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iPhone May Be Dangerous


Evidently the iPhone acts as a base station when it’s between any other users and a cell tower, even when it’s off, exposing users to high levels of radiation.

The good news is that, when the iPhone is is “FLIGHT MODE,” it does stop transmitting and receiving.

Dr. Mercola is an Medical Doctor and a certified physician. He is selling Blue Tube headsets, but I have used Tube Headsets from the very beginning and consider them a valuable accessory. They have a hollow blue tube so there’s no direct continuous wire from phone to head.

These sets are available all over the Internet, not just from Dr. Mercola. However, his do seem to be of high quality.

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7 Responses to “iPhone May Be Dangerous”

  1. And their boasting it’s power: the new iPhone has a 600 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM.

    That’s alot of EMFs around us! OUCH!

  2. CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!

  3. That’s a great link Joni. Wow!

    Maybe iPhone’s are ATT’s world wide repeaters.

    ATT is a naughty company looking for worldwide domination, so that fits. :O

    (PS: To all those who take offense… Yes i know… it’s not illegal to want to dominate worldwide…)

    But watch the new movie The International. Wow.

  4. I’m a big fan of Dr. Mercola but, frankley he doesn’t get everything right. It think he’s wrong about the iPhone acting as a base station. I worked as a Systems Engineer in Aerospace for 35 years and this doesn’t pass the giggle test (or google test either). Think about it. You’re almost always between some user and a tower so it would be a base station a lot of the time. The Apple specs say up to 5 hrs talk time and up to 300 hrs standby time. Acting like a base station would use about the same power a talking. Your battery probably wouldn’t make it through the day on standby.

  5. It seems the iPhone is a tiny base station and only enhances the signal to other iPhones that are close by.

    Sort of a mini base station. It would be interesting to be able to test the signal strength and length of transmissions and reception.

    Fascinating stuff!

  6. I’ve been looking for evidence of the iPhone acting as a wireless repeater (or ‘base station’) and haven’t found any. From a technical perspective, I don’t think the iPhone has the hardware to do that.

    I’m trying to track down the source of this rumor. Any ideas?

  7. Jordan,

    You raise a good question. I didn’t find much more on this in Google or Bing with a quick look.

    But the idea of the iphone working as some sort of repeater or base station makes sense from a business and technical viewpoint. It’s even clever. Maybe that’s why you can’t remove the battery from an iPhone.

    When the iphone is “off,” it still transmits. When it is in airplane mode, it may still have 3G on. It’s a bit confusing.

    THe best way to prevent transmissions (people are getting sensitive I’ve heard) is to remove the battery. But you can’t do that with an iPhone.

    Perhaps it’s a phone that will always be 24 hours “on.”

    In which case, I will not ever have a phone that I can’t remove all batteries from.

    Perhaps all phones will have a transmitting RF tag.

    I have turned all my phones off and removed the batteries. I get headaches when they are on. But, I’m more sensitive than the average person!

    The newest WHO report claims cellphones have been proven to be dangerous for children.

    That’s enough for me for now.