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Missing Link DISCOVERED not!


Update: Woops, discovery? Not really… Missing Link may not have been “discovered” after all, according to some higher falutin’ scientists who claim that humanoid fossils and remnants dating back 50 million years have been collected from places such as California Gold country and Switzerland that far surpass this little lemur monkey’s claim to fame as The Missing Link.

One scientist claimed that perhaps somebody was trying to justify the one million dollar pricetag raised to pay for this little plasticized fossil girl…

But, for a brief moment, we all had a semi-thrill that something monumental supposedly happened. : )

On the other hand, it was all seeming a bit tongue in cheek – agreed? ; )

Original Post:

Finally! The “Missing Link” proving mankind evolved from monkeys has been discovered. If so, it would prove that the Theory of Evolution is no theory. This is BIG news.

Little Ida is a fossilized lemur monkey, 1 foot 9 inches dying at about 9 months old (6 years in human age) (severe wrist fracture, thereby forced to drink water from the lake succumbing to toxic lake fumes). Ida has humanish toenails, opposable foot thumbs and humanoid tarsus bones in her feet.


Does this new information eliminate Biblical history as fact?

Well, not necessarily as far as I am concerned. The world is filled with mysterious things and circumstances that defy explanation. Things that absolutely don’t make sense.

For instance… someone I know well bought 160 piece stainless silverware set. (Stainless silverware… hmmm… hopefully you get my drift). Slowly but surely, the silverware is gradually disappearing piece by piece and all that’s left is 2 forks and 3 spoons. SERIOUS. Now that’s wierd!!! True story folks.

I can also tell you that the year my beloved Grandmother died, I was visited by a “presence” while waking up one morn. Coincidence? Don’t think so…

Well, what does this have to do with Ida?

Point: The world is an interesting enigmatic place of arresting circumstances…

What does THAT mean? Oh forget it.

Regarding Biblical history – if the Bible was 100% provable by pure fact, where would the free choice to believe by faith, be?

You’d have to be a num-ninny to deny pure undeniable facts… no room to quibble there.

Anyway, here’s the link to a wonderful article about Little Ida and her sad passing from tree-swinging kid to polyesterized wall hanging in some nameless German collector’s house for the last 20 years or so. Something a little ignoble about that. Anyway, dear poor sweet animals. Subjected to man’s whimsical whims.

This is huge, folks. Anthropologists are dancing in the streets. Of course, some colleagues are already sharpening their competitive little humanish toenails……Hailed_As_Mans_Earliest_Ancestor



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