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Christian the Lion


Updated: The Latest News, Videos and Links About Christian the Lion
Note: Some have claimed that the story of Christian is fake. Most assuredly it is not fake. Christian was very real. Below is a collection of videos and information to prove otherwise. John Rendall, one of Christian’s previous “owners” in Great Britain is now a trustee of George Adamson’s Wildlife Foundation in Africa. John is dedicated to the preservation of the African Lion, a majestic animal of tremendous intelligence with the ability to form life long, loving relationships with humans, as well as all magnificent African wildlife. Tony Fitzjohn now heads the Trust.

The story of Christian the lion

Christian the lion’s original “owners,” Anthony Bourke and John Rendall, have updated their book about their one-time pet and are talking to TODAY’s Meredith Vieira about their second reunion with the lovable lion. March 18th, 2009

Christian the Lion – A New Book with Lots of Pictures
Newly Released Books About Christian the Lion – Borders discounts their books heavily and is a good place to check out when purchasing online. We provide this search results link for the newly released books and tapes about Christian the Lion as a courtesy – we are not Border’s Affiliates. Note: The books have good quality images. Proceeds will benefit George Adamson’s Wildlife Fund (George Adamson took Christian and acclimated him to his new life in Africa.)…SearchResults…

Today Show Host Meredith Vieira Asks Interesting Questions
about Reuniting with Christian the Lion

TODAY Show Host Meredith Vieira Interview Meet the ‘Hugging Lion’s Owners’ Years Later

Christian Grows Up to Be a Big, Noble Lion – Video

(No sound) Video of Christian the Lion and his two friends reunite for the second and final meeting in Africa.

Christian had grown immensely, becoming one of the largest lions in Africa, as George Adamson put it. This video is the last film of his meeting with Anthony and John.

The very first part of the second meeting was not filmed because Christian surprised them by showing up during dinnertime. It was an unforgettable meeting.

Evidently, Christian was so overjoyed to see his old friends that he tried repeatedly to jump into their laps, leaping onto the table, even knocking George Adamson over with his great exuberance, excitement and love.

TODAY’s Maria Menounos talks with Christian the lion’s owners – about their last goodbye with the hugging lion. (Christian the lion’s owners on final farewell) Interesting questions.

A Slideshow – More Pictures: A lion’s tale

George Adamson Preserve
Tony Fitzjohn took over the preserve after George Adamson was killed in Africa. He works closely with Anthony Bourke and John Rendall.

Excellent Articles and Links About Christian the Lion

Anthony Bourke and John Rendall on buying their now famous pet lion
“Hugging” lion”s ex-owners reflect on his legacy
The two men who raised Christian the lion in London, released him into the wild, then reunited with him as shown in a hit Internet video today remain as devoted as ever to preserving wildlife, calling Christian’s saga “an extraordinary story.”
They recall their final farewell to Christian in Africa and look back at their last goodbye…
Man in ‘hugging’ lion video reveals its secrets
One of animal’s owners tells story that still tugs heartstrings after decades – By Mike Celizic


Older Original Post:

Below: The first video is the original Christian the Lion music video, in case you haven’t seen it. It’s awe inspiring, maybe life changing.

The second video below it is the NEW Real Ending from the Born Free Foundation. (you might have to turn down volume on second video)



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  2. I learn new thing about Aussies..

    they REALLY know how to make friends



  5. Chris –

    There’s a great book out all about Christian. It’s fairly recent and available on Borders, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

    He’s passed away now… I think he wandered into the forest or plains and did not return.

    He loved his wild life, had families and wives and seemed to have lived a long and happy life.

    : )

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