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Michael Jackson Brings Down Internet


Social Networking has perhaps, come of age…

CNN has an interesting article by a British fellow CNN Link HERE (http:// /2009/TECH/06/26 /michael.jackson.internet/)

(The link wouldn’t open properly until i reloaded twice, but that’s besides the point…)

The article goes into detail about how the Internet practically crashed as the news of Michael Jackson’s passing traversed the globe via Social Networkers. Which is to be expected upon such an event, no doubt… The writer also mentioned how things come in threes but perhaps not (always wondered about that), and how false Internet rumors can spread like wildfire.

An aside: TMZ first broke the story of Michael Jackson’s passing (sad sad sad, love him) and the major news organizations and websites missed the cues waiting for “official” word. TMZ may become “Official Word.” TMZ is a major example of all that’s done right to collect and control the spread of information. Do they even use social networking? In their case, they just have a super-being team of go getters first to get the lead and story. Totally CONTENT DRIVEN. Right? Anyway…

This article was expressing how the new News dynamic runs high octane on the Web. How one monumental story can bring everything crashing down to a mere crawl. And, in my eyes, how the Internet and Social Networking are basically becoming the new communique “mail, television and telephone” of choice.

The world turns, the world changes… we adapt. Yes, so it is, but we all sort of knew that, right? I mean, if you’re not online, you’re missing out on… what? Business?

Oh yes, lots of business it’s true. And, we ALL want to share pictures and talk to our friends, keeping in touch. The Internet just makes it very easy and convenient, push button, and instantaneous.

What’s not to love?

Now, as the marketers turn to social networking as the Hawking Modality of Choice, what will happen with their efforts?

Every time they try to monetize, capitalize and profit from the huge numbers of networkers they hit a few little roadblocks.

Undoubtedly marketers are VERY very smart. They will overcome. I think.

Meanwhile, am seeking solace and aloneness and non-tech. Like growing a plant or something!



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