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Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and more as children than as men and women: it needs your innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontaminated lives. You need also to watch, and pray that you preserve these virtues unstained, and lose them not through contact with the world. What grander ambition is there than to maintain in yourselves what Jesus loved, and to know that your example, more than words, makes morals for mankind!


It is when we are children that perhaps, our vision is most clear. I hope we never lose sight of that… and that we treasure the children as we treasure ourselves.

Children are Our Future. We are Their Present and Their Past.
How we love, cherish, nurture, nourish, guide, teach, protect
and honor them will determine the rest of all of our lives.

A society that cannot be good to its young, will fail.

If you wish to have children, look to yourself for the following:

Infinite Patience (for the child will try your temper incessantly)
Infinite Kindness (for it will be too easy to be hateful and mean)
Infinite Politeness and Consideration (for the child to learn the same)
Infinite Love (so the child never doubts your full heart and devotion)
Infinite Ability to Sustain and Support (for the child will fail repeatedly)
Infinite Wisdom (gained through the belief in a higher, loving power)
Infinite Humility (we are here but for the grace of God and none of us
is perfect)

When your child is a babe, let your No mean No. Quietly, patiently,
assuredly, GENTLY, inevitably, no.

If your child touches a light socket, take her hand away 1000 times
that very day if need be.

In short time, your little one will accept your No to be fully sincere
and immutable. And, subject to change only if it’s by your kind will,
not the child’s will.

And, if you are wrong, apologize. It is all right to be wrong and have
to change your mind. Do not relent because of fear or doubt. Relent
because of wisdom and understanding.

Be careful with your Noes. Let them be sparing, firm but gentle, and
reasoned. Let not one No be given in anger.

Use many yesses. Yes, you may touch something else. You we will go
for a walk. Yes, we will read a story. Yes, I love you with all my heart.
Yes, you must always be kind and considerate.

Yes, we all make mistakes. Yes, we can stop bad behavior. Yes, we
all have negative thoughts. Yes, we can contain those thoughts.
Yes, it’s okay to be angry. Yes, we can control our anger. Yes, the
world is before you, you are captain of your ship, yes, you are the
child that has warmed my heart, nurtured my soul, given me love
and light beyond all description.

Yes… you have the capacity to do anything wondrous and good
you desire. Yes, I accept your failures, and we will work together
to overcome those failures, and thus find, success together.

Yes, you are leaving… and making your own way in the world.
And yes… I will always be with you – if not in body, in spirit,
my beautiful, beautiful child.

All children are beautiful. Every last one of them. To be a child
is to be beautiful, by definition.

And that is what having children, is all about…

Previous Article:

Bleeding Heart Liberals and Child Criminals

Someone mentioned that bleeding heart liberals advocate wrist slapping and a tap on the tush for child murderers, rapists, robbers, and that children cannot be criminals on account of their age.

Well, here’s our friend’s take on the subject which may not quite concur with this supposed bheart lib position:

“Oh yes, Children can be criminals…

What Child Criminals May Need
Unfortunately, what these children need, which is a re-upbringing with totally different parents and environment, just isn’t possible.

These are lost kids who choose to follow their baser nature, associate with the wrong crowd, and commit crimes against any better judgments they might have.

They have no direction, probably little hope, and have become instinct-driven, desperate, neglected rabbit children running aimlessly in dirty warrens of their own making.

Their parents may have given up, may be too busy, too overwhelmed, too self-centered, too emotionally distressed, too disabled, involved with drugs and bad behaviors, depressed, confused, robotic, self absorbed, ignorant, undisciplined themselves, etc.

And have no idea how to properly raise children. Schools? The bureaucracy is mindboggling. Bureaucratic Salaries, benefits and retirement seem the main objectives.

Whatever… the kids are here, and have to be dealt with.

It seems the grownups can hardly take care of themselves, much less a large number of up and coming hooligans. So dealing with the kids may be beyond the scope of society.

What will happen? Society will decline.

1. License parents to have kids
2. Teach children from infancy about morals, integrity, honesty, decency.
3. Teach children from the start about saying No to their own base desires.
4. Teach children how to raise children, treat children, the responsibilities
5. Insure parents have jobs
6. Dump bureaucratic waste. Tons of money to bureaucrats and their trips/buffets.
7. Dump foster parenthood – instead, create private schools:

Private Schools
1. Clean, comfortable dormitories / rooms with complete, careful supervision
2. Lots of fun activities, full day of classes, sports, exercise.
3. The best, most natural organic food, well prepared and delicious
4. Psychological treatment as many kids are emotionally damaged
5. Separate housing for children who behave agressively
6. Absolute Prohibition of Bullying. None. Zilch. Zero.
7. Complete oversight with lots of pets, learning to raise them, love them.
8. Growing their own gardens, eating their own produce
9. Television with full Discussions afterwards so that children learn
all about the realities of the “entertainment” industry
10. Complete teaching about charity, sharing, honoring, respecting others
11. Firm but loving limits.
12. Every waking moment constant oversight
13. Learning how to become self-sufficient
14. Learning how to work, get along with others, talk to a boss
15. Learning how to deal with stress
16. Learning how to control anger by letting it “wash” over

And, much much more.

The other solution is to simply lock away the kids forever. Which, is cheaper,
easier, more cost efficient.

Do the kids deserve this punishment? Sure… they’ve become uncontrollable

Sadly, most will not receive the help/treatment opportunities they need.

It’s up to us, people over 18… so… what will we do?”


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