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SOLDIER AND BABY – Powerful Powerful Image

A Soldier Weeps While Holding
a Dead Baby in His Arms
An extraordinarily heartbreaking picture of an unknown soldier holding a dead baby close to his heart, emotionally overwrought. No… this is not an amazing nor beautiful picture… but then perhaps the truly beautiful, amazing, wondrous thing might be how this picture shows us another truth and reality that we might have missed while struggling through our daily routines.

Soldier and Baby - Powerful, Powerful Image

This is a particular moving image depicting the devastating consequences of war. I do not have the details about this particular image, only that it caused great grief when i first saw it in an email. But then, any pictures of dead children are devastating in scope.

Evidently this soldier is deeply moved by the death of this little baby. He will never forget this little child and this moment will likely haunt him for the rest of his days. He seems to be a soldier of great love, caring and courage. Hopefully he will go on to find a truly hopeful and peaceful way to reconcile the things he has born witness to.

The baby is so completely innocent in all of this. One day laughing, smiling, patting little hands together, the next day terrified, killed, then held in a bloody blanket by a stranger. But the stranger weeps for him or her… as do we all.

If anyone has any details about this image, please let me know.

Thanks to Kitt for sending : )


Adorable Baby and Dog Joyful Play


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Adorable Baby and Dog Share Special Playful, Joyous Bond

More Super Cute Pet Videos at Dr. Mercola’s:



Nick Vujicic (Pronouced Voychich) had a dream to speak to all types of people in all types of settings around the globe. He’s now spoken to over 2 million people, making a profound difference in so many lives. He is a man with an eternal smile, loving life, all people.

He is a magnificent inspiration. And he’s also very cute. : ) His message… “Never Give UP.”

A wonderful video… Nick’s website: More Videos below…

“The day you believe you have reached your fullest potential, you haven’t.”
“The only limits I have in life, are the limits I put on myself.”
“I asked God, why did you make me without arms and legs? His answer… “Do you trust me?”





There aren’t really many words to describe this set of extraordinary photos of a newborn foal climbing into the lap of his mother shortly after he was born. Precious beyond words.

You can click the image below to see more pictures.

Baby Horse Climbs Into His Mothers Lap...
Newborn Foal Climbs Into His Mother's Lap. More Pictures >>

Link Below: Pictures of Taskin, the Father of the Baby Above
Gypsy Stallion owned by Villa Vanners that was born in Oregon.

I received these extraordinary pictures in an email and HAD to share them online. Animals are PRECIOUS beyond BELIEF. Thank you to the person who took the photographs, forever capturing an utterly unimaginably beautiful series of images.

I hope and pray that someday soon, all animals are treated with utmost love, compassion, caring and kindness. Always.


All You Need Is LOVE LOVE LOVE : )

Video of “All You Need is Love” Sung by Groups of People Around the Entire World Simultaneously for the AIDS Project in Africa. Beautiful Video. “Love is All You Need” chorus.


Having a BABY? Best Baby Advice from Grandma…

That is SOOOO exciting! Sooo happy for you!!! 😀

Some advice and thoughts from a dear, wise Grandma person I love very much:

1. Enjoy EVERY moment with baby. A moment is here for a blink, then gone FOREVER, never to come back. You’ll never be able to go back and recapture lost time. Use every precious second of it.

2. Every moment away from baby is time away from heaven.

3. Eat only the purest natural organic foods while pregnant (and after! : ) so that baby might have fewer allergies and colic. A happy contented baby is easier than a crying colicky baby.

4. Use a natural baby carrier that holds baby close to Mom or Dad. That’s where baby belongs – right next to the heart of a loved one. One day, when baby is grown, he or she will walk out the door, and you’ll have wished you held them more. Much much more.

5. Let potty training happen in it’s time. Just remember – they won’t be wearing diapers to college. 😀

6. Let your “No” be “No.” Ever gentle, ever firm and resolute. You won’t ever have to struggle once baby knows and respects your “Word.”

When Baby is ready for discipline… (when baby has learned to walk : )…

Time to teach “No.” Baby will resist. Tell baby “no” once again, looking kindly but firm. When baby doesn’t listen, tell baby, “timeout” so baby knows the word for takeaway, and then take baby to crib or playpen, AWAY from the rest of the family for just a few minutes. Baby will learn that No means no, and that if they don’t listen, they will be isolated. Short isolation is painless, but uncomfortable for baby. Baby ALWAYS wants to be near those whom they love. : )

Baby will need several lessons ever so often to be reminded that you mean what you say. Sometimes, baby will test you and try to do wrong over and over, perhaps many times. Just isolate baby as many times as needed, lengthening the time for a bit for periods up to 5 minutes. (An eternity for baby)

Keep doing this even if baby thinks this is a game. Remember – it won’t take more than 20 times! If you do this, baby will give up after a while (it’s not a fun game after all) and then, like a wonderful miracle, baby will respect your Word even after just ONE “NO.”

