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Future of Food


This is a telling and provocative movie that skillfully weaves
actualities with possibilities about where our food has come
from and will come from, in the future.

It is indisputable that owning all seed genomes and patenting
growth and distribution of food is hugely profitable. It is a good
“business decision” to dominate, even monopolize commodities
such as food or water, no matter the consequences affecting
the health and well being of the average citizen.

In fact, if control of food would engender health problems, it
could easily promote and spawn another extremely profitable
industry. Huge slates of new pharmaceuticals and medical
procedures that will heavily increase the “bottom line” to
stockholders and “subsidiaries.”

In these cases where monolithic companies seek to “own”
rights to essential commodities such as food, water, air,
fuel, there is no stopping them. That is, unless one is willing
to speak up and protect their right to live their own lives as
they see fit, which includes growing one’s own food,
buying from small local farmers who forego the chemicals,
toxins, poisons, pesticides and gmo (genetically modified)
that are exceedingly profitable.

It seems that freedom comes at a price. For those who wish
to dominate, profit and control, will stop at nothing to secure
their position.

If man is willing to kill for $20, what will he be willing to do
for billions?



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