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What Does a TRILLION Dollars Look Like?
See a slideshow from CBS – Shocking
(May take a bit of time to load on CBS)

CLICK TO GO TO SLIDESHOW - What a Trillion Looks Like - From CBS
This is ONLY $1200 worth of bills.
Imagine 11 trillion – the US National debt

An interesting fact about the US National Debt and how long the number of $1.00 bills would stretch in a stack: the stack would go all the way to the moon, and back.


Michael Jackson INNOCENT

Link to Compelling PROOF Michael Jackson Framed
GQ Magazine Article

By Mary A. Fischer

Mary A. Fischer is a highly respected, award winning journalist who was a senior writer for GQ Magazine as well as a feature reporter and writer for O – Oprah Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, New York Magazine, Washington Times Opinion page, Rolling Stone, Life, People, U.S. New & World Report, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Daily Journal (Staff Reporter), Village Voice, ELLE, Reader’s Digest, San Francisco Magazine, California Lawyer.

UPDATE 1:23 PM 7/8/2009: Also Update Video Added Below: “A brief glimpse into several key facts behind the 1993 Chandler family allegations, most of which have gone widely unreported and remain largely unknown to the general public. This five minute production clears up some widely-speculated myths (using transcripts, articles and video clips) and illustrates why Michael Jackson was just as innocent in 1993 as he was some ten years later.”

Thanks to

Re: Mary Fisher’s GQ Magazine Article
Was Michael Jackson Framed?

This article is a comprehensive exploration into the validity of the charges and claims made by Jordan Chandler’s father, Evan Chandler against Michael Jackson for the alleged abuse of his son. This sorry and sordid tale evolves into an expose; facts are revealed in heavily researched detail by Ms. Fisher.

You will be able to decide for yourself whether to believe or disbelieve…

In the end, if Michael Jackson WAS false accused and settled only on the advice of lawyers to push this under the rug to avoid a false and ruinous conviction, then it is a story of terrible injustice and grave unfairness.

It is interesting to note that a video reports that Michael Jackson’s insurance company settled for 25 million dollars with the Chandlers, against Michael’s and his attorneys’ insistent pleas and requests to go forward and defend against this purported extortive attempt.

In 2006, the news reported that Jordan Chandler (known as Jordy Chandler) had filed a restraining order against his father for physical brutality and abuse.

If this is true, it may have indicated a very pained, and possibly guilt ridden dynamic between the two. But this is just speculation. It is also possible that Mr. Chandler and son spoke the truth. But, the article by Mary Fisher is very telling. The video below brings up more information.

Unfortunately, the information contained in this article wasn’t able to come out before the lawsuit was settled, so that Michael Jackson could have dealt with this matter in a more open environment.


If the allegations were all false, then there are two victims; Michael Jackson, AND Jordan Chandler, a 14 year old child whose false testimony was sold for 20 million dollars or more.

It can be said, that after the settlement was paid, that Michael should have learned that he couldn’t entertain children unmonitored at his ranch.

Nevertheless, at his Neverland Ranch, it is most likely that his deep love for children, matched by an deep longing for truthworthy and innocent companionship and for a childhood lost, that he overcame his better judgement, and, once again, took children in to recreate a world he had never known as a boy.

This is an extremely tragic tale. There are lessons for all, but one stands out… Life isn’t fair.

Sometimes, the most innocent are the ones who perish the most quickly. And, we may soon come to realize, that, among these innocent are those who entertain us, enrich our lives to an immeasurable degree, and give tremendous light, meaning and love to our lives.

It is only when we lose them, that we recognize the power of their presence, and that we loved them dearly and will miss them for the remaining full breadth of our lives.

STUNNING New Neverland Pics

Link to High Resolution Images of
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

UPDATED: Neverland Images
Click here to see "Proof –
Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids
Michael Jackson CRASHES Internet
Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Michael Jackson Brings Down Internet




Click here to see “Proof – Michael Jackson INNOCENT” Post

Link to GQ Magazine Article – MICHAEL FALSELY ACCUSED
Was Michael Jackson Framed?” By Mary A. Fisher

Picture Memories of Neverland and Michael Jackson – At one time, Neverland was truly a stunning unimaginable fantasy wonderland… Thanks to inewscatcher for the video below…

TMZ "Inside Neverland Ranch" – 49 Images
Raw Video of Neverland Ranch from Daily Press
Incredible Neverland Auction Pictures
"Neverland in All Its Glory" Life Magazine Pictures

MSNBC Tour of Neverland with
Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Images of Neverland at Night
(Click on image to go to 40 image slideshow by Tunnelbug)
(Tunnelbug Article Saying Goodbye to Michael Jackson“)

Absolutely HEARTBREAKING if GQ Magazine Article is true. Evidently Michael Jackson was framed by Jordan Chandler’s father – decide for yourself – full article here:

Also – 40 beautiful night time pictures of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch – one is above and one below. Even though the photographer thought they might be eerie, I see them as being particularly poignant and sad. The photographer describes his visit, and how he believes Michael Jackson is innocent of all charges. A tragic story, indeed, of a man hounded and false accused… he lost his ranch, he had been invaded on overtaken, and his heart was broken. Here’s the link to the Slideshow by Tunnelbug at Flickr:

Michael had such dreams, hopes, fantasies about finding his boyhood. He was such a sweet, precious child, and for all the wealth he accumulated, he was not ever able to find his “Rosebud.”

(If link stops working at, notify me by commenting – will post new link or text if allowed…)

Re: MJ Innocence, False Accusations, Allegations

Thanks to Wayne Resnick, KFI640 for publicizing MJ innocence article

STUNNING New Neverland Pics

Link to High Resolution Images of
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

UPDATED: Neverland Images
Click here to see "Proof –
Michael Jackson INNOCENT" Post
Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids
Michael Jackson CRASHES Internet
Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Michael Jackson Brings Down Internet



VIM – Very Important Movie


Just saw at the theater. One of the best docu-drama-stories-movie ever. The reason is because it was able to take a boring subject and still captivate our ENTIRE interest. It REALLY got under my skin, plus my brother’s skin (almost impossible) and was able to STOP US in our tracks.

We have changed our eating habits, our way of life.

We stopped at the grocery store after we saw the movie. It was amazing – huge rows upon rows of brightly colored packages of pretty much, NOTHING. We looked at the ingredients – corn this, corn that. Corn syrup, solids, liquid, seasoning, powder, starch, di this di that, mono this mono that. EVERYTHING was FAKE.

The fish counter was especially sad. Small print everywhere: farm raised from some exotic locale like Thailand, China or Chile… And the selection was paltry. Mostly tilapia or shrimp in "butter," bbq sauce, peppers or breaded…

Wikipedia just read: "Tilapiines are also among the easiest and most profitable fish to farm…"

Well that figures. Fish is probably high in mercury anyway.

As for the fruits and vegetables, they were probably just ok… but we wanted organic rather than the big beautiful tasteless flavorless stuff.

Food Food EVERYWHERE but not a bite to eat. Not a bite of down home REAL food, that is. Best bet: Starbucks coffee and a pastry. Wow – are they filled with corn syrup solids?

This movie featured a family eating the dollar menu at McDonalds. Cheap food, filling, but the Dad takes SO much medication. Nice family… really sad.

There’s was a farmer in Nebraska or somewhere in this movie who amazed me. He looked really healthy, and he raised his own animals and prepared them for purchase that people drove 100s of miles to come buy. The animals were so well treated, fed pure wholesome food, and he probably has his own garden.

He was like, a hero.

Then there was a sweet older man who cleaned seed. How natural, normal and wonderful with his amazing old and WELL BUILT cleaning machine. THOSE must have been the days – when stuff WORKED FOREVER if you took care of it.

What happened to us? To this country? USA?

