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Cooked Food is Dead Food


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So What’s the Problem with “Dead Food?”
Dead food is devoid of natural enzymes and other living factors that boost bioavailability of nutrients and enhance nutrition. Living foods are known by every past culture to even have medicinal qualities. As Hippocrates, the most famous physician of all known times said, “Let food be your medicine, and let your medicine be food.”

Cooked Food is Dead Food - Living Food Can Be Absolutely Delicious Food : )Animals and Dead Food
Animals that have been fed strictly “dead” foods are much more likely to come down with illness and disease at an earlier age than animals fed a natural, raw food diet. Cats fed raw meat recovered from illness while others with similar illness did not fare so well when fed cooked, or dead food.

Over 35?
Most healthy people can eat cooked foods with little problem. But, after the age of 35, raw foods can really be a boon to help stay younger and healthier longer, especially is they adhere to the “less is best” philosophy.

Nevertheless, those younger than 35, eating raw foods can reap tremendous rewards and benefits to their future health and constitution. However, it’s very hard to resist all the processed and fast foods that tempt with addictive and tasty spices and additives.

If you can increase your consumption of “living foods,” you will be doing yourself a big favor. And, if you can eat salads, you CAN eat raw or living foods.

Hints, Tips and Tricks
Here are some hints, tips and tricks to aid in successfully integrating Living Foods into the diet. This will help you ease through the transition more comfortably.

1. Chew thoroughly. This will help aid in the digestion of all those nice plant fibers and help prevent indigestion.

2. Juice or Blend. This way, you get to drink something absolutely delicious while getting a nice selection of raw goodies without all that chewing.

There’s a natural tendency for many people to chew quickly and eat on the go. With cooked foods, this is more easily accomplished.

However with raw foods, this does not work the same. It is not necessarily good for your digestion to swallow raw foods whole or partially chewed. Therefore, juicing or blending, especially in the beginning, can really help chew for you in the beginning. Children especially love blended raw juicy smoothies, shakes drinks.

3. Buy Organic and Local. Organic fruits, vegetables and grains are used by the finest gourmet restaurants in the world. Why? Because they taste absolutely delicious when compared with their factory farmed counterparts.

So why shouldn’t you reap the rewards of the superior taste and nutrition of organic? The richest people on Earth eat it. And so should you. The better it tastes, the more you’ll eat. Raw, that is. : )

Another factor to consider regarding “organic” is that today’s ordinary factory farmed grocery fruits and vegetables may be beautiful to look at, but devoid of the magnificent flavors and nutrition inherent in their heirloom predecessors of long ago.

Naturally farmed fruits and vegetables using natural compost and healthy manure from hormone free and organically fed animals is MUCH more likely to contain valuable and vital nutrition in higher quantities.

4. If Necessary, Start Gradually. A nice, gradual start and introduction to Living Foods will help you acclimate to the new flavors and consistency of living foods. Feel free to mix living and “dead” foods so that you become acclimated to “raw” over a period of time.

If you are adventurous, you can start with raw juice fasting. However, this normally seems to work best when one is driven by other motivations such as poor health or sports competition. It takes considerable will power and knowledge to adhere to juice fasting.

5. Don’t Give Up! As you eat more and more living, raw foods, your mood and health will change for the better. It will become easier and easier. And soon, you’ll be craving delicious salads and raw goodies because they taste fantastic, look beautiful and become increasinly delicious to your fresh, clean tastebuds. And, your body will love you for it.

Did you know that spinach, collard greens, English peas, green beans, lentils, beans, seeds and nuts, grain germs and a few other vegetables contain all 8 of the necessary amino acids (protein) that the human body needs?

A wisely planned vegetarian diet can provide all the necessary nutrients to sustain a beautiful and healthy life.

Some say that vegetarians can suffer from Vitamin B12 deficiencies. If this is your case, you can take a sublingual form of B12 to supplement your diet.

However, this does not occur in all cases. Many vegetarians have perfectly adequate amounts of B12.

Organic vegetables may contain the beneficial bacteria that help provide B12 in the gut. Some vegetarians will eat eggs or raw dairy products to supplement.

Consider the Manatee
An interesting animal is the manatee. These very large and lovable sea mammals can live very healthily and successfully on specially grown romaine lettuce, (no chemicals or preservatives allowed!) cabbage, greenleaf, iceberg lettuce and spinach. For treats, they get occasional grapes, apples, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Who doesn’t like sweet? : )

In the wild, they strictly live on ocean greenery.

They grow to be quite massive and derive all their protein, vitamins and minerals from their vegetarian diet. Living plants are chock full of the highest quality vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and valuable enzymes.

Be like a Manatee… Beautiful, Happy, Well Nourished, Healthy, Loving and Strong with Living Foods. : )




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