Great emotion and gratitude was expressed to the children for their participation. Then, the children return home to deep poverty… this whole story has so many ironies.

The child selling seems a terrible afterthought considering all the tragic precursors of this story. What an enormous tragedy to feel compelled to to sell your child so that he or she would have a better life.

On the other hand, this could just be a story about desperation and greed. Whatever, it is tragic.

“Slumdog Millionaire actress Rubina Ali “offered for sale” by her father”…

Video courtesy of News of the World:


Child Slavery

“Sometimes I would just cry.
I couldn’t bear it anymore…”

Who is Love146?

New Rockumentary MOVIE
“Call and Response”
Switchfoot and other great musicians… Their Blog


Interesting Facts: 2% of people said they were pleased about child sex slavery. 11% were irritated with it, 73% were outraged, 3%indifferent, 3% neutral.

You’re not alone if you find that you neither care, nor wish to think about this.

Perhaps some individuals won’t care unless it happens to them, or if they’re affected in some way close to home.

We can all help now – this is a grave problem that will affect all future generations.


Teenager Paradise

The following story has been changed from its original.
It has been slightly adapted and altered. But, the lessons
are still there. And they are definitely worth a read.

My Paradise Life – from Life in America

My name is Casey and I’m a teenager.

Some people say our family must live on the edge
of despair. We say that we live on the edge of
wonderful things to come.

Thinking this way saves us from feeling worried and

We are very poor. Our family doesn’t know whether
it will make it day to day. Even though we have a
house, it’s upside down. That means we probably
owe more than it’s worth.

We could easily lose our home… and knowing that
day to day can be a bit distressing. But we go
through our days as if we will be here forever.

We realize there are many others in MUCH worse
circumstances than us… and  we pray and hope
that things will get much MUCH better for everyone.

But this story is about us… so I will write from my

My Mom works 7 days a week, 16 hour days. She
works at home so we are near her. She smiles alot,
and we know she pretends everything is okay.

She is handicapped, and has health issues. But these
are not so terrible that she can’t work everyday. And
laugh with us.

Our father left long ago. I don’t know the whole story,
and don’t think I want to know. It might make me sad.

We don’t receive child support. That’s another story
I’m not sure of… but, perhaps it’s best… sometimes
child support can bring despair and fighting to a family.

So, my Mom has muddled through day to day on her own. 

We were on welfare long ago. But, when Mom discovered
ways to work and home and make some money, welfare
went away, we moved into our own house.

At first, it was scary. But, I had my Teddy. : ) And, Mom
and us all slept together. We really didn’t need more than
one room as we always hang together anyway.

But, one day, I moved into my own room. I’m not sure
I really need it – we are always usually together in our
kitchen-livingroom anyway!

And, I think that’s why I live in Paradise…

Mom has made little areas of our little yard very pretty.
We have a birdbath, and beautiful lanterns. We have a
wooden bench and table from a garage sale. We have
crowded little fruit trees only a few feet from each other.

They are cozy – and don’t seem to mind having hardly
any space. It’s been 5 years… now we have fruit! We
have little garden pots with greens, herbs, tomatoes,
squash, potatoes, peas, and more.

We even have a tiny watermelon patch 4 feet square.
We grew a beautiful watermelon – but he was so
beautiful, so cute, that no one could eat him.

Eventually we buried him with honors so that he would
have watermelon babies. We want him to live on forever
and ever through his children.

Can you imagine loving a watermelon? I can, because
I did. And, still do. : )

The most important thing about our little house is
that our living-kitchen room has wide doors that
open to our little backyard. They are always open
during the day so that our dogs and cats can come
in and out whenever they like.

Also, that means our outdoors and indoors are like one.

Of course, if you have dogs and cats, you will know
that they mostly just follow you wherever you go. So,
we go outside and inside all the time to keep things
lively and fun.

The sun shines so beautifully and it’s like heaven
outside. We have shade where we need it, and sun
on our plants. We move our little umbrellas here
and there for extra shade, and we have a see through
awning that lets in the perfect amount of light.

Our little kitchen living room is very crowded, but
we all don’t care. We each have our little computers
or laptop, our tiny TV, a portable DVD player that
requires frequent bashing to operate, and a hotplate
for cooking.

