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The Short Unnatural Life of a Broiler Chicken
This little chicken writes a blog
about his life on the factory farm

I will always try to buy free range fellows. Of course I seldom eat meat, just don’t want or need it… But if you do, the free range guys are much better than those strangely fed factory farm guys and girls. You have to smother their meat with TONS of seasonings and sodium phosphate solution for their flavorless flesh to have any flavor. These days, factory farmed chickens are fed atrocious stuff – garbage, chemicals, additives you wouldn’t believe. Terrible stuff that makes them crave eating so they only live to grow large in 39 days rather than years. And the sad thing… chickens are so sweet, fun, personable and filled with life and love.

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Here’s 3rd Week for Much More Fortunate
Free Range Chicken



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