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Baby Pandas

Little Panda Pictures from the Earthquake in China

Climbing higher to safety

Rescuers bring pandas to safety

They are fed mid morning milk…

Everyone is carefully monitored

Snack time is over, time to play

More snack, please…

Bottles for the babies…

Cozy position

Okay everyone. No one goes to the bathroom – k?

Please… no shot… awww…..

I have two tribbles…


Baby Portrait

Hello world…

Double trouble

A little herd of pandas

No bamboo! Step back please.

Got milk?

Vote: Which is the cutest?

I think this little guy is the cutest…

Too cute for words

A clutch of Cute


/ \   Thanks, Jenna! : )


Christian the Lion

Updated: The Latest News, Videos and Links About Christian the Lion
Note: Some have claimed that the story of Christian is fake. Most assuredly it is not fake. Christian was very real. Below is a collection of videos and information to prove otherwise. John Rendall, one of Christian’s previous “owners” in Great Britain is now a trustee of George Adamson’s Wildlife Foundation in Africa. John is dedicated to the preservation of the African Lion, a majestic animal of tremendous intelligence with the ability to form life long, loving relationships with humans, as well as all magnificent African wildlife. Tony Fitzjohn now heads the Trust.

The story of Christian the lion

Christian the lion’s original “owners,” Anthony Bourke and John Rendall, have updated their book about their one-time pet and are talking to TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about their second reunion with the lovable lion. March 18th, 2009

Christian the Lion – A New Book with Lots of Pictures
Newly Released Books About Christian the Lion – Borders discounts their books heavily and is a good place to check out when purchasing online. We provide this search results link for the newly released books and tapes about Christian the Lion as a courtesy – we are not Border’s Affiliates. Note: The books have good quality images. Proceeds will benefit George Adamson’s Wildlife Fund (George Adamson took Christian and acclimated him to his new life in Africa.)…SearchResults…

Today Show Host Meredith Vieira Asks Interesting Questions
about Reuniting with Christian the Lion

TODAY Show Host Meredith Vieira Interview Meet the ‘Hugging Lion’s Owners’ Years Later

Christian Grows Up to Be a Big, Noble Lion – Video

(No sound) Video of Christian the Lion and his two friends reunite for the second and final meeting in Africa.

Christian had grown immensely, becoming one of the largest lions in Africa, as George Adamson put it. This video is the last film of his meeting with Anthony and John.

The very first part of the second meeting was not filmed because Christian surprised them by showing up during dinnertime. It was an unforgettable meeting.

Evidently, Christian was so overjoyed to see his old friends that he tried repeatedly to jump into their laps, leaping onto the table, even knocking George Adamson over with his great exuberance, excitement and love.

TODAY’s Maria Menounos talks with Christian the lion’s owners – about their last goodbye with the hugging lion. (Christian the lion’s owners on final farewell) Interesting questions.

A Slideshow – More Pictures: A lion’s tale

George Adamson Preserve
Tony Fitzjohn took over the preserve after George Adamson was killed in Africa. He works closely with Anthony Bourke and John Rendall.

Excellent Articles and Links About Christian the Lion

Anthony Bourke and John Rendall on buying their now famous pet lion
“Hugging” lion”s ex-owners reflect on his legacy
The two men who raised Christian the lion in London, released him into the wild, then reunited with him as shown in a hit Internet video today remain as devoted as ever to preserving wildlife, calling Christian’s saga “an extraordinary story.”
They recall their final farewell to Christian in Africa and look back at their last goodbye…
Man in ‘hugging’ lion video reveals its secrets
One of animal’s owners tells story that still tugs heartstrings after decades – By Mike Celizic


Older Original Post:

Below: The first video is the original Christian the Lion music video, in case you haven’t seen it. It’s awe inspiring, maybe life changing.

The second video below it is the NEW Real Ending from the Born Free Foundation. (you might have to turn down volume on second video)


Updated Thirsty Koala

10:53 PM 2/14/2009
New Collection of Pictures of “Sam the Little Burnt Koala
New: Tiny Baby Koala Video at Bottom of this Post
(Some links will open new window)

and Little Burned Koala Bear

(Sorry – video may take a few moments to load from thenewsroom)

Click Image Below to Visit Article. Full Video Below

Colleen Wood / Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter via Reuters

A koala nicknamed Bob puts his paw around fellow fire survivor Sam, a little girl, at the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson, Australia. Sam has been deeply traumatized by the disaster, but is slowly recovering.

