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Cold Fusion Nuclear Effect


Now called, a “Nuclear Effect…” Stunning new
experimentation reproduces the original cold fusion
results successfully with updated methods.

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SRI Institute, a respected California Company has been able to reproduce or review successful results repeatedly – over 50 times.

A fusion process similar to that of the sun occurs within a certain metal without dangerous radiation – a nuclear effect that creates heat 25 times the amount of electricity used, 70% of the time, at unpredictable times.

Darpa with the Pentagon has stated that “without a doubt, anomalous excess heat was reproduced in their own experiments.” The Pentagon is funding more experiments in Washington and another research laboratory.

This is extraordinary information.

Movie about the discreditation of the original Cold Fusion Science. Perhaps there is a case for complete redemption, now.

“The original title of this documentary is : “Heavy Watergate : The War Against Cold Fusion”. On March 23rd 1989, two respected chemists makes an announcement that rocks the world of science.

Heavy water, readily available in the oceans, is used in tabletop experiments that yield enormous amounts of heat energy.

Appropriately named “cold fusion”, this purported breakthrough challenges many basic scientific concepts.

In response, the gatekeepers of “official science”, heavily reliant upon government funding for their hot fusion research, level an unprecedented smear campaign against the entire field of cold fusion science.

Was their discovery of “fire from water” too good to be true ?. Or was it the discovery of the millennium?

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