It’s the kindest, best trick for babies – and good for Pets, in fact all animals, too! 😀

No matter how tired you are, teaching baby to respect “No” will make your life INFINITELY easier as the years go by. It lasts beyond the teen years.

Infinite Patience and Love…. and Word respected.

7. First time Brothers and Sisters…
Tell brothers and sisters that THEY are going to have THEIR brother or sister. It’s… theirs! Tell them how much baby will love them like no other, and how wonderful it’s going to be to have someone who loves them so much. It will be their, playmate, their new family member who will love them forever if they’re kind and good to them.

8. Feed baby (and whole family!) as much organic food as possible. The less pesticides, herbicides and chemicals, the better! And more tasty, too : ) There’s so much contamination these days. The purer, healthier the food, the better! No processed food. 😀 Buy from local farmers. Encourage local farmers! Support them. Those who don’t use chemicals work SO much harder. Be sure to buy humane, organic meat, too if you can! 😀

9. The best way to teach baby (now older!) to not crave treats and candy, is to use a little trick. When they want candy, say Reese’s Peanut butter cups, buy 12! After dinner, let them eat as many as they want. After a few times of this with different candies, their bodies will NOT want it so much. After getting a bit sick after a bit too much candy, the deliciousness wears off. Of course, always talk to your doctor about this and everything you do – this advice is just smart grandma stuff , not medical stuff. 😀

10. One of the best things to teach baby ( all children, actually : ) is that the greatest gift of all, is the gift of being ABLE to GIVE, and then giving. Receiving is WONDERFUL – but giving regularly, doing wonderful things for others, is even better in the long run. Why? Because people, living creatures, are designed to give.

They are happiest when they do! Loving, giving, sharing, laughing together with friends and family – nothing could be better than that! 😀

PS: And from me and Cdin – teach children how to be infinitely kind to ALL animals. Animals DO feel. Even older lobsters lead younger lobsters around by the claw to guide them. Even lobsters have feelings. 😀

So much here – so sorry for overdoing! But had to share because I think Grandma has some good thinking, i think 😀

Much love!


Surya the Orangutan & Hound Dog

Surya the Little Orangutan and Roscoe the Hound Dog
are best friends.

These two love each other as much as any two can.
Surya adopted Roscoe straight from the forest…

A remarkable story – what’s particularly endearing is how Surya ALWAYS shares half of her food with Roscoe. Evidently, organgutans are just like that… particularly loving.

In this video, Surya is such an amazing… child. She romps, rolls, fall backwards with such style and delight.

No doubt – the two love each other with full hearts.

Who’s the psychologist who keeps saying animals have no feelings?

Helloooo…. knock knock…

: )

These two love each other as much as any two kids can. I can’t believe it’s okay to experiment on dogs, monkeys… any animal, really.

Thank you, National Geographic and the family that took Roscoe in. He looks so healthy and happy. What an amazing family. 😀

[ Surya the Orangutang – Roscoe the Hound Dog – A National Geographic Special ]


Amazing Basketball Story

Thanks to @Joelcomm at Twitter for link to:

Jason’s One and Only Game – Unforgettable.
A truly wonderful story about Jason McElWain, a ‘high autistic’ boy
who plays his last and only basketball game to a roaring crowd

My smile almost broke my face while I watched this. He simply caused my heart to soar and tears to form. The support and love of his fellow teammates along with that of the crowd is truly inspirational.

It’s as if THIS is the way it should always be at school. Kids supporting each other accepting one another just as they are. THANKS to Jason, his team, the crowd and the folks who posted this.

: )


HOW TO Free Trade

Let’s Free Trade
Nice, easy video instructions on how to get the good goods

Some very nice Free Trade Lists and Links

Member Directory of Fair Trade Companies 

Downloadable PDF

Great List – Official Certifier

Another Great Link – World Fair Trade Org

Over 130 artisan groups, over 38 countries 

: )


Michael Jackson INNOCENT

Link to Compelling PROOF Michael Jackson Framed
GQ Magazine Article

By Mary A. Fischer

Mary A. Fischer is a highly respected, award winning journalist who was a senior writer for GQ Magazine as well as a feature reporter and writer for O – Oprah Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, New York Magazine, Washington Times Opinion page, Rolling Stone, Life, People, U.S. New & World Report, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Daily Journal (Staff Reporter), Village Voice, ELLE, Reader’s Digest, San Francisco Magazine, California Lawyer.