“…SYDNEY – A bond between two burned koalas rescued from Australia’s deadliest wildfires has provided some heart-warming relief after days of devastation and the loss of more than 180 lives and possibly millions of animals… ”

Little Koala Baby Rescued During Autralian Heat Wave

“The baby koala rescued above was found shaking underneath a verandah and “looking very sick” after its mother was apparently overcome by the ferocious heatwave that struck Victoria last week.”

Little Sam the Burned Koala is Doing Better.
Millions of other animals are said to be in dire straits…

SAM became the most famous koala in the world when firefighter David Tree stopped to give him a drink amid the devastation.

“The most amazing part was when she grabbed my hand. I will never forget that…”

“…Carer Jenny Shaw said she suffered burns on her paws and was in a lot of pain, but was on the road to recovery.

She was put on an IV drip and is on antibiotics and pain relief treatment.

“She is lovely – very docile – and she has already got an admirer. A male koala keeps putting his arms around her,” Ms Shaw said….”


New Quote About Sam and Bob from her caretaker:

“She said Sam had suffered second degree burns to her paws and would take seven to eight months to recover while Bob had three burned paws with third degree burns and should be well enough to return to the bush in about four months.

“They keep putting their arms around each other and giving each other hugs. They really have made friends and it is quite beautiful to see after all this. It’s been horrific,” said Wood.”


More Video, Pictures, Article…

Some links to offer help:………

Thank you : )

10:50 AM 2/14/2009
New – Video of a Tiny Baby Koala.
“This is the smallest baby Koala that I have ever seen…”


American Ruling Class

Want to know the truth about the economy?
Who owns America? Who owns the world? Who rules?

This movie is one of the most profounding searing
indictments of… you get to choose. Utterly masterful.

“In this first of its kind “dramatic-documentary-musical,”
essayist Lewis Lapham and an all-star cast (including Kurt
Vonnegut, Robert Altman, James Baker and Arthur Ochs
Sulzberger Jr.) take two young Ivy-League graduates on
a tour of the corridors of power.

This “astonishing”, “coruscating” satire poses the question:
Is it better to rule the world, or to save it?

Appearing on the screen are a range of leaders and commentators
from across the political spectrum, among them: the late Robert
B. Altman, James A. Baker III, Bill Bradley, Harold Brown, Hodding
Carter III, William T. Coleman, Jr., Walter Cronkite, Barbara
Ehrenreich, Vartan Gregorian, Doug Henwood, Mike Medavoy,
Joseph S. Nye, Jr., John Perkins, (a.k.a., the economic hit-man)
Samuel Peabody, Pete Seeger, Lawrence H. Summers, Arthur
O. Sulzberger, Jr., William Howard Taft IV, the late Kurt
Vonnegut and Howard Zinn.”

You can buy the DVD which is nice to run in the background.
Music is great, wit is scintillating, it’s like classical music in
verbal form. : ) (If u sign up, they’ll give 10% discount. Every
bit counts.) The reason I’m promoting this video (for free, mind
u) is because it’s beyond good for ur collection.

No collection should be without it. Also checkout Half Moon
with Sigourney Weaver. Another astounding message
behind Sigourney’s nakedness. (Yes, she’s completely naked.)

Additional note, bad guys are not just from the Middle East,
Russia, US, Tinbuctoo, whatever. Bad Guys are from all over.

Half Moon Street has Michael Caine. Look for the mention of
the “4000.” Truer words n’eer be spoken… You’ll understand
when u see it. Huge eyeopener.

Musive Notes:

Recipe for Success
1. Take one small impoverished country.
2. Loan them tons of money. (Any reason
will do – weapons, palaces, “infrastructure,”
crime fighting, trips to Las Vegas, bridges
to nowhere… hospitals, “development.”)
3. When they can’t repay, force them to
sell you their “natural resources” at rock
bottom prices. Everybody wins. Especially you.

