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‘Slumdog’ Child for Sale


Update from the Daily Telegraph:

“Producer Christian Colson told the Daily Mail last night: ‘We have friends and colleagues in Bombay who are trying to speak with Mr Qureshi to get to the bottom of what happened. Her family is under a lot of pressure.’

He and director Danny Boyle are planning next month to visit the young stars, who were plucked off the street for auditions to star in the film.

Mr Colson added: ‘Danny and I are committed to Rubina and Azharuddin for the long term. We are trying to keep a roof over their heads, and keep them in school until they are 18. The problem is there are a lot of parties who are telling the parents different things.

‘We agreed to buy apartments a couple of months ago but that process stalled because they decided they wanted the money up front instead.

‘In the past few days we have got things back on track, and are now back looking at apartments.’

The film makers have set up a trust to give a lump sum to each child when they are 18.

Properties will also be placed in trust, with ownership released to the parents only when the children turn 18 and have completed their education.”


A Father and Uncle are Purportedly Attempting to Sell the Child Actress, Rubina for 200,000 pounds. Rubina played a substantial role in the Oscar winning movie, “Slumdog.”

From the Telegraph: “Rafiq Qureshi, who lives in a one of India’s worst slums in the city of Mumbai, reportedly attempted to make an illegal adoption deal for the nine-year-old girl.

“We are considering Rubina’s future,” Mr Qureshi is alleged to have told a man posing as a prospective buyer.

“They’ve been talking about giving us a house, but all they do is talk.”

He referred the caller to his brother-in-law, Rajan More, who said: “Rubina’s life is miserable and she lives here with her stepmother. Most of the time she stays with me because she is not happy at her parents’ home.”


Re: Claims that the child is living in abject poverty and was not reimbursed for her acting services.

Could it be that the movie producers of the Oscar winner, “Slumdog,” didn’t pay the child actors in their movie a good, proper and generous fee?

Fortunes were made, and will continue to be made from this movie, much of it due to its poignant and heartrending expose of child exploitation of the worst sort.

Hopefully, the claims of low payment are false. This family was bestowed, whether by luck or intervention, a rare and special opportunity. Living in squalor and poverty afterwards doesn’t fit…

The children were lauded before the creme de la creme of Glittering Hollywood on Oscar Night. Great emotion and gratitude was expressed to the children for their participation. Then, the children return home to deep poverty… this whole story has so many ironies.

The child selling seems a terrible afterthought considering all the tragic precursors of this story. What an enormous tragedy to feel compelled to to sell your child so that he or she would have a better life.

On the other hand, this could just be a story about desperation and greed. Whatever, it is tragic.

“Slumdog Millionaire actress Rubina Ali “offered for sale” by her father”…

Video courtesy of News of the World:



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