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Dorothy the Chimpanzee, Her Life, Death


Read full story of Dorothy and Bouboule at

Dorothy and her beloved adopted son, Bouboule

“Dorothy was a kind and giving soul. Those of us who loved her, enjoyed many hours being groomed by her. Her long lovely fingers were patient and unwavering in their gentleness; only seldom did she bow her head and look up sweetly, asking for someone to groom her in reciprocation. I trusted her completely, and for some inexplicable reason, considering the harm done to her by humans, she knew that she could trust us.”

Dorothy loved her human friends, but the relationships that were most important to her, by far, were her relationships within her chimpanzee family. Dorothy was respected and loved by all in her family – perhaps most of all by Nama, her loyal friend who had suffered with her through some of those horrible years at the amusement park and who was rescued with her…”

Read the Full Story of Dorothy’s Passing and the very special picture of her sorrowful chimpanzee friends here:

Read the story of Dorothy and her adopted son, Bouboule here:



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