“Fascism should be called corporatism since its
the merger of corporate and state power.”

assistance of the police

“The comfort of the rich depends upon the abundance
of the poor.”

“Content and Distribution.”

“Globe straddling oligarchies – that’s who you will write for…”

Nature has led us to this point –
Bankers run the show, anyway CC- pay or play

“natural order of things today…”

Council of Foreign Affairs

“No one is fully human unless they make 500 thou
a year…”

Seductive Arithmetic. – golf outing…

The compulsion of the dull economic.

whiff of ambition.

meet the ruling class.

Mrs. Astor:
“Wealth is collected Manure. You have to spread it around…”

“The ruling class is always looking for new talent…”

Quote from the Essayist Lewis Lapham:
“As was true in the early years of the Republic
the country is gov by a Commercial Oligarchy
and the citizen who cannot afford the luxury
of a contrary opinion learns of necessity to
dance the beggar’s waltz…”

Through the eyes of the two actors one can:
“Divine the character of the American future
as they meet pillars of power and hear words
from on high…”

Do no harm…


Lobster Crab Pain

Rare blue Maine lobster at home within his own little grotto. Around one in two million lobsters is blue.

Shucks! 4:53 PM 3/27/2009

An official study by scientists, Dr. Robert Elwood, professor at the School of Biological Sciences at The Queen’s University in Belfast, and colleague Mirjam Appel studied hermit crabs collected from rock pools in County Down, Northern Ireland. confirms that that Lobsters and Crabs, (yes, those delicious fellows) DO feel pain and suffering after all.

Arguments to Support Their Findings
According to the scientists, “Crustaceans possess “a suitable central nervous system and receptors.” They learn to avoid a negative stimulus after a potentially painful experience. They also engage in protective reactions, such as limping and rubbing, after being hurt.

Physiological changes, including release of adrenal-like hormones, also occur when pain or stress is suspected. And the animals make future decisions based on past likely painful events.

If crabs are given medicine — anesthetics or analgesics — they appear to feel relieved, showing fewer responses to negative stimuli. And finally, the researchers wrote, crustaceans possess “high cognitive ability and sentience.”

Originating Article:
“The findings add to a growing body of evidence that virtually all animals, including fish, shellfish and insects, can suffer… “…

Best Way to Cook Lobster, Crab, Crayfish

1. Kill quickly and painlessly by inserting icepick or sharp knifepoint into head behind their eyes. Cook immediately. (Toxin will NOT form -false rumor)

3. If you MUST boil them alive, (they will suffer agonizingly till dead) bring water to full boil. Plunge lobster or crab head first into water. REVISION: It turns out that they survive far longer in the boiling water than initially thought. Kill first.

NEVER put shellfish into cold water and bring to boil. They will flail and desperately attempt to escape from the tremendous pain.

Notes About Lobsters
• Did you know that older lobsters will lead younger lobsters around by the claw to lead them? Yes, it’s true…

• Like humans, lobsters have a long childhood and an awkward adolescence.

• Lobsters carry their young for nine months and can live to be over 100 years old.

• Like dolphins and many other animals, lobsters use complicated signals to explore their surroundings and establish social relationships.

• Lobsters also take long-distance seasonal journeys and can cover 100 miles or more each year (the equivalent of a human walking from Maine to Florida) — assuming that they manage to avoid the millions of traps set along the coasts.

Lobsters may even feel more pain than we would in similar situations. One popular food magazine recently suggested cutting live lobsters in half before tossing them on the grill (a recipe that’s “not for the squeamish,” the magazine warned), and more than one chef has been known to slice and dice lobsters before cooking them. But, says invertebrate zoologist Jaren G. Horsley, “The lobster does not have an autonomic nervous system that puts it into a state of shock when it is harmed. It probably feels itself being cut. … I think the lobster is in a great deal of pain from being cut open … [and] feels all the pain until its nervous system is destroyed” during cooking.

