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Red Wine & Grape Juice


Are Red Wine and Grape Juice Good for You or Not?

The reason I bring this up is because a grandfatherly person I dearly respect (he died before I was born), drank natural, “new wine” every day after the age of 35 until his passing at the age of a very healthy, albeit terminal, 92. (edited as per request by Commenter below)

He said that wine was not for everybody, but he enjoyed it in small quantities of never more than 2 small glasses per day, each glass being less than 6 or 7 ounces.

He also ate very small portions of food per day which he insisted, was paramount in maintaining his perfect health till his very last day, when he passed quietly and peacefully in his sleep.

He lived an exemplary life filled with joy, completion, love and happiness, and was dearly beloved by his loving family.

The wine he drank had no preservatives or additives and was pesticide and chemical free.

It should be noted that wine is derived from “raw” grape juice, then naturally fermented and filtered, while grape juice is heated or pasteurized.

This treatment may change the nature of grape juice, thus explaining its slightly lower benefits.

However, “raw” or unpasteurized grape juice might be of equal benefit as red wine – the research is not in on that one.

Past and new research supports the claim that the polyphenolic compounds in red wine and red or purple grape juice DO inhibit atheroschlerosis and MAY extend life expectancy for 5 years or more.

Whether you should drink 1/2 glass of wine or less than 2 glasses of wine per day depends upon the researcher you speak with.

Note: The research seems to apply to men at this time – whether women would receive same benefits is up for question.

Alcohol tolerance differs between men and women, and women are known to suffer liver disease due to alchohol consumption far sooner than men.

Research links:
“Red wine polyphenolic compounds inhibit atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E–deficient mice independently of effects on lipid peroxidation1,2,3”

“Wines and grape juices as modulators of platelet aggregation in healthy human subjects.”…

“Grape juice, but not orange juice or grapefruit juice, inhibits human platelet aggregation.”

“Light wine intake is associated with longer life expectancy in men”

“Drinking polyphenol-rich concord grape juice may improve memory in older adults. Pilot Study Showed Improved Memory Skills in Older Adults with Early Memory Decline.”…memory-in-older-adults

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  2. How can you be a healthy 92 and then DIE? Can u explain that to me, please?

  3. Please… do get off my back, won’t you?

    will fix. sigh!