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FORCED Chemo Nightmare


True life horror story… imagine being 13 years old, hog tied and sedated by doctors while forced to endure painful injections delivering poisonous chemicals that cause you untold nausea, misery, suffering. Now that just seems WRONG.

But this story may end up being true to one little 13 year old boy who DOESN’T WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS.

When he is finally untied, what will he do? How will he feel? Will doctors tie him up for months? Will he moan, groan, cry, throw up, suffer against his will, all the while in restraints?

Some news here… once you receive chemotherapy, the likelihood of more natural methods (THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK BY THE WAY…) no longer have the same benefits due to the severe deleterious effects caused by the destructive nature of the chemo.)

In other words, you could be digging it deeper. On the other hand, to be fair, if the boy is completely cured the doctors would feel justified. But really… how long does chemo last?

What if the boy comes down with a relapse of cancer a few months, years later? More forced chemo?

Suggestion: Let’s write the doctors and tell them to tone down the Frankenstein stuff and try to be humans rather than monsters. HE DOESN’T WANT IT AND VOWS TO RESIST.

The very thought of what this little fellow may have to go through boggles the mind.



2 Responses to “FORCED Chemo Nightmare”

  1. It gets worse!
    Arrest ordered for mom of boy, 13, resisting chemo…forced_chemo

  2. Totally just saw that – egads.

    A mother’s love attempting to risk anything and everything to do what she believes in right for her child.

    For some people, chemotherapy is unbearable. It depends on your type of system and your level of sensitivity.

    We are all different and feel different levels and magnitudes of suffering depending on our individual nervous system thresholds.

    It’s much more complicated than meets the eye…

    Just beyond heartbreaking.


    (tears from eyes…)