“Don’t heat up the water just yet, though. Anyone who has ever boiled a lobster alive can attest to the fact that when dropped into scalding water, lobsters whip their bodies wildly and scrape the sides of the pot in a desperate attempt to escape. In the journal Science, researcher Gordon Gunter described this method of killing lobsters as “unnecessary torture.” ”

Why Lobster and Shellfish May Be Dangerous for Your Health

Like the flesh of other animals, lobster flesh is loaded with excessive protein and cholesterol. A 6- to 8-ounce serving of lobster flesh contains 120 to 180 ml of cholesterol—comparable to an average serving of tenderloin.

Fish and shellfish often accumulate extremely high levels of toxins in their flesh (as much as 9 million times that of the water in which they live) such as PCB’s, dioxins, mercury, lead, and arsenic, which can cause health problems ranging from kidney damage and impaired mental development to cancer and even death.

Lobster livers, or “tomalley,” which some people consider a “delicacy,” can be especially dangerous. The high doses of toxins concentrated in the livers can cause paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Symptoms range from numbness in the lips to dizziness, nausea, impaired breathing, and choking. Seafood consumption is also the number one cause of food-borne illness: It has been claimed that eating lobsters and other sea animals is like playing Russian roulette with your health.

Another Norwegian government report stated that Lobsters do not feel pain. However, as fishing is a main industry in Norway, many discount the report as “biased.”

Truth be known, almost all living creatures were bestowed the ability to enjoy pleasure and feel pain. Whether we intend to recognize and acknowledge this when it doesn’t suit our preferences, is another story.

We wish that all food animals would be well cared for, fed good, healthy natural food, be allowed to live contented and comfortable lives, and at the end, killed quickly and painlessly without suffering.

Don’t Mistake Seafood for Health Food
From the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s Web site.

(Purported to be delicious)

Adapted from a recipe courtesy of Philadelphia’s Singapore restaurant

For the “Lobster”:

4 medium potatoes
1 7 oz. can corn kernels
1/2 cup green peas
12 oz. Worthington Foods vegetarian “Skallops” or seitan
1 tsp. minced parsley
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. sugar
Dash of pepper
1 cup flour
1 cup cornstarch
1 Tbsp. soy sauce

For the batter:
3 cups self-rising flour
2 cups water

Oil for deep-frying

Peel and thinly slice the potatoes, and steam until soft. Add the remaining ingredients (except those for the batter) to the potatoes and mash. Divide into 10 equal portions. Mold the portions into chunks and dust with a little cornstarch.

For the batter, mix together the flour and water. Coat each “lobster” chunk with batter.

Heat the oil to 300°F in a deep-fryer. Add the mock lobster chunks and fry them until they are golden in color. Drain on paper towels.

For a tasty dip, mix together barbecue sauce with a little hot mustard.

Makes 10 mock lobster chunks.

“New York’s May Wah Healthy Vegetarian Food, which offers everything from mock lobster to faux crab roll and shrimp (and also sells faux chicken, beef, and ham). These “fab fakes” taste just like the real thing. You can order online. For info, visit: “



Truth About Red Meat

Here’s a tasty steak. Is it good for you? This study may have some answers for you.

Okay. Here’s the latest skinny about eating red meat and processed meats and how it affects your risk of dying from cancer and/or heart disease. Cheery!

Below, you will find a rather comprehensive article about the newest research on this joyous topic conducted via the National Cancer Institute (not a particularly rinkydink organization).

The Not So Good News
You have at least a 20% to 50% higher risk of cancer or heart disease if you eat the equivalent of a red meat quarter pound hamburger per day. (We’re not talking about soyburgers, folks.)

Of course, there are always those who believe it’s not worth living anyway unless they can chow down on a steak a day, anyhoos. So be it.

The Not So Bad News
Processed meats were slightly less likely than the red stuff to increase your risk of dying from cancer or heart attack. Oscar Meyer should be relieved and proud.

Must be all those helpful preservatives, organ meats and veggie fillers. Right? : )

The research did not include those who were vegetarians. That would be another interesting study. 

For some unknown reason, it would probably just so happen to be that a diet of veggies only might have even lower rates of dying from cancer and heart disease than eating meat.


Because nobody said life is fair! : )

SUMMARY: Red and processed meat intakes were associated with moderate increases in total mortality, cancer mortality, and cardiovascular disease mortality.

