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A Dog’s Unending Loyalty


Ella the Rottweiler was found at the side of a freeway. The only clues to her origins were memorabilia she had carefully collected into a small pile that she slept with, awaiting her family’s return…

CBS News Videos Online – Ella

This beautiful dog was found emaciated and hungry by the side of a stretch of highway, seemingly abandoned and lost. But she never left her location, the place she had last been with her family.

She scavenged at the side of the highway for food and water, but always returned to the small pile of belongings she had accumulated by her bed. One of the items was inscribed with the name, “Michelle.”

Eventually she was found by the Love Me Tender Animal Rescue founder who took her in and solved the mystery of the “lost items” that Ella has so lovingly collected, the last vestiges and reminders of her lost family.

This is an INCREDIBLE story of the undying love and loyalty of an extraordinarily beautiful dog.



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  4. Two thumbs up in this kind of dog. Animals especially dogs are the most loyal animals to their owners. I’m touch in this video. Please do take of your dog. They really love us.

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