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Child Slavery

We don’t want to think about it, but there are 27 million reasons TO think about it…
The power of you and me and all
of us can work miracles.
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Interesting Facts: 2% of people said they were pleased about child sex slavery. 11% were irritated with it, 73% were outraged, 3% indifferent, 3% neutral.

So, if you don’t care, you’re not alone.

Perhaps some individuals won’t care unless it happens to them.

Or, maybe not…

Here’s a question. For those who don’t care or are pleased – what happened to you in your life that you wouldn’t have any compassion or empathy?

Were you spoiled or overindulged?
Were you treated as better than everyone else?
Did you have a great, happy, wonderful childhood with lots of love, guidance and teaching?
Were you abused?
Were you raised to believe you were stupid?
Were you bullied?
Did you bully?
Do you think you never had a conscience, as far back as you can remember?
Were you mistreated, and became embittered?
Were you raised to believe you were special, better?
Do you think you are a sociopath – someone who has no guilt or remorse?
Do you only care about yourself?
Have you ever loved anyone else more than yourself?
If you did, and they were abused or hurt, did you care?
If you don’t care, do you think you would ever change?
Do you think you are right for not caring, or being pleased with child abuse?
Do you think you were born without a conscience?
Are you strictly for your own self and your own pleasures?


If we ALL didn’t care, would that be fine for you? In which case, if you were victimized, you would be pleased, or at least you wouldn’t care.  Right?

I think we all should care. It’s totally wrong to hurt others, exploit, hurt children.

And, if you just don’t know why or don’t care, then be brave and admit it to everyone around you.

Okay I will comment on this myself. Now, who wants to see these things? Not me! It is not pretty or fun to watch.

In fact, my life is so busy that how could I be expected to really do anything about this? Donate? Spread the word? yah… i could do that…

not that i REALLY want to. I’d much rather be off doing major fun things and thinking selfish thoughts of glee and excess.

Point of this: If more people understood that their bachelor party, or the places they go to find “sex” could be stocked with victims of horrific enslavement and brutality, they might reconsider what they are doing.

As a man (or woman) – do you think YOU or a FRIEND of yours might have (inadvertently of course) engaged in acts with a victim of the aforementioned ??

If so, do you have regrets? Will you try to help your friends, associates see the error of their previous ways?

I think a society that allows any preying on it’s children and the innocent is doomed.

I often think that I would like to walk away from all this dismal child and animal protection kind of stuff.

After all, I’m not very special in any way, no better or worse than anyone else, and don’t really do much good one way or another.

And then, I also think that me and my friends will just get a nice little mountain place at a family retreat and live a comfy life with home grown food, peace and safety. We’ll raise animals, grow our own food, jump into the lake, hang out at the nearby luxury tourist town.

We’ll watch Satellite and cable, play Sims, Halo 2, Halflife, all day. Trip the Light Fantastic.

We’ll sell on Ebay and Craigslist and do lots of Internet marketing of this and that.


then that makes me feel bored, or incomplete…

Because if I was just having tons of my own comfy fun doing just for me, then I wouldn’t be happy.

I guess that’s my problem, that other peoples’ problems are a concern.

Who knows?

One day, maybe soon, I’ll just walk away and give up.

Think of this though… you’re really old, maybe 92 or 110.

You look back at your life, and it’s been great. You’ve lived in Vicabamba, or some idyllic Japanese village eating yummy food and getting lots of mountain exercise.

Out there in the world, people have been suffering, but not you.

Then, you lie in bed, sick, ready to die.

Good bye, you’re gone… at that last moment… would you be glad that you ignored helping others, avoided doing good for others in desperate need? Just happy that at least, your life was okay?

Me? I wouldn’t be so happy knowing that I had walked away from helping others. I don’t think.

But, I’ve never lived in an idyllic mountain village, except Aspen for a summer and it was cool. Good food, good skiing, good family fun… but I thought at the time, when I grew up, that there would be more to life.

Oh – and the happiest I’ve ever been is when, for example – as a kid – I cooked this gourmet meal as a surprise for my aunt and uncle and 2 cousins.

I didn’t know how to cook, but i had this gourmet cookbook that i tried to follow – made squab, liver pate, (those days ate meat), other fancy stuff, and used EVERY POT AND PAN in the house – horrible horrible mess that was hilarious.

THe happy part:

Seeing my aunt and uncle and cousins so happy and full of laughter. Unforgettable.

It wasn’t my happiness that made me happy – it was theirs.


When my Dad woke me at 4am, and eventually reluctantly grumpily went birdwatching with him before dawn….

I will not ever forget this happiest day in my whole childhood.

With binocs, the birds started to rustle, awake and shake, sing.

The sun came up through the dew that sparkled like diamonds.

We were quiet, and the world was magical.

My happiness was seeing the promise of the birds, the promise of the day, the beauty of the moment, my Dad’s kindness and devotion, willingness to do this just for his tiny daughter of 5.

He gave me an unforgettable moment.

And I really really wish that every child on earth could have these moments.

I guess that’s why i spend all this time writing, caring. Dunno!



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