High intakes of red or processed meat may increase the risk of mortality. The objective was to determine the relations of red, white, and processed meat intakes to risk for total and cause-specific mortality among
The researchers followed  more than 545,000 people who were AARP members, aged 50 to 71 years old, for 10 years. Over 70,000 people died during that period of time.

Study subjects were recruited from AARP members, a group that’s healthier than other similarly aged Americans. That means the findings may not apply to all groups, Sinha said. The study relied on people’s memory of what they ate, which can be faulty.

Men and women in the highest vs lowest 20% of red and processed meat intakes had elevated risks for overall mortality. Regarding cause-specific mortality, men and women had elevated risks for cancer mortality for red and processed meat intakes.

Furthermore, cardiovascular disease risk was elevated for men and women in the highest 20% of red and processed meat  intakes. When comparing the highest with the lowest 20% of white meat intake, there was an inverse association for total mortality and cancer mortality, as well as all other deaths for both men and women.

In the final analysis, results took into account factors such as smoking, family history of cancer and body weight.

Conclusion: Red and processed meat intakes were associated with modest increases in total mortality, cancer mortality, and cardiovascular disease mortality.

Rashmi Sinha is an investigator in the Nutrition Epidemiology Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, at the National Cancer Institute. Research interests include the role of meat, heterocyclic aromatic amines, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in cancer etiology, as well as the interaction of genetic susceptibility and nutrition in cancer. Other interests include vitamins A, C and E and cancer, DDT and breast cancer, and development of biomarkers of diet. Sinha’s honors include the National Institute of Health Award of Merit and the Technology Transfer Award. Sinha is associate editor of the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, is a reviewer for numerous journals, and has served on a variety of professional committees and boards.

In other words, eating around a quarter pound of red meat daily had a 22 percent higher risk of dying from cancer and a 27 percent higher rate of dying from heart disease than those who ate less than 5 ounces of red meat per week.

Women had a 20 percent higher risk of dying from cancer and 50 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease than those women who ate small amounts.

As for processed meats, the rates of dying from cancer and heart disease were only slightly lower than red meat.

The lowest rates of increased death due to cancer and heart disease were among those who ate white meat and fish.

“11 percent of deaths in men and 16 percent of deaths in women could have been prevented if they had decreased their meat consumption to the equivalent of a quarter of a small hamburger a day. The chance of men dying of cardiovascular disease would have decreased 11 percent – and 21 percent for women.”

Additional Meat Consumption Information:
Diets containing substantial amounts of red or preserved meats may increase the risk of various cancers. This association may be due to a combination of factors, such as content of fat, protein, and iron, and/or meat preparation (e.g. cooking or preserving methods).

Laboratory results have shown that meats cooked at high temperatures contain heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are mutagenic and carcinogenic in animals. To investigate the role of these compounds we have created separate databases for mutagenic activity,

HCAs, and PAHs, which we have used in conjunction with a validated meat-cooking food frequency questionnaire (FFQ). The role of meat type, cooking methods, doneness levels, and meat-cooking mutagens has been examined in both case-control studies and prospective cohort studies.

The results from these studies are mixed for different sub-types of meat, cooking methods, and doneness levels, as well as for estimated intakes of mutagenic activity, HCA, and PAHs.

An additional role of red meat in colon cancer could be through the contribution to N-nitroso compound (NOC) exposure.

Humans can be exposed to NOCs by exogenous (produced outside the body ) routes (from processed meats in particular) and by endogenous (produced within the body) routes.

Endogenous exposure to NOCs has been shown to be dose-dependently related to the amount of red meat in the diet. Recent work suggests that heme iron in red meat may explain the high levels of endogenous NOC, levels equivalent to those found in cigarette smoke.


First Study:

A 124-item food frequency questionnaire ( ) was completed at baseline.

The food frequency questionnaire collected information on the usual consumption of foods and drinks and portion sizes over the last 12 months.

The validity of the food frequency questionnaire was estimated using two 24-hour recalls,8 and the estimated energy-adjusted correlations ranged from 0.36 to 0.76 for various nutrients and attenuation factors ranged from 0.24 to 0.68.

