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Today, it is Saturday, December 4, 2021, 12:42 pm. in Southern California.
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DOGGY AND DEER – A Love Story – Pip and Kate

A very special and remarkable love story between a fawn named Pip and a Great Dane doggy named Kate – Doggy and Deer. Beautiful music is “Nahanni” by Martin Springett. Pip has grown considerably and now may be possibly pregnant with twins. : )


Tucker the Dog Plays the Piano and MORE…

Absolutely delightful. One could say that Tucker knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. : ) Did Tucker watch his Mistress or Master play and is now copying? 😀

BUT – This FELLOW Truly loves singing and playing! 😀


Homeless Man With Gold and Silver Voice Video

Awe-inspiring… this homeless man has a voice of gold and silver. Hopefully, he is now onward to a new and beautiful life – as beautiful, rich and resonant as his speaker’s voice. : )



If only people could get along as well as these three…

This is an amazing video of a rottweiler dog, tabby cat and white rat who ride upon each other in the streets of Santa Barbara with their owner. According to an email, this video was taken by the mayor of Santa Barbara as a holiday promotion.

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