As for Monsanto – beating up this guy to a pulp using the legal system – beating up ALL the good, traditional farmers who didn’t want to buy Monsanto’s genetically modified seed year after year.

WELL I’LL BET Monsanto lawyers and executives DON’T feed their families crud-burgers and fries.

They probably buy the best at restaurants that serve organics because Organic tastes best.

And their wives probably feed the kids really healthy good stuff…

I could be wrong about this… maybe Monsanto Cargill folks eat what they create. Chem-burgers from terribly sad steers and cloned veggies and fruits sprayed to hog heaven with pesticides and additives.

I told my friends – all the good people – "go see this movie and change your ways." All the bad people – "go to the fast food restaurant and have a burger or two, double the cheese, double the fries and lots of soda. mmmmm."

I jest… or do i?

In summary – this movie is perhaps, pivotal. In a huge huge way. It’s shocking how they were able to reveal the truths some want to hide at almost murderous cost.

It can be heartbreaking when you see good good salt of the earth people just beaten all to smithereens by glossy corporate suits.

Let’s all bow down to the almighty bottom line… the almighty dollar.

The irony is this: You destroy your competition and become super powerful and rich. Then what? You buy a luxury home and yacht and go shop at the grocery store for twinkies and dingdongs?

You eat mercury fish? tasteless beef that needs gallons of BBQ sauce and burnt fat just to taste good?

I don’t think so. Things are all topsy turvy.

Dear Monsanto, stop trying to own the world and destroy every vestige of honest independence and goodness. Stop trying to dominate, control, and probably RUIN my world.

When people raise animals with kindness and care, feeding them wholesome REAL food they need, killing them quickly and painlessly, and able to use natural waste to fertilize and grow delicious fruits, vegetables and grains, life can be incredibly wonderful.

Your company is trying to own everything and everybody. Yes, every BODY.

In the end, if you get your way, soylent green and tortured animals will be all we have.

After all, we’ve already lost 90% of good ocean fish.

This movie inspired me… to write WAY too much… Anyway, good people, GO SEE. And bad people, GO SEE.

And then, go see the movie "HOME."

It’s also incredible, and impossibly beautiful as well.



If he was on a “Got Talent” or “Idol” show, Michael Jackson would most assuredly win… To illustrate, here’s a video of Michael singing “Ben” when he was very young. His soaring voice, emotion, feeling, genius and promise shines through. A simple, beautiful, gentle and meaningful song, an eloquent, tender, poignant and unforgettable performance. It is a mystical thing… this thing called “genius” in a performer. It is a thing that touches your heart and you don’t know how or why… it just does.

Immemorable song by the Jackson Five – “I’m Glad It Rained…”
(The song takes a moment to start.) Beautiful… heavenly.

Thank you Michael for being a milestone in all of our lives, for defining a beat to which we dance in our lives, for showing us a man enduring the impossible heights, the limitless lows celebrity wreaks upon a golden, gilded man.

To the end, you remained a showman, laying bear your heart, your soul and body for us to revel or even revile in. We see how beautiful, sweet, natural, fresh and real you were as a child, growing into one of the most splendid performers of all time, then somehow becoming a former caricature of that beautiful young man you had once been.

I hear that you were a philisophical soul – full or curiosity about and interest in the Universe. You loved to discuss physics, art, science, humanities, mystical, magical things, just about every subject in our known world. You were superb in almost everything you attempted, and your roiled over with the capacity to feel, love, imagine, create, aspire to, dream.

Thank you for being you, for contributing to such an incredible part of the mystery, imagination, music and magic in our lives. You are, and will always remain, truly, truly beloved.

Links: Here is a wonderful page of Michael Jackson quotes. It’s extensive and detailed, and you may be quite surprised and touched by what he had to say.…

A collection of beautiful pictures of Michael Jackson.…

UPDATE 10:25 AM 6/27/2009

Update 10:25 AM 6/27/2009 See Below: It was reported in the news that Michael was on 8 meds at time of death – demerol, dilaudid, vicodin, soma, xanax, zoloft, paxil, prilosec.

