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Hilarious! but sad…

Michael Moore is a CHARACTER

How does this feller get away with what he does?

Well it’s rather nice that he does – for it could mean that there’s still hope for the rest/best of us. He certainly sees the irony and twistiness of it all, and inserts humor into humorless places and humorless faces.

Whether you agree or disagree, it seems a major portion of individuals have been took by hook and crook.

The title of Michael Moore’s new movie is, “Capitalism, A Love Story.”

The story of how love and addiction of money and power has brought ruinous devastation to millions across America – the little folks who dared to believe and trust that their savings would be properly cared for by the powers that be.

Now if you happen to be one of the Smart and Sassy rich who have prospered during this “interesting” time, you probably have few or no complaints.

So, it depends what side you’re on.

Unfortunately, no matter the side you WANT to be on… only those who “fit” the fit, look the look, talk the walk and meet the “bloodlines” regulations will be able to join the rich group. And, you will most likely have to leave your conscience at the door.