We would each rather have computers than a stove! : )

We get to eat the yummiest things. We eat what we
grow, and it’s always delicious. Then, we buy nice
organic things at the store.

Since food is not cheap, we supplement our diets
with grains that we sprout so they go farther.
Sprouted grains grow like magic and triple in size!
Very filling, and totally delicious.

It can be amazing how little we spend and how full
we get.

We don’t have medical insurance, so we seldom if
ever get to see a doctor. But, when we last had
checkups, we were doing great.

But, if there’s an emergency, we all know that we
will most likely lose everything… except each other…

My Mom hates this. But, it’s either food or medical
insurance. We choose food. 

If something terrible happens and we need super
expensive care, we realize that we will probably
have to die rather than get treatment. 

Personally, I am willing to take my chances.  But,
since I am a kid, I have been accused of not having
much sense about these things.

Medical insurance costs several hundred dollars a
month. We don’t have that unless we give up our home. 

It’s a big dilemma.

My Mom won’t talk about it – I know she feels
terribly irresponsible.

I told her not to let ANYTHING hurt her heart that
way. It is what it is… and perhaps we will all be
perfectly fine!

So, as far as I’m concerned, we live in Paradise.

You see, it’s like this.

We have a warm home, blankets, wonderful food,
laughter, sunlight, dogs, cats, computers, and our
Mother at home anytime we need her.

We get to watch movies on the weekends on our DVD
player. We make air popped popcorn with yummy salt,
and it’s exciting and fun.

We talk about the funniest, or strangest things. 
Sometimes we all laugh so hard that the house will
shake! Even the dogs laugh. They dance and prance
and their tails way a mile a minute. 

The cats just look at us. They endure us with loving

We talk about EVERY subject. Nothing is off limits.
That way, we all learn good, bad, right, wrong, happy,
sad, what to watch out for, what to search out in life.

Someone said that you musn’t spy on your kids or
they will go elsewhere to do bad things.

But in our family, we’ve been told NOT to go elsewhere
and do things we wouldn’t do at home. 

Guess what? We listen. Why? Because we love and
respect our Mom, and wouldn’t want to hurt her. Also,
just because we are out and about, doesn’t mean we
leave morals and values at home.

That’s what we we TAUGHT. Someday maybe we will
disobey. But that will be on our heads. Disobeying
carries its own pain. Maybe enough to stop us from
making wrong choices.

It just wouldn’t dawn on us to dishonor our Mom
or ourselves by doing bad things just because our
Mom isn’t standing there.

She told us so. And, you know what? I think most
all kids want to do what their parents ask of them.

Parents, tell your kids what to do, what’s right and
wrong, home, or not at home. Explain why. With love.
Kids WILL listen.


In short, I live in Paradise because my family is so rich…
rich in love, in laughter, in food, song, dog dancing and
prancing, love.

We live in Paradise because our outside and inside
are pretty much the same. And, we get to do what we
want, like fall in love with plants. We get to be silly,
and be totally accepted.
: )

I just wish EVERYBODY could be as rich.

I also know that it could all end in a second, and we
could lose everything. 

But, even then, if we have each other, we will STILL
be rich.


Oh – also… call me foolish, but, if we lost everything,
I would still dare to hope. That things would get better.

In fact, better than ever!

: )


Child Slavery

We don’t want to think about it, but there are 27 million reasons TO think about it…
The power of you and me and all
of us can work miracles.
   Click Image Below to Go to Viewing Page at Love146. Quite an intro. 

Note: New Rockumentary MOVIE coming out – “Call and Response” – Features Switchfoot and other great musicians…


Interesting Facts: 2% of people said they were pleased about child sex slavery. 11% were irritated with it, 73% were outraged, 3% indifferent, 3% neutral.

So, if you don’t care, you’re not alone.

Perhaps some individuals won’t care unless it happens to them.

Or, maybe not…

Here’s a question. For those who don’t care or are pleased – what happened to you in your life that you wouldn’t have any compassion or empathy?