Red meat intake was calculated using the frequency of consumption and portion size information of all types of beef and pork and included bacon, beef, cold cuts, ham, hamburger, hotdogs, liver, pork, sausage, steak, and meats in foods such as pizza, chili, lasagna, and stew.

White meat included chicken, turkey, and fish and included poultry cold cuts, chicken mixtures, canned tuna, and low-fat sausages and low-fat hotdogs made from poultry.

Processed meat included bacon, red meat sausage, poultry sausage, luncheon meats (red and white meat), cold cuts (red and white meat), ham, regular hotdogs and low-fat hotdogs made from poultry.

The components constituting red or white and processed meats can overlap because both can include meats such as bacon, sausage, and ham, while processed meat can also included smoked turkey and chicken.

During 10 years of follow-up, there were 47,976 male deaths and 23,276 female deaths.

In general, those in the highest quintile of red meat intake tended to consume a slightly lower amount of white meat but a higher amount of processed meat compared with those in the lowest 20%.

Subjects who consumed more red meat tended to be married, more likely of non-Hispanic white ethnicity, more likely a current smoker, have a higher body mass index, and have a higher daily intake of energy, total fat, and saturated fat, and they tended to have lower education and physical activity levels and lower fruit, vegetable, fiber, and vitamin supplement intakes.


Eating More Red And Processed Meats Linked To Greater Risk For Bowel And Lung Cancer, Findings Suggest (Dec. 11, 2007) — New findings provide evidence that people who eat a lot of red and processed meats have greater risk of developing bowel and lung cancer than people who eat small quantities. The research by Amanda …  > read more
Red Meat Linked To Breast Cancer (Apr. 8, 2007) — Eating red meat increases a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer, according to new research from the University of …  > read more
Long-term High Consumption Of Red And Processed Meat Linked With Increased Risk For Colon Cancer (Jan. 13, 2005) — High consumption of red and processed meat over a long period of time is associated with an increased risk for a certain type of colon cancer, according to a study in the January 12 issue of …  > read more
Eating Red Meat Will Not Increase Colorectal Cancer Risk, Study Suggests (June 13, 2007) — Recent studies published in the journal Cancer Science have disproved the common myth that consumption of red meat increases colorectal cancer risk. The study also found that consumption of fish and …  > read more
Moooooove Over, Chicken! — Study Shows Lean Red Meat Can Play A Role In Low-Fat Diet (July 2, 1999) — For years, physicians have avoided red meat when designing heart-healthy diets for their patients. Turns out that’s a bum steer, according to a study published in the June 28 issue of the …  > read more


Child Slavery

“Sometimes I would just cry.
I couldn’t bear it anymore…”

Who is Love146?

New Rockumentary MOVIE
“Call and Response”
Switchfoot and other great musicians… Their Blog


Interesting Facts: 2% of people said they were pleased about child sex slavery. 11% were irritated with it, 73% were outraged, 3%indifferent, 3% neutral.

You’re not alone if you find that you neither care, nor wish to think about this.

Perhaps some individuals won’t care unless it happens to them, or if they’re affected in some way close to home.

We can all help now – this is a grave problem that will affect all future generations.


Future of Food

This is a telling and provocative movie that skillfully weaves
actualities with possibilities about where our food has come
from and will come from, in the future.

It is indisputable that owning all seed genomes and patenting
growth and distribution of food is hugely profitable. It is a good
“business decision” to dominate, even monopolize commodities
such as food or water, no matter the consequences affecting
the health and well being of the average citizen.

In fact, if control of food would engender health problems, it
could easily promote and spawn another extremely profitable
industry. Huge slates of new pharmaceuticals and medical
procedures that will heavily increase the “bottom line” to
stockholders and “subsidiaries.”

In these cases where monolithic companies seek to “own”
rights to essential commodities such as food, water, air,
fuel, there is no stopping them. That is, unless one is willing
to speak up and protect their right to live their own lives as
they see fit, which includes growing one’s own food,
buying from small local farmers who forego the chemicals,
toxins, poisons, pesticides and gmo (genetically modified)
that are exceedingly profitable.

It seems that freedom comes at a price. For those who wish
to dominate, profit and control, will stop at nothing to secure
their position.

If man is willing to kill for $20, what will he be willing to do
for billions?


