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Monsanto is… NAUGHTY

Watch this and decide for yourself… :O


Michael Jackson INNOCENT

Link to Compelling PROOF Michael Jackson Framed
GQ Magazine Article

By Mary A. Fischer

Mary A. Fischer is a highly respected, award winning journalist who was a senior writer for GQ Magazine as well as a feature reporter and writer for O – Oprah Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, New York Magazine, Washington Times Opinion page, Rolling Stone, Life, People, U.S. New & World Report, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Daily Journal (Staff Reporter), Village Voice, ELLE, Reader’s Digest, San Francisco Magazine, California Lawyer.

UPDATE 1:23 PM 7/8/2009: Also Update Video Added Below: “A brief glimpse into several key facts behind the 1993 Chandler family allegations, most of which have gone widely unreported and remain largely unknown to the general public. This five minute production clears up some widely-speculated myths (using transcripts, articles and video clips) and illustrates why Michael Jackson was just as innocent in 1993 as he was some ten years later.”

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Re: Mary Fisher’s GQ Magazine Article
Was Michael Jackson Framed?

This article is a comprehensive exploration into the validity of the charges and claims made by Jordan Chandler’s father, Evan Chandler against Michael Jackson for the alleged abuse of his son. This sorry and sordid tale evolves into an expose; facts are revealed in heavily researched detail by Ms. Fisher.

You will be able to decide for yourself whether to believe or disbelieve…

In the end, if Michael Jackson WAS false accused and settled only on the advice of lawyers to push this under the rug to avoid a false and ruinous conviction, then it is a story of terrible injustice and grave unfairness.

It is interesting to note that a video reports that Michael Jackson’s insurance company settled for 25 million dollars with the Chandlers, against Michael’s and his attorneys’ insistent pleas and requests to go forward and defend against this purported extortive attempt.

In 2006, the news reported that Jordan Chandler (known as Jordy Chandler) had filed a restraining order against his father for physical brutality and abuse.

If this is true, it may have indicated a very pained, and possibly guilt ridden dynamic between the two. But this is just speculation. It is also possible that Mr. Chandler and son spoke the truth. But, the article by Mary Fisher is very telling. The video below brings up more information.

Unfortunately, the information contained in this article wasn’t able to come out before the lawsuit was settled, so that Michael Jackson could have dealt with this matter in a more open environment.


If the allegations were all false, then there are two victims; Michael Jackson, AND Jordan Chandler, a 14 year old child whose false testimony was sold for 20 million dollars or more.

It can be said, that after the settlement was paid, that Michael should have learned that he couldn’t entertain children unmonitored at his ranch.

Nevertheless, at his Neverland Ranch, it is most likely that his deep love for children, matched by an deep longing for truthworthy and innocent companionship and for a childhood lost, that he overcame his better judgement, and, once again, took children in to recreate a world he had never known as a boy.

This is an extremely tragic tale. There are lessons for all, but one stands out… Life isn’t fair.

Sometimes, the most innocent are the ones who perish the most quickly. And, we may soon come to realize, that, among these innocent are those who entertain us, enrich our lives to an immeasurable degree, and give tremendous light, meaning and love to our lives.

It is only when we lose them, that we recognize the power of their presence, and that we loved them dearly and will miss them for the remaining full breadth of our lives.

STUNNING New Neverland Pics

Link to High Resolution Images of
Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

UPDATED: Neverland Images
Click here to see "Proof –
Beautiful Slideshow MJ’s Kids
Michael Jackson CRASHES Internet
Michael Jackson INNOCENT
Michael Jackson Brings Down Internet


Worst Ponzi Scheme

A Most Terrible Fraud of Cataclysmic Proportions
Thousands of the Very Rich May be Destitute after being
victimized in the Greatest Fraud ever perpetrated in corporate
history – losses May Exceed 50 Billion Dollars.

There is an extraordinary tragedy here… when you are very wealthy and lose everything to someone you trusted more than your own life, you may lose more than just your money…

For those who have accumulated a lifetime’s fortune, grown use to the security it affords, only to have it criminally torn away and lost forever leaving one virtually penniless, it may end up being the loss of all will to continue.

It is one thing to be poor and become poorer, it is another thing to be wealthy and become destitute. They are both equally horrific.

Mr. Madoff’s actions defy comprehension. Perhaps he thought he could perpetrate this diabolical scheme forever, that the stock market would rebound, that he could recover his clients’ funds without his activities ever being brought to light.

For whatever reasons, the question is this dear Reader:
Is Mr. Madoff a thief, or a murderer?


Bernie Madoff, pillar in the rarefied New York and Palm Beach gentrified financial world, has evidently admitted to having “blown” over 50 Billion Dollars of investors’ monies in the largest and most horrific Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated in written history.

As of December 2008, liquid assets of more than 17 Billion dollars in his management portfolio in January completely and mysteriously disappeared. Again, total losses could exceed 50 Billion Dollars.

Bernie Madoff seemed to have unassailable references and experience. He was the Chairman of Nasdaq from 1990 to 1993, was on the board of the National Association of Securities Dealers and the School of Business at Yeshua University, founder and owner of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. He was very involved with numerous charity organizations.

A huge number of individuals, businesses, funds and organizations may have completely loss their collective wealth, leaving many of them virtually destitute.

Some individuals may only have a home to sell to live off the proceeds. Others may be penniless within a few months. Businesses will be bankrupt and fold, funds will dry up leaving investors high and dry with absolutely nothing, charities will shut down within days. Victims will number in the thousands.

It may take decades to unravel the details, locate any of the missing monies and securities which may have been spirited away by Mr. Madoff in preparation for his cataclysmic fall.

It has been said that he may distributed 300 to 400 million dollars to various employees and family members before revealing his criminal activities to his two sons.

This may be more than financial theft – this may end us being a case of causing inconsolable heartbreak and devastation, and thus, ultimately, the untimely death of some of his victims… you decide…

“Please allow me to introduce myself
Im a man of wealth and taste
Ive been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man’s soul and faith …

… But whats puzzling you
Is the nature of my game …

… Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me lucifer
cause I’m in need of some restraint …

… So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste, um yeah …

… Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, um yeah
But whats puzzling you
Is the nature of my game, um mean it, get down …”

— From “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones