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Men Save Desperate, Young, Grateful Whale

A Wonderful and Beautiful Story Ending

An extraordinary and beautiful, touching story to watch. This young whale is caught in an impossible tangle of nets. Her fins are pins to her side and her breathing is terribly difficult and labored. She is dying a prolonged and terrifying death. A small boat finds her, and the men work desperately against the clock try and save her.

The men radio for help, but none is forthcoming. They take matters into their own hands. Time is running out. The young whale grows more increasingly desperate, frightened and exhausted. But, he contains herself with extraordinary patience as the men work feverishly to cut the nets with one, small knife. It is difficult and laborious work.

At last! The whale is free. He cannot contain herself. He jumps and leaps for joy for over an hour before the small boat that saves him. Her ecstasy is boundless. It seems he is showing them his incredible happiness, relief, gratitude.

The men finally must say good bye. They are deeply moved and touched. This story will stay with them for the rest of their lives. They are forever changed.

The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC) is a joint program of two premier projects of the Earth Island Institute: the International Marine Mammal Project and the Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters.


THE MOST ADORABLE WAY To Come Down the Stairs

The Original Slinky Cat Video
This is Tsuki the Cat. He definitely has the most individual way of coming down the stairs. Absolutely adorable. 😀


A Brave Little Kitten Recovers After Being Thrown From Car

Little Beetle, an adorable little 9 week old kitten, recovers from broken bones, serious internal organ damage as well as other injuries, after being cruelly thrown from a fast moving car window. There is a reward for the capture of the suspects involved. A number of comments on the news site reflect a deep intolerance for such animal abuse. Little Beetle is cheerful as he limps about, and is experiencing a “miracle healing.” A sweet story of love and kindness of strangers and the Suffolk County SPCA.

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Cuter Than Cute – Baby Mini Horse On the Run : )

Run little baby horse – ruuuuun! : )
A frisky little miniature foal runs wildly and freely through a mini Minnesota horseshow


Cats LOVE Horses : )

3 Videos of Cats Loving Horses

Cat Loves Horse





The Universe is filled with such stupendous beauty… a filagree of sparkling jewels bedazzling the night sky. id: E102.



A little bear cub meets a ravenous cougar… watch till the end! Extraordinary wildlife movie making at its very best. How did the filmmaker able to coax and captures such brilliant performances from the animals?

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Cat That Barks! Then Meows When Caught : )

Absolutely delightful. This hilarious and amazing cat can bark just like a dog. It’s uncanny. Then, when he sees he is caught barking, he changed his barking to meowing! It’s okay to bark! : )


A Most Stunning and Magnificent Proposal

High Quality Video: One of the most stunning, genuine and amazing proposals ever filmed…

“Justin Davis, a former Lompoc and Santa Maria resident, proposed to his girlfriend, Nikki Marquez, in front of hundreds of people, plus or minus the 10.8 million people watching on television.”

From the Fox Show “Mobbed” at the Glendale Mall, the Americana at Brand, with 16 hidden camera crews. Napoleon and Tabitha D’Umo of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” worked with the hundreds of volunteers, who performed two songs, “Everlasting Love” and “Forever.” The entire sequence was captured in real time, with only one chance to get the shot right. Hosted by comedian Howie Mandel.



Absolutely adorable. This doggie has figured out how to use the water cooler. Watch him flick the switch with his paw, drink from the tray, then flick the switch again until he’s full. : )


Mother Cat Hugs Her Tiny Kitten

Very, very precious. Mother Cat does an absolutely adorable hug of her little baby.



Maru the Kitty has his third birthday. He has such an amazing personality. What a joy to live with he must be. His owners are loving and playful. Happy Birthday, Maru!