This information may be incorrect, unsubstantiated speculative assertions only. Only the official coroner will know for certain.

Originating article which may or may not be true:

STUNNING New Neverland Pics

Link to High Resolution Images of
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

UPDATED: Neverland Images
Click here to see "Proof –
Michael Jackson INNOCENT" Post
Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids
Michael Jackson CRASHES Internet
Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Michael Jackson Brings Down Internet



Immemorable, Glorious, Stunningly Beautiful

The Movie HOME is a visually stunning and impactful movie of great import and beauty. It is available to view for free online at Google Videos. It is truly above most all others, a must-see movie. Some say it is life changing, life altering... it definitely presents the earth in its most splendid most glorious form, as well as the human impact.

The Movie
HOME is a visually stunning and impactful movie of great import and beauty. It is available to view for free online at Google Videos. It is truly above most all others, a must-see movie. Some say it is life changing, life altering… it definitely presents the earth in its most splendid most glorious form, as well as the human impact.


? One Arm One Leg Ballet

Stunning and Beautiful Ballet by 2 Dancers
Inspirational – she, Ma Li, is missing an arm,
he, Zhai Xiaowei is missing a leg
(See Full Story Below the Video)

The Full Story
Thanks to Semijase76 & BB

“The girl (Ma, Li) was a beautiful promising professional ballerina when she lost her right arm in a car accident in 1996. She was only 19. Her handsome boy friend walked away from her.

She tried to kill herself only to be saved by her parents. Her love for her parents gave her the strength to live. She learned how to live her life independently.

She learned how to write Chinese beautifully and how to do many things including combing her hair, which she had to cut short from the waist-length to shoulder-length. She learned to cook and to wash clothes … In a few months she opened her small bookstore.

Five years later in 2001, she was invited to compete at the 5th national special performing art competition for handicaps and won the gold medal. That success gave her the hope to return to her beloved stage.

In 2002, a handsome 20-year-old young man (Li, Tao) madly fell in love with her. She ran a way from him for fear of being hurt again.

After she disappeared in Beijing, Tao searched her up and down despite his parents’ strong objection and ridicule.

He finally found her dancing in a bar. They have never been separated since.

They were very broke when SARS was spreading because all theaters were closed. In 2004, he got a license to be her legitimate agent and was trying to help her develop a unique performance. In a cold snowy night, when the two huddled in an underpass to wait for the sunrise in order to catch a bus after a long day at a movie shooting site working as extras, she suddenly had the urge to dance in the snow with him.

She had used her dance to tell him her story so many times before and this time, after their “dance” ended, he suddenly realized that THIS should be her unique performance.

In September 2005, she ran into a 21-year-old young man (Zhai, Xiaowei). He was being trained to be a cyclist for the national special olympics. He had never danced before.

He climbed on a tractor when he was 4 years old and fell off it and lost his left leg. His dad asked him, “The doctor will have to amputate your leg. Are you afraid?” He couldn’t comprehend what would be so different so he said no. His dad said, “You are going to face many challenges and difficulties in life, are you afraid?”

He asked, “What are ‘challenges and difficulties?’ Do they taste good?” His dad laughed with tears, “Yes, they’re like your favorite candies. You just need to eat them one piece at a time!” (Then his dad ran out of the room in tears.)

So he’s always very optimistic and athletic with a great sense of humor. He had tried high-jump, long-jump, diving, swimming, and just settled on cycling.

His coach believed that he would be able to get 2-3 gold medals in the national special Olympics games. (In the video interview, you can see him doing a bridge with great ease!)

He initially didn’t understand how he could “dance,” so Li invited him to see her performing “Hand in Hand” with another male actor. He felt that he saw a perfect soul dancing on the stage and agreed to give it a try.

