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This warm video will make you smile. : ) Ricochet was a puppy prodigy, extremely intelligent and gifted as a potential service dog. But alas – she had a overriding “handicap.” This wonderful video show how she overcame her “disability” and found her true calling. : )

Ricochet (“Ricki”) is a little surFUR girl. She now shows people the “pawsabilities” of becoming the best you were really meant to be. : )

Instead of becoming a service dog, Ricki became a SURFice dog – she surfs for charity FUN-draisers.

We ALL have special gifts. Now if we could ALL just have the wonderful mentor that Ricki did, wouldn’t that be great?

Perhaps we have to learn how to be our own mentor when one isn’t readily available. 😀

Ricki’s first most favorite thing to do as a golden retriever – chasing birds… How fun to run through the meadows and watch the birds take flight… oops

That’s a “No,” Ricki… 😀

Ricki’s adorable website:

Learn all about service dogs and their training


THEY CAN GROW New Body Parts Now

New endless possibilities… Growing new body parts is becoming a reality. One man grew a new esophagus lining, another man grew new muscle tissue. Ears, fingers, bladders, livers, kidneys, hearts, heart valves, more.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Morley Safer interviews several doctors, one whose name is Dr. Badylak, pronounced “Battleax.” Among other things, Dr. Badylak’s team has found that extracellular matrix (ECM) can help create a biologic scaffold for tissue repair and regeneration.

Here’s another more indepth article:
Medicine’s Cutting Edge: Re-Growing Organs



Watch this video all the way through – it’s uplifting, joyous, beautiful. The Humane Society with President and CEO Wayne Pacelle does more for animals than almost any other entity on Earth. The animals said so! 😀

DIRECT LINK – The Humane Society Video



This new “car” has an onboard hydrogen fuel plant. It puts out enough electricity to power your home. And power half your street to boot.

In goes salt water, out comes plain water. Is there a downside? Doesn’t seem to be. Of course, they wouldn’t want to reveal that at this point. This “transport” vehicle, the GM Hy-wire, also dubbed “Vectra,” is A-mazing.

More from GM and

This car is not available for purchase; there’s only one in the entire world. And, the price value is somewhere around $10 million dollars. The research costs would probably make it a billion.

It’s completely non-polluting. What about the manufacturing? Would that be excessively polluting? It has no batteries, therefore no lead, no cadmium, ?. So, what is the “power plant” made of?

It’s computerized. Would that mean a reboot whilst on the freeway? Asphalt screen of death…

Doubtful that Microsoft is involved. And by the design look, Apple isn’t either.

Really this is a rather phenomenal futuristic car. You could use it to power your life, your neighbor’s life, and even your street life.

Sell the extra power back to the grid. I have huge doubts at this point. But, GM has captured the imagination, that’s for sure.


It’s supposedly the car of the future.

“…Probably the most advanced power system in the world: a completely non polluting fuel cell that takes hydrogen and produces electricity with the only by-product being a little bit of water vapour.

As if that wasn’t enough, all the controls are “by-wire” with no physical linkages from accelerator, brake or even steering wheel. That means the driver can press a button to change from right hand drive to left hand drive…

Power: 82 bhp
Top speed: 99 mph
0 – 62 mph: 16.0 seconds
Fuel consumption: Range of 124 miles

Length, mm: 5000
Width, mm: N/A
Height, mm: N/A
Boot, litres: N/A
Fuel Tank, litres: 3 hydrogen tanks pressurised to 5,000 psi
Dry Weight, kg: 1900

Stats Information from

They call it the Hy-Wire mainly because it’s drive train consists of a smallish computer cable. Very strange.

GM might be really on to something. It’s hard to believe it’s completely non-polluting. Hydrogen is difficult to produce. It will be fascinating to discover all the little details.

Really, this is quite stunning. The possibilities boggle the mind.


Tanja Askani WOLVES

The most amazing photographs… Tanja Askani takes the most wonderful photos of animals… She loves them with her whole heart, and it shows. She is able to capture their inner and outer beauty with such artfulness. Animals love her back, dearly. It is as if they have an understanding.

Wolves are magnificent, beautiful creatures
capable of great, enduring love.

Amazing and Wonderful Wolves…Wolves can love with great passion and intensity, broken hearted and inconsolable when they lose one another. They are devoted parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents to the cubs.

They can be extremely sweet to one another, playful and teasing, gentle and yet firm in their discipline. Some have observed that they excel as parents, beyond and above their human counterparts.

They hunt only when hungry, kill quickly, and will catch and eat mice if need be.

We do not know the wolf anymore. We came to fear them through fictional literature of the past.


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Tanja’s pictures make me cry… Thank you Suzie!