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Farmers Market Legal News


Regarding No More Backyard Farming, Home Gardening,
Farmers Markets, Fruit or Vegetable Stands
Information Provided as a Courtesy


Update 6:32 PM 3/9/2009 – Chart of Representatives Below

Please read the bills yourself and draw your own conclusions. We have not read the bills in their entirety, so we cannot accurately comment as to the veracity of those who are either for or against these bills.

However, if there is any terminology the impedes free market growing and raising of natural organic produce in home back yards or small farms, please let us know.

We have provided links below to the full text of the bills as they currently stand. These links are for your convenience.

The information below has been collected by friends and colleagues. If you have anything to contribute or advise us on, please email us at  Thank you!

The following bills propose increased regulation on all farming, growing and producing of foodstuffs to the degree that many, if not all small farmers and growers will be unable to afford and/or meet said guidelines.

This would essentially allow for large agra-businesses to take over full production and eliminate small local growers.

This could potentially also affect "backyard" growers and gardeners as well.

Please draw your own conclusions. We look forward to hearing from you with your input.


Links to the Actual Bills with Complete Text

HR 875

S 435


Update: 5:46 PM 3/9/2009
Information Provided by
the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

WHAT: Congressional Hearing on NAIS
WHEN: Wednesday, March 11
WHERE: Washington, DC

The U.S. House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry will hold a hearing on NAIS on March 11. Bills to put NAIS into law, HR875 and companion Senate S814, are being pushed through Congress, as well as an Appropriations Bill with funding for NAIS. This hearing is critical to blocking mandatory NAIS.

ACTION: Please call and fax all members of the subcommittee (below). 1. When you call, ask to speak to the legislative aide for agriculture. Form a positive relationship with the aide. Become his or her source of knowledge for NAIS. Be RESPECTFUL and POLITE. Remember, who would the aide rather speak with, someone who is courteous or someone angry and resentful?

2. Please send this to everyone you know, ESPECIALLY to people in the states with members on the subcommittee. Members need to hear from their constituents–the people who vote them into office.

If you are in one of these states, please arrange a meeting with the district representative of the Congressman. That makes a big difference. We need to be real people to the legislators, so that when they think "farm" or "food" they think of us, not Monsanto, Cargill, Tyson, etc…

If your state is not listed below, click HERE to easily find your representatives:

State Party/
Representative Phone Fax Website email form
AL R-13 Mike Rogers 202.225.3261 202.226.8485 Go to Form
CA D-18 Dennis Cardoza 202.225.6131
202.225.0819 Go to Form
CA D-20 Jim Costa 202.225.3341 202.225.9308 Go to Form
CA D-43 Joe Baca 202.225.6161 202.225.8671 Go to Form
CO D-4 Betsy Markey, 202.225.4676 202.225.5870 Go to Form
GA D-13 David Scott (Chair) 202.225.2939 202.225.4628 Go to Form
IA D-3 Leonard Boswell 202.225.3806 202.225.5608 Go to Form
IA R-5 Steve King 202.225.4426 202.225.3193 Go to Form
ID D-1 Walt Minnick 202.225.6611 202.225.3029 Go to Form
MD D-1 Frank Kratovil 202.225.5311 202.225.0254 Go to Form
NE R-3 Adrian Smith 202.225.6435 202.225.0207 Go to Form
PA D-17 Tim Holden 202.225.5546 202.226.0996 Go to Form
TN R-1 David P. Roe 202.225.6356 202.225.5714 Go to Form
TX R-11 K. Michael Conaway 202.225.3605 202.225.1783 Go to Form
TX R-19 Randy Neugebauer,
Ranking Minority Member
202.225.9615 Go to Form
VA R-6 Bob Goodlatte, 202.225.5431 202.225.9681 Go to Form
WI D-8 Steve Kagen 202.225.5665 202.225.5729 Go to Form


Get in touch with local farmers and food producers by attending a local farmers market and asking them how business is.

Attend a local WAPF meeting, this is a good start to learning about what is going on in farming and local & state initiatives .

The website is

Check out the Farmers Legal Defense Fund at

Find out who sits on your states agriculture and farming committee and contact them with your concerns. Continue to contact your elected officials and let them know your position on legislation and why. Get active at the local and state levels; this is the quickest way to initiate change.

Published on:
March 8, 2009 at 9:36 pm



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