Were you spoiled or overindulged?
Were you treated as better than everyone else?
Did you have a great, happy, wonderful childhood with lots of love, guidance and teaching?
Were you abused?
Were you raised to believe you were stupid?
Were you bullied?
Did you bully?
Do you think you never had a conscience, as far back as you can remember?
Were you mistreated, and became embittered?
Were you raised to believe you were special, better?
Do you think you are a sociopath – someone who has no guilt or remorse?
Do you only care about yourself?
Have you ever loved anyone else more than yourself?
If you did, and they were abused or hurt, did you care?
If you don’t care, do you think you would ever change?
Do you think you are right for not caring, or being pleased with child abuse?
Do you think you were born without a conscience?
Are you strictly for your own self and your own pleasures?


If we ALL didn’t care, would that be fine for you? In which case, if you were victimized, you would be pleased, or at least you wouldn’t care.  Right?

I think we all should care. It’s totally wrong to hurt others, exploit, hurt children.

And, if you just don’t know why or don’t care, then be brave and admit it to everyone around you.

Okay I will comment on this myself. Now, who wants to see these things? Not me! It is not pretty or fun to watch.

In fact, my life is so busy that how could I be expected to really do anything about this? Donate? Spread the word? yah… i could do that…

not that i REALLY want to. I’d much rather be off doing major fun things and thinking selfish thoughts of glee and excess.

Point of this: If more people understood that their bachelor party, or the places they go to find “sex” could be stocked with victims of horrific enslavement and brutality, they might reconsider what they are doing.

As a man (or woman) – do you think YOU or a FRIEND of yours might have (inadvertently of course) engaged in acts with a victim of the aforementioned ??

If so, do you have regrets? Will you try to help your friends, associates see the error of their previous ways?

I think a society that allows any preying on it’s children and the innocent is doomed.

I often think that I would like to walk away from all this dismal child and animal protection kind of stuff.

After all, I’m not very special in any way, no better or worse than anyone else, and don’t really do much good one way or another.

And then, I also think that me and my friends will just get a nice little mountain place at a family retreat and live a comfy life with home grown food, peace and safety. We’ll raise animals, grow our own food, jump into the lake, hang out at the nearby luxury tourist town.

We’ll watch Satellite and cable, play Sims, Halo 2, Halflife, all day. Trip the Light Fantastic.

We’ll sell on Ebay and Craigslist and do lots of Internet marketing of this and that.


then that makes me feel bored, or incomplete…

Because if I was just having tons of my own comfy fun doing just for me, then I wouldn’t be happy.

I guess that’s my problem, that other peoples’ problems are a concern.

Who knows?

One day, maybe soon, I’ll just walk away and give up.

Think of this though… you’re really old, maybe 92 or 110.

You look back at your life, and it’s been great. You’ve lived in Vicabamba, or some idyllic Japanese village eating yummy food and getting lots of mountain exercise.

Out there in the world, people have been suffering, but not you.

Then, you lie in bed, sick, ready to die.

Good bye, you’re gone… at that last moment… would you be glad that you ignored helping others, avoided doing good for others in desperate need? Just happy that at least, your life was okay?

Me? I wouldn’t be so happy knowing that I had walked away from helping others. I don’t think.

But, I’ve never lived in an idyllic mountain village, except Aspen for a summer and it was cool. Good food, good skiing, good family fun… but I thought at the time, when I grew up, that there would be more to life.

Oh – and the happiest I’ve ever been is when, for example – as a kid – I cooked this gourmet meal as a surprise for my aunt and uncle and 2 cousins.

I didn’t know how to cook, but i had this gourmet cookbook that i tried to follow – made squab, liver pate, (those days ate meat), other fancy stuff, and used EVERY POT AND PAN in the house – horrible horrible mess that was hilarious.

THe happy part:

Seeing my aunt and uncle and cousins so happy and full of laughter. Unforgettable.

It wasn’t my happiness that made me happy – it was theirs.


When my Dad woke me at 4am, and eventually reluctantly grumpily went birdwatching with him before dawn….

I will not ever forget this happiest day in my whole childhood.

With binocs, the birds started to rustle, awake and shake, sing.

The sun came up through the dew that sparkled like diamonds.

We were quiet, and the world was magical.