Hitler Fatty Pay Check

Below: Bust-a-gut hilarious video re-enactment of “Hitler” in the starring twitterer role. See the whole story below. (Warning: naughty language.) Oh and right, Hitler is not a funny subject. However, the overdubbing scripting is beyond brilliant and the mocking of Hitler is… well, your call. (If ur sensitive, please don’t watch.)

Original Story
A real person (@theconner on twitter) was offered a job at Cisco. She twittered the following to his friends:
“Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”

Soon, a Cisco Channel Partner Advocate shared this open response:
Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.”

Connor pronto brought down her twitter account and personal website… too late. It went viral all over the Web. This video is a response.

UPDATE 3:22 PM 3/26/2009: Evidently Connor had turned down a post internship job offer at Cisco and subsequently wrote the infamous sarcastic (her word) tweet intended for her 45 followers only. Later after all the rigmarole, she wrote a blog post explaining her side of the story…

My friend proffered two tweet solutions Connor might have used, following the Cisco associate’s response:

Original Connor Tweet: “Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”

Response Tweet from Cisco Associate: “Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they would love to know that you will hate the work. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.”

Solution Tweet 1:
“What? But how will they find as good a janitorial service as mine?”
Solution Tweet 2:
“I’m sorry. Made a typo. Instead of Cisco, meant CRisco.”


Classic Quotes:

Hitler: (re: Cisco) “I’ve heard their pension plan is very generous…”

Officer: “Sir, they saw your tweet about them – the one in which you spoke of the fatty paycheck…”

Hitler: (re: closing his twitter acct) “Only boring and plain looking girls should close their accounts! Not me!”

Hitler: (pensively) “I suppose Sun Microsystems is still recruiting…”

Hitler: (disdainfully) “But I don’t like them either.”

Hitler: (defeated) “Someone fetch my xbox.”

Hitler: “I wish I’d never installed Tweetdeck…”


Excellent MSNBC Article by Helen Popkin on this:
The Internet Can Get You Fired – A Cautionary Tale


Alice Waters 60 Minutes

“We consume lousy food… this is killing us… Alice Waters has done more to change the easting habits of America than anyone else in the world.” –Gavin Newsome, Mayor of San Francisco

Leslie Stahl adddresses the benefits, expense, ease of organics. She asks, “Can we afford it?” Alice Waters answers: “Can we not afford it?” A personal decision… (Link to 60 Minutes)

For some reason, this was a beautiful video. Alice Waters seems to have a calming and uplifting influence. Yes, she presents a “luxurious” side. However, eating well may not really be such a luxury after all.

Farmers markets abound in every community. Prices can be extremely reasonable. Home garden growing “grow your own” in containers or backyards is possible in almost any clime. There are now low energy LED grow lights.

It really may not be such a luxury” when one considers the savings in medical bills. Evidently healthy natural eating is truly good for you.

And, having less in the way of chemicals and pesticides in one’s system is easier on the liver, kidneys, pancreas, the whole body system.

Easy to grow organic? It seems that the best things in life are free, but not necessarily super easy…

Easy is stopping by the local fast food restaurant and grabbing a 99¢ sandwich. Or, sitting around watching the telly with a candy bar or socheing online with a
frozen dinner.

Growing a garden, visiting a farmers market, working a bit harder to make a tiny bit more money to buy healthier is a tad bit less easy.

But the reward far outweighs the effort. Things like, more energy, better skin, lower weight, less sickness can be direct benefits to healthier, more organic eating.

As for whether organic is healthier than foods raised with pesticides, hormones, chemicals, preservatives and inserted with animals or human genes, is, well,
seemingly obvious. We each get to decide for ourselves.


Everything is Possible

Inspirational Talent and Ability…

Everything is Possible – video powered by Metacafe

There isn’t much we can’t do when we put our minds to it…

[Thanks to Joni]


Dog Tries to Talk

The top video features a little fellow trying his best to “speak.” You can actually see how he moves his tongue in his attempts to “communicate.” Below this video is another where his “talking” is dubbed with “The Minute Waltz.” Pretty cute.

“The Minute Waltz” Dubbed Version (Check out the ‘high’ notes : )