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Colby’s Last Dying Wish


Little 7 year old Colby had one last dying wish –
to see the movie “Up” by Pixar…

Colby suffers from terminal vascular cancer. She was unable to go to a theater, so a family friend contacted someone at Pixar to see if they could help. The very next day, Pixar flew in an employee with a bag of “Up” memorabilia and a DVD version of the film. Together he and Colby’s family all watched the movie. The movie features a large plume of balloons released to the sky… Colby died 7 hours later, her last wish fulfilled.

Full Story Here:…pixar…home-show
“Up” trailer:

Quote from a teacher:
“It is not often that as a teacher I get to bond so closely with a student. I was fortunate to do so with Colby- I was able to spend extra time with her during PE and recess, and I am the better for it- she taught me more than I could have wished to teach her. She was so determined, fair and kind to all.”

Colby’s Last Request:
“Lisa, Colby’s mother, has asked that in lieu of flowers, to please make a donation to Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), or to your local animal shelter “in honor of Colby Curtin”.

Colby would have wanted donations made to help other sick children and/or any of the animals currently in shelters.



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