My happiness was seeing the promise of the birds, the promise of the day, the beauty of the moment, my Dad’s kindness and devotion, willingness to do this just for his tiny daughter of 5.

He gave me an unforgettable moment.

And I really really wish that every child on earth could have these moments.

I guess that’s why i spend all this time writing, caring. Dunno!


Child Criminals

Child Criminality – What to Do?

What Child Criminals May Need
Unfortunately, what child criminals may need may not be possible; they may need a re-upbringing with totally different parents and environment.

These are lost kids who choose to follow their baser nature, associate with the wrong crowd, and commit crimes against any better judgments they might have.

They have no direction, probably little hope, and have become instinct-driven, desperate, neglected rabbit children running aimlessly in dirty warrens of their own making.

Their parents may have given up, may be too busy, too overwhelmed, too self-centered, too emotionally distressed, too disabled, involved with drugs and bad behaviors, depressed, confused, robotic, self absorbed, ignorant, undisciplined themselves, etc.

And have no idea how to properly raise children. Schools? The bureaucracy is mindboggling. Bureaucratic Salaries, benefits and retirement seem the main objectives.

Whatever… the kids are here, and have to be dealt with.

It seems the grownups can hardly take care of themselves, much less a large number of up and coming hooligans. So dealing with the kids may be beyond the scope of society.

What will happen? Society will decline.

1. License parents to have kids
2. Teach children from infancy about morals, integrity, honesty, decency.
3. Teach children from the start about saying No to their own base desires.
4. Teach children how to raise children, treat children, the responsibilities
5. Insure parents have jobs
6. Dump bureaucratic waste. Tons of money to bureaucrats and their trips/buffets.
7. Dump foster parenthood – instead, create private schools:

Private Schools
1. Clean, comfortable dormitories / rooms with complete, careful supervision
2. Lots of fun activities, full day of classes, sports, exercise.
3. The best, most natural organic food, well prepared and delicious
4. Psychological treatment as many kids are emotionally damaged
5. Separate housing for children who behave agressively
6. Absolute Prohibition of Bullying. None. Zilch. Zero.
7. Complete oversight with lots of pets, learning to raise them, love them.
8. Growing their own gardens, eating their own produce
9. Television with full Discussions afterwards so that children learn
all about the realities of the “entertainment” industry
10. Complete teaching about charity, sharing, honoring, respecting others
11. Firm but loving limits.
12. Every waking moment constant oversight
13. Learning how to become self-sufficient
14. Learning how to work, get along with others, talk to a boss
15. Learning how to deal with stress
16. Learning how to control anger by letting it “wash” over

And, much much more.

The other solution is to simply lock away the kids forever. Which, is cheaper,
easier, more cost efficient.

Do the kids deserve this punishment? Sure… they’ve become uncontrollable

Sadly, most will not receive the help/treatment opportunities they need.

It’s up to us, people over 18… so… what will we do?”


Kids Pirate Question – Hilarious

Below are some real answers by kids to a kid’s question on Yahoo Answers. Unfortunately, the original question and answers were removed, so all we have left is what’s below.


Just because your mom is a little unreasonable doesn’t mean you cant be reasonable. What you need to do is become a classically styled pirate, and don’t half *** it like some 5 year old going out to play. You need to Be a pirate 24/7; that means you need to have a bandanna, large boots, long hair, saggy clothes held up by an enormous belt (make sure you like them, you won’t ever be taking them off, not even to bathe, witch you also will not be doing), an exotic animal, and of course you’re sword. You must also always talk like a pirate, swear like a sailor, have no respect for women or officials you were not involved in electing, and be within arms reach of alcohol (but only manly kinds, no martinis or mojitos or any of that other gayness). After you have this all down pat you need to assemble a crew of the most insidious cut throats villains and scoundrels you’ve ever seen (friends of yours will probably do, you know the ones I mean) , go to some nearby body of water and rob peoples boats. So now when you go to the dinner table; sword in hand, animal on shoulder,bandanna on head, and loosely clad, and you’re mom starts giving you crap you can: a.) Tell her to can it ’cause you’re tankard is dry of rum b.) argue until you finally kowtow to that madness c.) compromise, agree to get rid of the animal, the bandanna, the clothes and to stop robbing people BUT YOU’RE A PIRATE DAGNABIT AND YOU WILL NOT BE WITHOUT YOU’RE SWORD. d.) You shove her away, take all the food, and runoff to live a life of high adventure and debauchery on the high seas. the choice is yours.

