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If he was on a “Got Talent” or “Idol” show, Michael Jackson would most assuredly win… To illustrate, here’s a video of Michael singing “Ben” when he was very young. His soaring voice, emotion, feeling, genius and promise shines through. A simple, beautiful, gentle and meaningful song, an eloquent, tender, poignant and unforgettable performance. It is a mystical thing… this thing called “genius” in a performer. It is a thing that touches your heart and you don’t know how or why… it just does.

Immemorable song by the Jackson Five – “I’m Glad It Rained…”
(The song takes a moment to start.) Beautiful… heavenly.

Thank you Michael for being a milestone in all of our lives, for defining a beat to which we dance in our lives, for showing us a man enduring the impossible heights, the limitless lows celebrity wreaks upon a golden, gilded man.

To the end, you remained a showman, laying bear your heart, your soul and body for us to revel or even revile in. We see how beautiful, sweet, natural, fresh and real you were as a child, growing into one of the most splendid performers of all time, then somehow becoming a former caricature of that beautiful young man you had once been.

I hear that you were a philisophical soul – full or curiosity about and interest in the Universe. You loved to discuss physics, art, science, humanities, mystical, magical things, just about every subject in our known world. You were superb in almost everything you attempted, and your roiled over with the capacity to feel, love, imagine, create, aspire to, dream.

Thank you for being you, for contributing to such an incredible part of the mystery, imagination, music and magic in our lives. You are, and will always remain, truly, truly beloved.

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UPDATE 10:25 AM 6/27/2009

Update 10:25 AM 6/27/2009 See Below: It was reported in the news that Michael was on 8 meds at time of death – demerol, dilaudid, vicodin, soma, xanax, zoloft, paxil, prilosec.

This information may be incorrect, unsubstantiated speculative assertions only. Only the official coroner will know for certain.

Originating article which may or may not be true:

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4 Responses to “Genius of MICHAEL JACKSON”

  1. New blog post: Genius of MICHAEL JACKSON

  2. New blog post: Genius of MICHAEL JACKSON

  3. You said it all… and here is more confirmation:

    “There was this one moment, he was moving across the stage and he was doing these trademark Michael moves, and I know I got this big grin on my face, and I started thinking to myself, ‘You know, it’s been years since I’ve seen that,'” he said..

    “There was that Michael that was just like no one else and no one else could touch,” he said. “The shame is that new generation won’t see that — but we all came close to being able to see it again.”–61990845

  4. No more Michael Jackson…

    I don’t believe he touched the children – rather, he was truly a Peter Pan who loved children for their innocence, purity, trustworthiness and gentleness of spirit.

    He lived to the beat of a different drummer.