UPDATE 1:23 PM 7/8/2009: Also Update Video Added Below: “A brief glimpse into several key facts behind the 1993 Chandler family allegations, most of which have gone widely unreported and remain largely unknown to the general public. This five minute production clears up some widely-speculated myths (using transcripts, articles and video clips) and illustrates why Michael Jackson was just as innocent in 1993 as he was some ten years later.”

Thanks to

Re: Mary Fisher’s GQ Magazine Article
Was Michael Jackson Framed?

This article is a comprehensive exploration into the validity of the charges and claims made by Jordan Chandler’s father, Evan Chandler against Michael Jackson for the alleged abuse of his son. This sorry and sordid tale evolves into an expose; facts are revealed in heavily researched detail by Ms. Fisher.

You will be able to decide for yourself whether to believe or disbelieve…

In the end, if Michael Jackson WAS false accused and settled only on the advice of lawyers to push this under the rug to avoid a false and ruinous conviction, then it is a story of terrible injustice and grave unfairness.

It is interesting to note that a video reports that Michael Jackson’s insurance company settled for 25 million dollars with the Chandlers, against Michael’s and his attorneys’ insistent pleas and requests to go forward and defend against this purported extortive attempt.

In 2006, the news reported that Jordan Chandler (known as Jordy Chandler) had filed a restraining order against his father for physical brutality and abuse.

If this is true, it may have indicated a very pained, and possibly guilt ridden dynamic between the two. But this is just speculation. It is also possible that Mr. Chandler and son spoke the truth. But, the article by Mary Fisher is very telling. The video below brings up more information.

Unfortunately, the information contained in this article wasn’t able to come out before the lawsuit was settled, so that Michael Jackson could have dealt with this matter in a more open environment.


If the allegations were all false, then there are two victims; Michael Jackson, AND Jordan Chandler, a 14 year old child whose false testimony was sold for 20 million dollars or more.

It can be said, that after the settlement was paid, that Michael should have learned that he couldn’t entertain children unmonitored at his ranch.

Nevertheless, at his Neverland Ranch, it is most likely that his deep love for children, matched by an deep longing for truthworthy and innocent companionship and for a childhood lost, that he overcame his better judgement, and, once again, took children in to recreate a world he had never known as a boy.

This is an extremely tragic tale. There are lessons for all, but one stands out… Life isn’t fair.

Sometimes, the most innocent are the ones who perish the most quickly. And, we may soon come to realize, that, among these innocent are those who entertain us, enrich our lives to an immeasurable degree, and give tremendous light, meaning and love to our lives.

It is only when we lose them, that we recognize the power of their presence, and that we loved them dearly and will miss them for the remaining full breadth of our lives.

STUNNING New Neverland Pics

Link to High Resolution Images of
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

UPDATED: Neverland Images
Click here to see "Proof –
Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids
Michael Jackson CRASHES Internet
Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Michael Jackson Brings Down Internet


Colby’s Last Dying Wish

Little 7 year old Colby had one last dying wish –
to see the movie “Up” by Pixar…

Colby suffers from terminal vascular cancer. She was unable to go to a theater, so a family friend contacted someone at Pixar to see if they could help. The very next day, Pixar flew in an employee with a bag of “Up” memorabilia and a DVD version of the film. Together he and Colby’s family all watched the movie. The movie features a large plume of balloons released to the sky… Colby died 7 hours later, her last wish fulfilled.

Full Story Here:…pixar…home-show
“Up” trailer:

Quote from a teacher:
“It is not often that as a teacher I get to bond so closely with a student. I was fortunate to do so with Colby- I was able to spend extra time with her during PE and recess, and I am the better for it- she taught me more than I could have wished to teach her. She was so determined, fair and kind to all.”

Colby’s Last Request:
“Lisa, Colby’s mother, has asked that in lieu of flowers, to please make a donation to Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), or to your local animal shelter “in honor of Colby Curtin”.

Colby would have wanted donations made to help other sick children and/or any of the animals currently in shelters.


Bill Gates Speaks at Harvard

Bill Gates Commencement Address at Harvard
Bill Gates Receives His Degree at Harvard
and Delivers a Speech to the Graduating Class.

He asks them and Harvard University, “Should our best minds be dedicated to taking on the world’s inequities? Should Harvard students know about the depth of global poverty, disease, inequalities? Harvard will answer with their policies.”

Quote from Bill Gates’ mother to his then fiancee, Melinda Gates on the day before the wedding: “To those who much is given, much is expected.”

He encourages the students to take on the world’s inequities. “You are coming of age, awareness of global inequities… and you will have an informed conscience that will torment you if you abandon these people whose lives you could change with modest effort… Start sooner, carry on longer.

I hope you will judge yourselves, not only on your professional accomplishments alone… but also how well you have addressed the world’s deepest inequities, on how well you treated people a world away who have nothing in common with you, but their humanity.”

2nd Video

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


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