The saddest part is that a pirate is on the internet, crying about his mom. You should be ashamed. But I unders oh wait I don’t understand. Pirates don’t have moms much less cry. Grow a pair matey!

Give your mom a sword and force her to eat with it. Then she will know that eating with a sword is obviously the best way to eat food and she will never be able to go back to the “civilized” manner of eating with a fork, knife, etc… This will also make dinners much more exciting because, say for example, a certain food you do not like is served after you specifically said you did not want it. What do you do? you challenge your mother, who also wields a sword, to a death-match! Winner gets to clean up and loser end up, well, dead.

Dear CHILD, If you are at her table in her house and she is the one who pays the bills and for the food that is on the table that you eat, then do not break momzilla’s rule…Respect! When you are in your own home at your own table paying for your own food you may eat with a sword and your mom will need to except it. Now run along dear and don’t trip with that sword you might hurt yourself.

What, like as a knife? Seriously, just hide it under the table or something. Then, when you find something to cut, YELL, whip out the sword and bring it crashing down on the plate, cutting into the table. Then pull it out of the now ruined table and slowly lift it above your head, pointed towards the ceiling. Lower it back to the floor and set it down. Calmly resume eating. Act as if nothing has happened (not like anything did. You were just cutting your food!)

Depending on the type of sword, I would say, recommendations may vary for your situation.If your sword is a long sword then it probably extends as much as 4 feet. This is good in battle in a wide open field against warriors NOT wielding AK47’s but I wouldn’t recommend it for a cramped indoor area like say, a bathroom, closet, or dinner table.Now if it is a short sword, it is probably about 2-3 ft in length and is quite handy in close up face to face battles ESPECIALLY in close quarters indoors like say, a bathroom, closet, or dinner table. So if you find yourself constantly in battle with those seated at said table, I would by all means recommend overriding the cease and desist order and continue wielding your short sword at the dinner table.Now, if it is an Arabian sword then it will extend approximately 4 feet and will be curved with the sharp blade pointed outward. These swords are especially good while on horseback but the one-sided cutting action and lack of a definitive ‘point’ (they are curved like a sickle moon across the top of the blade) makes the Arabian sword unwieldy and disadvantageous in close quarters indoors in a bathroom, closet, or say, a dinner table. But if you are attempting to appear like a Bad Ace while not necessarily expecting to do battle from horse or camel back any time soon, then by all means, override the cease and desist order and whip out your Arabian sword while eating your hash browns and giblets. Its quite intimidating, I know this from experience.If it is nothing more than a plastic toy sword then you really just need to put the stupid thing back in your toy box, grow up, and eat your hash browns and giblets completely unarmed like the rest of us!

ok dude, i have had this problem…dont ask why.i just let it go, cause i love my mom and i wasnt real seriuos anyway, but you, you must be kinda whacked out, so do this, take your little sowrd and lay it on the table, pointing at her and tell her” my dinner or your life…” i hope she grabs it and takes your arm off lmmfao

Oh Good GRIEF!!!Don’t you have any manners?? Or respect your Mother?? Come on, she’s your Mom. It’s dinner or put down the sword for 30 or so minutes.And use your manners!!! Since WHEN exactly, do we need to eat with a sword at our side? Personally, mine stays be the Dining Room door during dinner.

Exactly what Abe Lincoln would do. Eat using a meat cleaver and a pitchfork instead. Keep your chainsaw close by with a tire iron and a box of contractor trash bags, so anyone who tries to stop this behavior (she said nothing about this, only the sword) will meet a strange and untimely demise.

You have the choice of survival modes here – self protection (sword) or sustenance (food) – which is more important? A malnourished swordsman is a weak swordsman. An unprotected trencherman is a weak trencherman. We are all defined in our lives by the choices we make. Choose wisely!

