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Teenager Paradise

The following story has been changed from its original.
It has been slightly adapted and altered. But, the lessons
are still there. And they are definitely worth a read.

My Paradise Life – from Life in America

My name is Casey and I’m a teenager.

Some people say our family must live on the edge
of despair. We say that we live on the edge of
wonderful things to come.

Thinking this way saves us from feeling worried and

We are very poor. Our family doesn’t know whether
it will make it day to day. Even though we have a
house, it’s upside down. That means we probably
owe more than it’s worth.

We could easily lose our home… and knowing that
day to day can be a bit distressing. But we go
through our days as if we will be here forever.

We realize there are many others in MUCH worse
circumstances than us… and  we pray and hope
that things will get much MUCH better for everyone.

But this story is about us… so I will write from my

My Mom works 7 days a week, 16 hour days. She
works at home so we are near her. She smiles alot,
and we know she pretends everything is okay.

She is handicapped, and has health issues. But these
are not so terrible that she can’t work everyday. And
laugh with us.

Our father left long ago. I don’t know the whole story,
and don’t think I want to know. It might make me sad.

We don’t receive child support. That’s another story
I’m not sure of… but, perhaps it’s best… sometimes
child support can bring despair and fighting to a family.

So, my Mom has muddled through day to day on her own. 

We were on welfare long ago. But, when Mom discovered
ways to work and home and make some money, welfare
went away, we moved into our own house.

At first, it was scary. But, I had my Teddy. : ) And, Mom
and us all slept together. We really didn’t need more than
one room as we always hang together anyway.

But, one day, I moved into my own room. I’m not sure
I really need it – we are always usually together in our
kitchen-livingroom anyway!

And, I think that’s why I live in Paradise…

Mom has made little areas of our little yard very pretty.
We have a birdbath, and beautiful lanterns. We have a
wooden bench and table from a garage sale. We have
crowded little fruit trees only a few feet from each other.

They are cozy – and don’t seem to mind having hardly
any space. It’s been 5 years… now we have fruit! We
have little garden pots with greens, herbs, tomatoes,
squash, potatoes, peas, and more.

We even have a tiny watermelon patch 4 feet square.
We grew a beautiful watermelon – but he was so
beautiful, so cute, that no one could eat him.

Eventually we buried him with honors so that he would
have watermelon babies. We want him to live on forever
and ever through his children.

Can you imagine loving a watermelon? I can, because
I did. And, still do. : )

The most important thing about our little house is
that our living-kitchen room has wide doors that
open to our little backyard. They are always open
during the day so that our dogs and cats can come
in and out whenever they like.

Also, that means our outdoors and indoors are like one.

Of course, if you have dogs and cats, you will know
that they mostly just follow you wherever you go. So,
we go outside and inside all the time to keep things
lively and fun.

The sun shines so beautifully and it’s like heaven
outside. We have shade where we need it, and sun
on our plants. We move our little umbrellas here
and there for extra shade, and we have a see through
awning that lets in the perfect amount of light.

Our little kitchen living room is very crowded, but
we all don’t care. We each have our little computers
or laptop, our tiny TV, a portable DVD player that
requires frequent bashing to operate, and a hotplate
for cooking.

We would each rather have computers than a stove! : )

We get to eat the yummiest things. We eat what we
grow, and it’s always delicious. Then, we buy nice
organic things at the store.

Since food is not cheap, we supplement our diets
with grains that we sprout so they go farther.
Sprouted grains grow like magic and triple in size!
Very filling, and totally delicious.

It can be amazing how little we spend and how full
we get.

We don’t have medical insurance, so we seldom if
ever get to see a doctor. But, when we last had
checkups, we were doing great.

But, if there’s an emergency, we all know that we
will most likely lose everything… except each other…

My Mom hates this. But, it’s either food or medical
insurance. We choose food. 

If something terrible happens and we need super
expensive care, we realize that we will probably
have to die rather than get treatment. 

Personally, I am willing to take my chances.  But,
since I am a kid, I have been accused of not having
much sense about these things.

Medical insurance costs several hundred dollars a
month. We don’t have that unless we give up our home. 

It’s a big dilemma.

My Mom won’t talk about it – I know she feels
terribly irresponsible.

I told her not to let ANYTHING hurt her heart that
way. It is what it is… and perhaps we will all be
perfectly fine!

So, as far as I’m concerned, we live in Paradise.

You see, it’s like this.

We have a warm home, blankets, wonderful food,
laughter, sunlight, dogs, cats, computers, and our
Mother at home anytime we need her.

We get to watch movies on the weekends on our DVD
player. We make air popped popcorn with yummy salt,
and it’s exciting and fun.

We talk about the funniest, or strangest things. 
Sometimes we all laugh so hard that the house will
shake! Even the dogs laugh. They dance and prance
and their tails way a mile a minute. 

The cats just look at us. They endure us with loving

We talk about EVERY subject. Nothing is off limits.
That way, we all learn good, bad, right, wrong, happy,
sad, what to watch out for, what to search out in life.

Someone said that you musn’t spy on your kids or
they will go elsewhere to do bad things.

But in our family, we’ve been told NOT to go elsewhere
and do things we wouldn’t do at home. 

Guess what? We listen. Why? Because we love and
respect our Mom, and wouldn’t want to hurt her. Also,
just because we are out and about, doesn’t mean we
leave morals and values at home.

That’s what we we TAUGHT. Someday maybe we will
disobey. But that will be on our heads. Disobeying
carries its own pain. Maybe enough to stop us from
making wrong choices.

It just wouldn’t dawn on us to dishonor our Mom
or ourselves by doing bad things just because our
Mom isn’t standing there.

