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Grocery Store Secrets

Supermarket Secrets by

“How and what we eat has radically changed over the past few decades with the all-consuming rise of the supermarket.

But what price are we paying for the homogenised, cheap and convenient food that supermarkets specialise in?

In a two-part programme, journalist Jane Moore investigates how supermarkets have affected…”

“the food on our plates and reveals the tell-tale signs that the food we buy may not have been grown in the way we think… (more below)”

Video Part 1 – Supermarket Secrets

Video Part 2 – Supermarket Secrets

“Using a combination of undercover filming and scientific analysis, Supermarket Secrets investigates whether the food on supermarket shelves is really as good as it looks, whether prices are as good as they seem and what happens behind the scenes in the production of supermarket food.

This documentry is in two parts. This first part deals with Factory Farming, chickens, and general quality of supermarket food.

The second part deals with Cows milk, food standards, food waste, pesticides, food globalization, and loss of quality of our produce.

A very important watch for everyone, gives you facts about the meat and food you eat.

After watching you will have more of an understanding of the rational behind Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic, and grass-root eating practices.”


Burger King Virgins

A video movie of a film crew who travels to distant lands for Burger King to find people who’ve never tasted a hamburger before. These are Burger King “Virgins…”

What’s especially wonderful are the people in this film. – They are
so beautiful, real, natural. No pretentions. Their smiles seemed so
genuine. They were all beguiling, captivating, and you might have
wanted to know and befriend each and every one of them.

For a lifetime. That’s how real they were to me.

Somehow Burger King was able to capture somethingm tender,
poignant and touching in this “commercial” film. Rather than
find it humorous, I found it moving. And, a tad bit disquieting…

In the beginning, the taste testers dress in their native costumes.
The costumes are absolutely beautiful – so clean, original, bright
and much treasured. I would hope that they and their kind efforts
to dress as requested was accorded the respect their wonderful
costumes and their generosity of spirit, warranted.

If you were to dress in your Sunday best, in clothes that might
have been handed down, treasured and revered by your parents
and grandparents for eons, you would want to be respected,

The people in costume and those who attended the get togethers
were so polite, gracious to the camera crew.

These days, most people I know are more jaded, distrustful and
more given to irony and crassness than pure honest sweet

So, I saw in these people something extraordinary. Something
honorable, vulnerable, precious. Something a bit more straight
and true. Maybe that’s how it is when you live a more simple
life devoid of worldliness and ironies.

This advertising campaign turned out to be a very lovely
exploration into distant parts of the world that gave insight into
life styles many of us are totally unfamiliar with.

Did Burger King intend this? I don’t think so. But, in the end,
I’ll bet they were all moved and experienced much more than
they could have imagined.

It’s the first time I’ve ever been moved by a “sales campaign.”

I truly hope that Burger King really REALLY sees what it has
created here. I hope they have no intention of diminishing,
minimalizing or exploiting these very beautiful people for the
sake of selling hamburgers.

There’s a fine delicate line between commercializing, exploitation,
innovation in ad creation.
Well, I won’t forget this. It was one of a kind.
Oh… and the appreciation and respect the taste tasters accorded
the burgers helped make me see the whopper in a different light.

Yes, I think I will see a whopper in a different light, now.


2 Greatest Waiters



Highest in Anti-Oxidants

A study published in the June, 2004 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry ranked the following common foods to be extremely rich in naturally occurring antioxidants:

1. Small red beans, dried
2. Wild blueberries
3. Red kidney beans, dried
4. Pinto beans
5. Blueberries, cultivated
6. Cranberries
7. Artichoke hearts, cooked
8. Blackberries
9. Dried prunes
10. Raspberries
11. Strawberries
12. Red delicious apples
13. Granny Smith (green) apples
14. Pecans, raw
15. Sweet cherries
16. Black plums
17. Russet potato, cooked
18. Black beans
19. Red plums
20. Gala apples

According to the same study, the most antioxidant-rich foods in four major food categories are as follows:

* Fruits: blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries.
* Vegetables: beans, artichoke hearts, and russet potatoes.
* Nuts: pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts.
* Spices: cinnamon, oregano, and ground cloves

“Clearly, there are many foods that are not mentioned here that are also excellent sources of health-promoting antioxidants. The general rule of thumb to follow when looking to identify antioxidant-rich foods is this: plant foods that are rich in color are good sources of antioxidants.

Dark green lettuces, kale, spinach, Asian greens, cabbage, Swiss chard, collard greens, organic green food powders, beet greens, herbs like basil, parsley, mint, and cilantro, red beets, carrots, bell peppers, olives, avocados, acerola cherries, watermelon, cantaloupe, mangos, papayas, goji berries, and turmeric are good examples of bright and colorful plant foods that can infuse your tissues with a wide variety of antioxidants.

Organic egg yolks and organic butter made from milk that is obtained from grass-fed animals are also rich in health-promoting antioxidants.”

Thanks to Mike Adams for the above information! Mike Adams is a Health Ranger. He has definite ideas about our current health and political situations. Here’s his list of Health Tips.

We have our own ideas that may not entirely agree with his list, but perhaps they Do! : ) We believe in buying and consuming natural food rather than purchasing processed supplements, powders, additives, concentrates, nutritives. However, that’s not always possible these days!

->  Eating the most natural, organic foods, veggies
->  Eating modest amounts
->  Eating fresh, raw, home grown food if possible
->  Asking politely considerately for what you need
->  Working diligently, consistently
->  Choosing honesty, kindness, humility
->  Respecting others, loving neighbors, sharing
->  giving with wisdom and discernment
->  Spread good cheer
->  Be uplifting. Can change lives!
->  Praying, more praying

CONFESSION:  We here know we SHOULD do the above,
but it’s hard! As they say… “It ain’t easy.” : )

If it starts with “Don’t,” then time to rephrase it with a “Do.”
We respond to “Please and Do.” We tend to ignore “Don’ts.”


Video – Seagull Steals Dorritos for His Friends

This little fellow walks into the store, chooses his
favorite flavor of Dorritos, and skadaddles out…
He must favor the MSG… :O