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Baby Ducks Jump Off Ledge!


These newborn ducklings jump off high ledge
by themselves to waiting hands of kind and caring
banker… (banker?) 😀

It amazes that these little ducklings took the “leap of faith” into the waiting hands of a human stranger off such a high ledge.

Their mother quacked encouragement… how brave they were!

I twice had baby ducklings… you will not BELIEVE how sweet and full of personality they are. They are little people with very cute feet and the tiniest, softest little wings.

They trust you implicitly… and will snuggle with you to keep warm, safe, comfy and lovey dovey.

As they grow up, they clean up a garden very nicely (like geese who also are great watch geese!) and are the dearest of pets.

Even their quacks are cute.

Enuff! : )

Now for a quote lesson: “Sometimes a leap of faith can save your life.” But not always! :O : )




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