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Men Save Desperate, Young, Grateful Whale

A Wonderful and Beautiful Story Ending

An extraordinary and beautiful, touching story to watch. This young whale is caught in an impossible tangle of nets. Her fins are pins to her side and her breathing is terribly difficult and labored. She is dying a prolonged and terrifying death. A small boat finds her, and the men work desperately against the clock try and save her.

The men radio for help, but none is forthcoming. They take matters into their own hands. Time is running out. The young whale grows more increasingly desperate, frightened and exhausted. But, he contains herself with extraordinary patience as the men work feverishly to cut the nets with one, small knife. It is difficult and laborious work.

At last! The whale is free. He cannot contain herself. He jumps and leaps for joy for over an hour before the small boat that saves him. Her ecstasy is boundless. It seems he is showing them his incredible happiness, relief, gratitude.

The men finally must say good bye. They are deeply moved and touched. This story will stay with them for the rest of their lives. They are forever changed.

The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC) is a joint program of two premier projects of the Earth Island Institute: the International Marine Mammal Project and the Campaign to Safeguard America’s Waters.


Astounding Eagle Pics

These Bald Eagles are truly magnificent… breathtaking! It has been commonly reported that these pictures originated from Vancouver, British Columbia. Actually, these incredible pictures were taken on the Homer Spit in Homer, Alaska, where the eagles were regularly fed by Jean Keene, known as the Eagle Lady.

Some Eagles cluster around pieces of fish…

Waiting their turns. Notice how strong and silent they look…

About Jean Keene and These Magnificent Eagles
During the Winter months and early Spring, approximately 200 to 400 eagles would show up in Homer along the coast, along with a number of crows and gulls. Jean Keene would feed them almost 500 pounds of fish or other sources of meat that she collected from a nearby fishery and other sources. She would also purchase surplus or freezer burned fish using her own Social Security and retirement benefits.

Visitors would come regularly to view Keene feeding the birds, but they were required to remain in their vehicles for the safety of the eagles and themselves.

Jean died several years ago. Upon her death, a new ordinance was enacted prohibiting the feeding of the eagles, so that they would be independent on their own without supplemental feedings.


Update Information: Thanks to Karen at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation and Wikipedia for contributing to the updated information. It has been wrongly reported on the Web that these Eagle images were taken in Vancouver, British Columbia, Comer, and more recently, Minnesota.