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Craigslist Prostitution


By any other name…

** Warning: Risque Alert ***

The following post may contain disturbing thoughts and sexual connotations.


We took a little look at about 12 – 20 ads in our local area.

The first thing we noticed was the great creativity in the noticeably imaginative headlines. Each was an artwork unto itself with lots of symbology and fancy flourishing.

The second thing we noticed were somewhat homegrown pornographic photos of young women in seductive and/or revealing poses offering “pleasurable” services.

Were they offering these services and “experiences” for free?

We quickly surmised, Absolutely Not. Why would all these ladies (some seemingly disturbingly young) wish to promote themselves so zealously for pleasure’s sake alone?


By any other name, Craigslist is a pimptious and whoremongering organization.

That said, we here are not so sure that prostitution is such an evil as it’s made out to be…

Now we can probably presume prostitution will most likely continue to exist no matter what. We can further surmise that criminalizing it has little effect other than to force it underground, contributing to the dark societal underbelly.


Possibly the legalization of prostitution, not necessarily morally, but rather, legally.

To become a prostitute legally, firstly, one should be provided completely free services at all times for psychological, psychiatric, counseling and medical services before obtaining their license.

Furthermore, especially if they have been a victim of abuse, they should have the opportunity to examine the reasons and needs behind their desire to seek prostitution as a livelihood.

They should be given a completely safe and monitored environment to provide them a comfortable location to conduct their business, for both them and their clients.

They should be provided educational opportunities as all people should be… however, when one is willing to prostitute their body, it’s likely indicative of greater need for ancillary support services than others not so inclined. Just an observation…

A good government would try it’s best to greatly assist those seeking this personally and bodily, very costly profession.


Craigslist promotes prostitution overtly and subvertly.

There are “no two ways” about it. Call a spade a spade, a rose by any other name, a rose.

The question is, will the law will consider their erotic section, legal or illegal?

Perhaps they will be able to continue as:

“Craigslist, Legal Purveyor of Prostitution and Erotic Services Around the Globe.”

If so, for “johns,” this would be… acceptable. And for the ladies of the night (and day), perhaps a sense of relief.

Or, considering loss of family, health, wealth and subliminal self recriminations, perhaps not.

At any rate, we will see what our governmental officials will say and do about all of this.


We reserve the right to NOT judge anyone except whom we choose. We choose to NOT judge any individuals, callgirls, callboys, prostitutes, whores, erotic purveyors, posters, johns, clients, customers. We DO choose to judge Craigslist as guilty of pimptious behavior… promoting prostitution and receiving monies, donated or not.

And about Free speech…

When free speech overtly leads to criminal activity, it needs careful review by a jury of our peers.

As for the term, whoring:

If a woman remains married to a man and has sex with said man strictly to receive money, a place to live, food to eat, is that whoring?

Is the provision of one’s body for sex and any compensation at all, whoring?


A whore by any other name is just a woman, a girl, a lady, a man, a boy, a person, a human being. And, as precious and beloved as any one of us could ever be.

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