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When you befriend your horse, he (or she : ) will do anything for you. He will be loyal to you for his whole life, loving you. This extraordinary video shows you the magic of love and friendship, and what is possible with utter kindness and patience. Horses, all animals have such heart and compassion to feel and truly love.




A precious and wonderful video… A deer stands guard over a mother goose nestling with her new eggs. Sadly, the mother goose lost her mate. The deer has taken a loving and protective stance by the goose, day after day. It’s unusual for such creatures to become so close… but animals have a very loving and compassionate Nature as this video so beautifully and tenderly shows. The deer stood between the goose and the groundskeeper when he approached. A very brave deer.


Poor Little Fella – Someone is Very Guilty

Poor sweet fella, just can’t hide the fact that he’s guilty. His expressions, his downcast eyes, his poor little grimaces of guilt… Don’t you just want to give him big hugs and kisses of forgiveness? The music is adorably sad…


DOGGY AND DEER – A Love Story – Pip and Kate

A very special and remarkable love story between a fawn named Pip and a Great Dane doggy named Kate – Doggy and Deer. Beautiful music is “Nahanni” by Martin Springett. Pip has grown considerably and now may be possibly pregnant with twins. : )


Pigeon and Monkey

Baby Macaque Monkey and White Pigeon Find Each Other in Refuge in China

This is an absolutely extraordinary picture… A little infant macaque is “taken under the wing” by a white pigeon on China’s Neilingding Island in Guangdong Province.

Evidently, this little 12 week old baby monkey was separated from its mother and faced certain death until rescued by a refuge worker.

The story is that the baby was inconsolable until he was befriended and nurtured by the white pigeon, another resident of the shelter. It seems the pigeon understood the baby needed him or her.

They have become inseparable friends. The image was shot by Jianbin Huo of China, a photojournalist. Hopefully, the two will be allowed to spend as much time as possible together.

Macaque monkeys are very intelligent, sensitive and loving. They hold lifetime memories of family and tribe. This little baby may hold love and memories forever for his little friend.


More About Special Monkeys

This is a very beautiful book that chronicles the story of a special troop of Japanese Snow Monkeys as they live and play in a winter wonderland amidst hot springs in the mountains.

This book will touch you, make you laugh and steal your heart away as your see the imagery in full, large and intimate display and read about the monkeys as they dance in the snow, play with snowballs, bask in the sun, splash in the water and snuggle close together to keep warm and meticulously groom each other.

What is so especially captivating is their human-like qualities. They seem to have similar family dynamics with human emotions and expressions. This book captures such rare moments that will be unforgettable.

The adorable monkeys dance in the snow & bask in the sun. They climb & swing from trees. They chew leaves & joyfully play with snowballs, while the babies cuddle in their mother’s arms and nurse. They splash in the water and meticulously groom each other.

The generous array of pictures is absolutely stunning. Mitsuaki Iwago and Hideko Iwago, the authors, have captured the story, elements and photographs in an astounding display of color, pathos and beauty. As you progress through the book, it’s almost as if you’re there, living amongst a group of friends.

Included are details, notes, information in depth about the lifestyle, distribution, habits and living arrangements of these amazing creatures.