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Today, it is Saturday, December 4, 2021, 12:07 pm. in Southern California.
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Happy Holidays! Cute Video – Cold Dog Covers Up : )

This doggie has the cutest way of covering up and cuddling with his blanket for the night. Abolutely ADORABLE video! : )


Evil Look Baby

Too adorable for words


Little Red Panda Plays With a Pumpkin

VIDEO: Adorable little red panda cub plays with a pumpkin in the snow.


THE MOST ADORABLE WAY To Come Down the Stairs

The Original Slinky Cat Video
This is Tsuki the Cat. He definitely has the most individual way of coming down the stairs. Absolutely adorable. 😀


Cuter Than Cute – Baby Mini Horse On the Run : )

Run little baby horse – ruuuuun! : )
A frisky little miniature foal runs wildly and freely through a mini Minnesota horseshow


Cat That Barks! Then Meows When Caught : )

Absolutely delightful. This hilarious and amazing cat can bark just like a dog. It’s uncanny. Then, when he sees he is caught barking, he changed his barking to meowing! It’s okay to bark! : )



Maru the Kitty has his third birthday. He has such an amazing personality. What a joy to live with he must be. His owners are loving and playful. Happy Birthday, Maru!


Poor Little Fella – Someone is Very Guilty

Poor sweet fella, just can’t hide the fact that he’s guilty. His expressions, his downcast eyes, his poor little grimaces of guilt… Don’t you just want to give him big hugs and kisses of forgiveness? The music is adorably sad…




This video was taken by the wildlife photographer David Neils. David said the moments watching the gamboling calf were filled with elation and awe for him. He describes the yearling calf as displaying dominance, but one might rather believe that the little one is indeed “frolicking in the forest puddle” as one of David’s commenters expressed. The young of most all animals love to play… their hearts soar in the Spring with Mother near and they can hardly control their exuberance, zest, curiosity and wonder for life.

Original: Elk Yearling Displaying Dominance from David Neils on Vimeo.


Adorable Baby and Dog Joyful Play


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Adorable Baby and Dog Share Special Playful, Joyous Bond

More Super Cute Pet Videos at Dr. Mercola’s:


InCREDIBLY Cute Doggy Whistle

This little puppy hardly has his eyes open and yet he can copy a “whistle” and make the doggonest cutest sounds ever. : )



A delightful and creative cartoon animation featuring a pesky pigeon, a trim spy, a tall monument, a chocolate donut and a most amazing briefcase. Title: “Pigeon Impossible” Great sound effects, graphics.