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Baby Duck Feeds Fish


This little duckling is sharing his breadcrumbs with the fish in their
little koi pond. What a guy. Well, we all knew that ducks are people,
too… Quite astounding, really.

The fish are Koi or Carp, also known as Niskiki Koi.

Some think the little duckling is merely trying to wet his food.
But, if you look carefully, you will see that he is definitely putting
the food into the water and letting go.

He continues to quickly put in more food for them. The fish do 
seem quite happy and fat, don’t they? It’s the great care they get
from the little duck…

Ducks are quite amazing, actually. Having two as pets, I can
attest to the fact that they were funny, loving, loyal, very sweet
and extremely endearing.

They definitely had minds of their own, with very individualistic
personalities. I discovered that ducks can behave similarly to dogs.

Ducks will joyously greet you and cuddle in your lap. They will
protect you – running at intruders with wings outspread. They
will miss each other should one go away… in fact, they become

When you think of the horrific conditions they live through while
being forcefed living in tiny confined boxes, it boggles the mind.
Just boggles.

A new article hasinformation that birds are much more intelligent
than originally thought:

Bird brain? Animal smarts surprise experts
Monkeys perform mental math, pigeons can select the picture
that doesn’t belong. Humans may not be the only animals that
plan for the future, say researchers reporting on the latest
studies of animal mental ability.



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