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Click here to see “Proof – Michael Jackson INNOCENT” Post

Link to GQ Magazine Article – MICHAEL FALSELY ACCUSED
Was Michael Jackson Framed?” By Mary A. Fisher

Picture Memories of Neverland and Michael Jackson – At one time, Neverland was truly a stunning unimaginable fantasy wonderland… Thanks to inewscatcher for the video below…

TMZ "Inside Neverland Ranch" – 49 Images
Raw Video of Neverland Ranch from Daily Press
Incredible Neverland Auction Pictures
"Neverland in All Its Glory" Life Magazine Pictures

MSNBC Tour of Neverland with
Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera

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Images of Neverland at Night
(Click on image to go to 40 image slideshow by Tunnelbug)
(Tunnelbug Article Saying Goodbye to Michael Jackson“)

Absolutely HEARTBREAKING if GQ Magazine Article is true. Evidently Michael Jackson was framed by Jordan Chandler’s father – decide for yourself – full article here:

Also – 40 beautiful night time pictures of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch – one is above and one below. Even though the photographer thought they might be eerie, I see them as being particularly poignant and sad. The photographer describes his visit, and how he believes Michael Jackson is innocent of all charges. A tragic story, indeed, of a man hounded and false accused… he lost his ranch, he had been invaded on overtaken, and his heart was broken. Here’s the link to the Slideshow by Tunnelbug at Flickr:

Michael had such dreams, hopes, fantasies about finding his boyhood. He was such a sweet, precious child, and for all the wealth he accumulated, he was not ever able to find his “Rosebud.”

(If link stops working at, notify me by commenting – will post new link or text if allowed…)

Re: MJ Innocence, False Accusations, Allegations

Thanks to Wayne Resnick, KFI640 for publicizing MJ innocence article

STUNNING New Neverland Pics

Link to High Resolution Images of
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

UPDATED: Neverland Images
Click here to see "Proof –
Michael Jackson INNOCENT" Post
Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids
Michael Jackson CRASHES Internet
Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Michael Jackson Brings Down Internet




  1. From Cdin:

    Incredible, beautiful and haunting pictures.
    Now that Michael is gone forever, these images
    hold immense sorrow and heartbreak. He had
    a beautiful dream of perfect childhood, filled
    with love, light, laughter and fun.

    It’s beyond sorrowful this tragic story of this
    man of tender yet passionate spirit.

    The GQ Article explains how Michael was most
    likely framed…

    even though he assumed some of the trappings
    of a man who loves children, in his case, his
    love was genuine and pure.

    Our society is not equipped to handle such a
    man, such a situation.

  2. New blog post: Michael Jackson INNOCENT

  3. Re: TMZ first to know…

    Response to Bad Pitch Blog

    “I was interested that you commented on the efficacy of TMZ re: Michael Jackson.

    Even though I didn’t know too much about Mr. Jackson, I feel as if a milestone has passed, something indefinably sweet has been lost, and a lesson of innocence trampled (mauled and torn asunder) has been learned.

    He was just such an entertainer extraordinaire – no moonwalk on youtube is better, no songs more “of and for the ages” than Thriller, Billie Jean, and now, thanks to you, Rock With Me. There must be zillions more I will discover.

    Heard Thriller in Jennifer Garners’ movie “13.” Then the Phillipine prisoners.

    HAD to find that song on Youtube – was mesmerized by it.

    Oh – also saw your post about death of News as Know It – Rise of TMZ, Twitter etc. – for sure.

    Mainstream media is populated with a more mature age group i would presume, so they have a new learning curve.

    But they will get it hopefully. Because young folks are still pretty ignorant, and when older folks “GET IT” they REALLY have the power.

    But as a young folk, i don’t know what i’m talking about!

    PS: Michael Jackson – twittered about it of course, and that’s where i got most of my news from other twitterers and bloggers.

    Like you.

    Right or wrong, i love blogging and twitter trends for now.

    As for comments, they’re often JUST as entertaining as the original post. I check for them more and more on a news site. No comments, move on…

    Wow, too much writing here – you really set me off!

    Yes you’re quite a blogger. Will aspire to your “opinionated and powerful talk!”

  4. I am so UPSET that its been a week since the death of MJ (the world’s # 1 Pop Star) and there has not been one media outlet or journalist that has talked about the FACT that Poor Michael was totally a victim at the hands of the “Rating Hungry” Media and money Hungry people who accused him of things that to this day there is NO EVIDENCE! Were is real journalism? MJ is dead so now the truth can come out about Jordan Chandler and his money Hungry Parents (who basically pimped out there son) who only wanted Money…and when they got the Money they went away – just like that! They were never seen or heard from again!!! If someone molested your child, how much money will you ask for? I have a son and If anyone so much as got near him, no amount of money on this planet will buy his Dignity!

  5. The GQ article presented facts by an Award Winning journalist, who unlike most journalist these days…she did her homework, researched the facts, and made sure to check the sources! She presented facts in her article and the rest was left to us to think about it….MOST PEOPLE WITH a BRAIN! will get it and see that MJ was set-up and it was all for money. What kind of scum would allow someone to voilate there childs body and not pursue Justice? The real molestor of Jordan Chandler is his father Evan Chandler. The bottom line is that its up to parents to protect there kids, and stand up for them-NOT Micheal Jackson! but you never hear anyone talk about these low-life accusers….or should i say Liers???? JORDAN CHANDLER IS A SCUM BAG!!!!! and he knows it.

  6. Bella i hear what you are saying – so well expressed.

    Yes, Mary is SUCH an accomplished and well respected legitimate journalist who is more trustworthy and believable than so many others.

    And you raise a good point… taking money in lieu of persuing justice and trying to stop someone you truly believe is terribly harmful.

    It raises so many flags.

    Will we ever know the full truth? This article seems to offer more complete and actual information than any other.

    Now Jordy Chandler was just a child at the time – a mere 13. He was subject to his father, and thus, easily manipulated by him.

    At 13, he didn’t have the wherewithal to know what was right or wrong, he must have been terribly confused by those around him.

    And, if Michael believed in the sweet Peter Pan lifestyle, it made things very difficult for Jordy to equivocate with the “real” world.

    He was just a young boy at the time.

    If anyone is at fault, it is the father and the attorneys if they lied in order to make many millions of dollars from the “sale” of the son.

  7. I would like to know when the tour of Neverland ranch with Matt Lauer will air again on MSNBC. It is a 2 hour program that aired this morning, July 18th at around 1am EST. Unfortunately our TIVO was not programmed correctly and I would like to catch it next time it airs. Thanks! Please email me at Thanks again!