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Mongolian Reindeer


Simple, Loving, Nomadic, Peaceful.
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I recently saw a map of places that might be preserved in case there was global turmoil. One of those places was within Mongolia. I surely hope this place above would be included…

Animals, people, living and loving each other in a perfect harmony as Nature would have intended. Extraordinary… and yet, it should be so ordinary as to be just the way life is.

What happened? Did ancient, jaded, perverse asteroid people come down to a virgin Earth and bring their perverse dark decay of soul and heart with them?

With great age, comes decay and decline. As we allow for the rape our children, as we rape the Earth… it will go mad, as do the children. And it, and they, will be gone to us.

Let these nomadic, beautiful ways teach us something. Or, if we choose to ignore it, I fear we will all be doomed.

Science says the future will be packed with innovation and invention. Life will be extended. Robots, organs in a lab, mind melding, mind control, war by proxy, more.

Will the waters and air be pure and clean? Will there be fields and meadows filled with bees, flora, fauna, new baby animal life filled with optimism. hope, joy?

Or will scientific innovation bring with it, litter, decay, unnatural perversions, desperate attempts to prolong a greedy lifestyle, and decline of the ecosystem?

We must take care. The video above has more to say than we might at first, think…



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