Simple, Ready your weapon, for your in for a dousy.Jump onto the table, swinging your faithful sword. Raise your weapon to the sky, and proclaim this feast to the lord agorhaoth. Then, with great justice and devotion, STRIKE DOWN THOSE WHO OPPOSE YOU.Or just bring an axe.

ok, i think most of us have gone through this phase at some point in our lives… the decision you make here can guarantee a spot as a high ranking ninja or a sword wielding lawyer… not much difference though, or 10-15 years in prison. What i did was i left my sword in my room one day and the ninjas attacked. After the ninjas stole all our knives i had to use the sword to protect us from them again and to slice our food. So just trust your ninja superiors are watching and leave it one day, it will happen. And the one’s asking what your problem is, they are the rejects of ninja society, so just ignore them.

-bring katanaYour mom still complains and broke the katana into pieces — she’s a ninja.-bring axeShe complains even more.-throw axe at momIt’s too heavy!-bring glockShe points her fully-loaded AK47 to you and tells you to drop it off. -call chuck norris It’s lame joke already. -bring homie Yo mommas so fat she rolls all over your homies and made pancakes out of them. -bring nuke Your mom screams at you after seeing the uranium bills. -press nuke button GAME OVER Would you like to (restart), (restore), or (quit)?

Is it a two handed sword? Or is a rapier? Maybe she has your best interest in mind. I mean it would be hard to eat with a two handed sword! I mean a rapier at least you could slice and dice dinner – but the two handed you would just destroy everything….Think about it…

You tell me when you’re going to eat. Tell your mom you’re leaving your sword in the bedroom, like she wants. I’ll come in with my sword and hack the place up. When it’s over you say, “See, that’s why I need to have my sword at the table.”

You would not do anything. As your father, I would threaten to beat your *** until your nose bleed if you disobeyed your mother. Play with your sword outside, eat dinner with the family at the table. It really is just that simple. Answer:

ok we do not live in midevil times and you really dont need a security sword do you. unless of couse you have to cross a bridge spanning across a lake of lava with a fire breathing dragon on the other side. then keep the sword.


Dress up like a knight or something and come up to the table with the sword. Act like it’s just like a normal day, do not even acknowledge that you are dressed up or whatever. She’ll get a kick out of that!!


Tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen where she belongs.

your mom is a really important person and you should respect her wishes regarding weaponry at the table.not really. you should make sure you cut your food with your sword and stare at her at the same time.

Lie in wait upon the ceiling and then when she innocently walks into the kitchen, swoop down and release her from this mortal coil.Then disappear into the night like a shadow into the darkness as any true Ninja would do.

Your mom is right, the sword does not belong at the table. However you may bring some other weaponry. Try rolling a guillotine up next to the table. She’ll be happy to let you bring back the sword.

Ask her if you can take a pen to the table instead, if she says it’s ok, just tell her if the pen is mightier than the sword, why should you be allowed the pen and not a sword?

Moms are like that. Smile and hand her your sword when you come to the table. Wait for the synaptic backfire when she realizes she has no idea what to do with it once it is in her hand.

Hi, I had a friend who used a sword as a toothpick, so maybe you can simply place yours beside your chair while you’re eating, and use it afterwards to clean your teeth. See what your om says to that. 🙂

Simple, next time she tells you to put it away, chop off her head and scream, “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!” Then you will absorb her cooking and cleaning powers, and you can also mount her head above the fireplace.

You are clearly the victim of emotional child abuse. Call the proper authorities. When your mom is locked up in jail, you and your sword will be able to eat in peace.

What Kind of sword are you trying to eat with at the table for which meal? Because honestly, we all know you can’t have a broad sword at breakfast. That’s a dinner sword.

Such Insolence! Why would your mother not let you do this? I had this problem once, but then I showed her that it was a truly useful thing! Show her its worth, such as cutting things, and squishing things with its flat end.

Keep it sheathed instead of trying to eat with it. Seriously, do you have any idea how hard it is to eat with a sword?

Tell her no one will have to pass the porkchops or potatoes to you, you can reach them yourself with your sword. Convince her that’s handy at the dinnertable.

If you were a warrior of any mettle you would know how you are debasing your blade by even considering using it as common silverware. Your Mom’s kung fu is better than yours.