She told us so. And, you know what? I think most
all kids want to do what their parents ask of them.

Parents, tell your kids what to do, what’s right and
wrong, home, or not at home. Explain why. With love.
Kids WILL listen.


In short, I live in Paradise because my family is so rich…
rich in love, in laughter, in food, song, dog dancing and
prancing, love.

We live in Paradise because our outside and inside
are pretty much the same. And, we get to do what we
want, like fall in love with plants. We get to be silly,
and be totally accepted.
: )

I just wish EVERYBODY could be as rich.

I also know that it could all end in a second, and we
could lose everything. 

But, even then, if we have each other, we will STILL
be rich.


Oh – also… call me foolish, but, if we lost everything,
I would still dare to hope. That things would get better.

In fact, better than ever!

: )


Captain Planet

Nice Song! : )

Barbara Pyle was the Co-creator & Producer of Captain Planet and the
Planeteers. Since then, she has produced more than 35 films, winning
over 75 awards, including the world’s most prestigious environmental
honor, the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sasakawa Environment

In 1988, Barbara was named one of the first United Nations GLOBAL 500
Laureates. Both awards were received “for outstanding achievements in
protecting the global environment.” This is what she had to say about
the return of her favorite television show and its online revival…


Hippo Saves Gazelle


A valiant and courageous hippopotamus actually attempts to protect
and then, save the life of a very young impala gazelle.

After bringing the fawn to shore, the hippo very gently tries to revive
and comfort the little antelope by carefully and tenderly taking its head
into its mouth.

The video below is the clearest resolution I could find. The sound
may be high – you might want to turn down your volume a tad.

It’s an extraordinary video. One person who contributed said it very
well: “One of the saddest stories ever told…”

And yet, you may very well be deeply warmed by watching the
hippo’s magnificent courage and loving actions.

This video is seemingly unbelievable, until you watch for yourself.

Here’s another link to another version of the video:

The hippo and croc live within an uneasy truce. hippos are one of
the most powerful creatures on earth and are capable of biting a
croc in half. Nevertheless, the croc will not hesitate to hunt baby

Here’s another very sad video of a baby hippo being taken by a
crocodile. The mother soon appears to lick and then mourn the
loss of her baby. She raises her head and opens her mouth wide
as if in a silent scream. Devastating.

Notice that the another large hippo is at her side – perhaps the


Baby Duck Feeds Fish

This little duckling is sharing his breadcrumbs with the fish in their
little koi pond. What a guy. Well, we all knew that ducks are people,
too… Quite astounding, really.

The fish are Koi or Carp, also known as Niskiki Koi.

Some think the little duckling is merely trying to wet his food.
But, if you look carefully, you will see that he is definitely putting
the food into the water and letting go.

He continues to quickly put in more food for them. The fish do 
seem quite happy and fat, don’t they? It’s the great care they get
from the little duck…

Ducks are quite amazing, actually. Having two as pets, I can
attest to the fact that they were funny, loving, loyal, very sweet
and extremely endearing.

They definitely had minds of their own, with very individualistic
personalities. I discovered that ducks can behave similarly to dogs.

Ducks will joyously greet you and cuddle in your lap. They will
protect you – running at intruders with wings outspread. They
will miss each other should one go away… in fact, they become

When you think of the horrific conditions they live through while
being forcefed living in tiny confined boxes, it boggles the mind.
Just boggles.

A new article hasinformation that birds are much more intelligent
than originally thought:

Bird brain? Animal smarts surprise experts
Monkeys perform mental math, pigeons can select the picture
that doesn’t belong. Humans may not be the only animals that
plan for the future, say researchers reporting on the latest
studies of animal mental ability.


Fawn and Kitten

What can one say about this poignant, beautiful friendship
between a baby deer and kitten… precious and extraordinary.

Beautiful music by Louis Armstrong.

Whether this scene was staged or contrived, it nevertheless
shows how two such dissimilar creatures such as a little
household cat and young fawn can come together as
commen brethren.

A beautiful moment, beautiful song.

When some have said that animals do not have feelings,
they are very wrong… Animals do take great comfort in
each other experiencing strong feelings of love, devotion,
caring, sharing.

Oftentimes, for the rest of their lives.

Another unbelievable, incredible and wonderful video:

Unlike creatures such as a kitten or a deer are not unusual…
In Nature, animals are often known to care for, adopt or
associate with different species. Hippopotamuses have
been known to try and save the lives of injured gazelles.

You can also click here to see a very special loving
relationship between a baby hippo and a tortoise.

Thanks to BB and all the others who made these


Little Rat Loves Cat

The owner says that the Little Rat loves to follow the cat,
hugging, kissing and chasing her, while Cat tolerates Little
Rat. A lovely example of interspecies love and affection.


Cat Whacking Mouse

This is just too funny. What a laff! 😀


Picture from GAZA

Casualties from the Hamouda family rest in the rubble of what used to be their home...
This is a picture from MSNBC – Casualties from the Hamouda family rest in the rubble of what used to be their home…
The face of a little angel
Iran continues to "toy" with Hamas and Israel by supplying weapons and bombs, Hamas lobs them over Israel in an almost  "pathetic" sort of defiance, Israel feels the need to respond "disproportionately."

In my humble estimation, Iran is playing this all like some sort of devilish chess game. Hamas is reacting like a pawn. Israel is bringing in it’s knights and rooks.

And it is the children who suffer the most.

The Palestinians must be allowed to have good food, warm clothing, medical care and supplies, even psychological services by caring professionals willing to enter the fray.

Otherwise, this is another form of genocide. Committed by the Iranians, the Israelis, the Hamas, even us… if we stand by and do nothing.


Video of family torn apart in Gaza