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QUICK HAITI Links, Resources, Donations

UPDATE: accepts Paypal, Google Checkout and Amazon on behalf of the Haiti children. This makes donating much easier for you. : ) has an extremely high rating with Charity Navigator. 92% goes directly to the children, only 8% for administration. Most of the other charities have higher administration and salary percentage costs.



INTERNATIONAL Person Finder – Haiti Earthquake – The following box provides search and notification links for people looking for and trying to find people in the Haiti Earthquake regions. Below the box are direct links to the most highly recommended legitimate charity links.

For US Citizens – Finding People and Notifying Status

State Dept. Email Haiti-Earthquake@State.Gov 
U.S. or Canada, 888-407-4747. 
Outside U.S. and Canada, 202-501-4444. 
US Embassy’s Consular Task Force 509-2229-8942, 509-2229-8089, 509-2229-8322, or 509-2229-8672.



  1. Text "HAITI" to "90999" $10 donated to Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to cell bill.
  2. Text "HAITI" to 20222 $10 donated to Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Relief Fund, charged to cell bill.
  3. Canadians: Text "HAITI" to 20222 $5 donated through Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative –  100% directed to Haiti relief

Top Rated Best Use of Donations – Checked through Charity Navigator & Other Monitoring Services

  1. American Red Cross International Response Fund
  3. The International Rescue Group
  4. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  5. Mercy Corps Haiti Earthquake Fund
  6. Partners in Health
  7. UN World Food Programme
  8. InterAction


  1. Message Board For Family, Friends Of Missing Persons In Haiti
  2. Action Against Hunger
  3. CARE
  4. Beyond Borders
  5. International Medical Corps
  6. Oxfam International
  7. Samaritan’s Purse International Relief

Best way to help is with donations. Clothes and other items are extremely expensive and difficult to sort and ship over.


Virtual vs Real World

“Onlinism” and the Real vs. Virtual World
Social Networking and the Demise of Society
As We Once May Have Known It.

Onlinism and “social networking” has become the standard, “de facto” ways of life for this western generation. Do we really know anything else?

Once you start playing the Sims, who needs real life?

Or if you play role-playing games, who wants to return to the mundane, uninteresting, “Real 3D” world?

The virtual world seduces in a huge way.

Do you think you can, will leave it, and go interract with real people instead?


There is a ever increasing group of talented “young people” and “not so young people” who spend most of their free time online. Additionally, they are turning to the Web for means of income.

This is a fairly new phenomenon, but probably one that’s here to stay, at least while everyone has electricity and the grid keeps performing.

What does this mean for our society?

Well, what it probably means is that society will change and adapt, as it always has. Of course let us not forget that societies do fade and disappear…

Nevertheless, right or wrong, good or bad, old habits die and new habits are born.

It looks like the future generations may decide to live without much, or even any, actual human physical contact. Perhaps they will find comfort in having pets. And order pizza online.

Of course, in order to procreate, they may have to marry an “actual person.” Will they? Does one want to have little ones scurrying about touching the sanctitious reverential electronic equipment?

If people do decide to marry, will they then tire of the Internet and join the physical world rather than live in their “virtual” one? Will their children be onliners or choose the real world, opposite of their parents?


People do crave human contact. But more and more we seem to grow more distant from one another when we are in public places. Even parties.

We avoid looking at each other, we avoid physcial contact, we idly say polite phrases to one another signifying nothing, and we seldom if ever actually engage in meaningful conversation.

Do you know your next door neighbors? Do you interact on a daily basis?

How often do you see your family members? Are you all spread over the country or world, hardly recalling what one another looks like?

What about your children or parents? Do you sit down together, talk together, take walk together and really connect with one another?

If you do, you are an ever decreasing minority.

The world changes… we adapt.

Could it be that one day, we could have our “robots,” and that actual human to human interaction becomes a novelty rather than the standard?

“Wow! A real live person! How interesting! What will I say, what will I do?”

Science fiction has delved into this subject quite often and predicts bigger index fingers, bluish, greyish countenances and permanent couch potato flaccid bellies and rears.

But other writers say that we will tire of our online communities and reenter the “actual 3D” world.

But the online world of friendship, communication, game and role playing is mesmerizingly addictive.

Furthermore, it is BETTER than the real world. It is more romantic, more beautiful, more controllable, more imaginative, fancier, darker, lighter, more idealistic than the real world.

Those immersed in said worlds may never have the will to leave them.

Pull the plug and they will be lost. But, consider this… the human is most related to the cockroach, rat and pig. We are highly adaptable.

So, perhaps we have nothing to worry about! : )


Be-a-Ware – Big Bad Monsanto

So now Monsanto’s patenting pigs, cows, horses, sheep and all girls named Tiffany.

Sure they’re big and bad! But who cares? I can make money buying their stock! Then, i can find yummy good tasting organic type foods that are good for me with all my big bucks from my big investments!

I will also try to date, then marry Mr. Monsanto, Jr. He’s probably cute, lots of money, great party life, powerful father-mother in law so every where i go people will bow down in submission and smile to my face.

No one will dare disagree with me.

If I pout, people will try to comfort me. If I scream in derision, people will cower. If I want something, people will skip, hop, jump to get me what i want. Haha! What a show for me! yukyukyuk

Oh isn’t that SOOOO great?

Can YOU imagine???

I will be able to travel the world in total LUXURY. QE2 here I come.

Italian Villas with self contained palazzos, French Riviera Villas with hoity toity celeb neighbors, Swiss Alpian mountain retreats with self contained anti-aging spas, and EVEN…


a guaranteed spot in the huge underground cavernous GIANT HIDEWAYS in ANTARCTICA or MISSOURI for only the very rich, very successful oober folks just like ME!!!!

Okay plebes, stand back and make way… your richness Highness is comin’ thru!


About Monsanto:

They are just a great company trying to own all the world’s commodities, seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, plants, trees, fibers, lab animals, etc. and hold all the patents so they can MAKE A PROFIT FOR HEAVEN SAKES.


CAN”T A faricking company try to make a few bucks for it’s stockholders once in a while? CHEESH!!!

You think it was trying to rule the world or something!!!


GO watch your TV, eat your TV dinner or drop by El Doritos for a GMO taco and hush up.

I don’t have time to hear your drivelling complaints about world domination and the new world disorder.


Furthermore, the new episodes of Sex on the Settee and Housewives of the Poor and Deranged are on tonight. And my poodles are due for Energy Water Oxygenated Bubble Treatments.

Be gone! You are Dismissed!





This might make you cry… It’s fantastically wonderful!Below:
Another Beautiful Video from Elephant Sanctuary

“Best friends at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.
With no human encouragement, Tarra adopted this
stray dog on her own several years ago, and the two
are now inseparable.”

Note: The doctor said that Bella’s spinal injury was probably caused by Bella jumping and leaping while running in the forest.

Youtube Version


Did You Know?

Technology at the speed of light…
Information overload?