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Today, it is Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 9:52 pm. in Southern California.
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Spatial Wiki Rocks! So does Silverlight!
Microsoft has Silverlight which passes the Cdin
test big time – wasn’t a bloated install at all, and
performed flawlessly on my multi boot system
laptop running bunch of programs simultaneously.
(2 GB Ram only) (someday 4) : )

Also, check out Silverlight showcase so you can
see the Beijing Olympics again… they have the
whole series.
WISH: I wish I could have been at the Beijing Olympics
opening and closing ceremonies… it would have been
the experience of a lifetime!  So incredibly worth the
travel!!!  Can you imagine?  Wow… one of my greatest
regrets was not to try save my pennies and make a go
of it.

Digression confession… : )