Li & Tao treated him like their younger brother and they stayed under the same roof during the more than 1 year of intensive training and practice. One would not be able to imagine the kind of challenges and difficulties they faced. He had NO dancing background and she is a perfectionist. There are so many touching stories.

Much determination has gone into the making of this performance. Just for that one “drop” move at 3:41 of the clip, he landed her on the hard floor more than 1000 times!!! To get the move right, they started at 8 a.m. and got the first successful move shortly after 8 pm!

All they did was to train and to practice from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. day-in and day-out until the three of them ran out of money in early 2007 …

The rest is history.

In April they were one of the finalists among 7000 competitors in the 4th CCTV national dance competition. It is the first time a handicapped couple ever entered the competition. They won the Silver medal with the 99.17 high score and not to mention the highest audience popular votes. They became an instant national hit.”


Toto’s “AFRICA” by Jazzile

Beautiful rendition of the song, “Africa”
by Perpetuum Jazzile

Includes a very well done thunderstorm created with just hands and feet – no instruments. The “rain storm” resounds realistically, thunder claps sounding quite authentic. Rich and resonant harmony. Very nice! Below the first video, be sure to listen to their beautiful jazzy rendition of Cudna Noc (Strange Night) sung by voice alone. Gorgeous, uplifting, refreshing.

It was difficult to ascertain what country they heralded from. They couldn’t have been American, British, French, Swedish, Finnish… nor a specific religious group. None of these fit. Why?

They sported no tattoos, seemed to have normal body weight and structure without affectation or “enhancement” surgeries, no hair extensions, no plastic or rigid facial expressions, no anerexic or overweight issues, very little if any hair coloring, makeup or revealing clothing.

They all looked healthy and natural with good complexions, good bone structure, with genuinely upbeat attitudes, positive energy with very real, down to earth and attractive personas.

As an American used to Hollywood media, I was a bit perplexed. This production seemed as if it was from a different generation, a different time.

That was my take… so it was no surprise to me that they were from Slovenia. Undoubted raised without corporate encroachment of hormones, chemicals, pesticides, genetic modification and additives into their food supply, air and water.

I do believe we here in the States have forgotten what it’s like to grow up with good bone structure, good teeth, and normal weight past adulthood without supplements, drugs, surgeries, medical interventions and “enhancements.”

This group sings beautifully. They’re bright, lively, energetic. Hopefully Hollywood will not encroach into their lives, twisting and corrupting them into caricatures of their former selves. Hollywood seems to bring with its fame, the soul twisting hustlers and shysters that “remake” and “mold” you into phantasmagorical advertising fodder.

Their natural and wholesome energy is entrancing and beguiling, and speaks to a better time, better place, better way of life. Just my take! 😀

Quote from their Youtube Link:
“Toto’s Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile, performed live at Vokal Xtravaganzza 2008 (October 2008).

!!! PERPETUUM JAZZILE + THE REAL GROUP @ Vokal Xtravaganzza 2009 (Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 2009) !!! Don’t miss it!

For more information check out

Thunderstorm simulation effects inspired by Kearsney choir (South Africa). THANK YOU!!!”


Astounding ORGAN Music

More synthesizer than organ, nevertheless reverberates with organ like strains in the background – love this.

From TED: “Organ virtuoso Qi Zhang plays her electric rendering of “Ridiculous Fellows” from Prokofiev’s “The Love for Three Oranges” orchestral suite. This exhilarating performance from TEDx USC features the Yamaha Electone Stagea, a rare, imported instrument specially programmed by Qi herself.”


Particularly Cute Kitten ?

Little Cotton was about 1 month old here from what i gather from the information. She’s a particularly quiet little girl, petite and gentle. She seemed to have a little eye leakage when she was a bit older, and of course we all love her and hope she’s well! She’s about a year now, and her owner wrote that she very much loved by her family. Little Cotton lives in Japan.


Praying Begging Kitten

Watch this little adorable kitten beg with its little paws


Silly Silly Cat : )

Very Absolutely Adorable