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Baby Ducks Jump Off Ledge!

These newborn ducklings jump off high ledge
by themselves to waiting hands of kind and caring
banker… (banker?) 😀

It amazes that these little ducklings took the “leap of faith” into the waiting hands of a human stranger off such a high ledge.

Their mother quacked encouragement… how brave they were!

I twice had baby ducklings… you will not BELIEVE how sweet and full of personality they are. They are little people with very cute feet and the tiniest, softest little wings.

They trust you implicitly… and will snuggle with you to keep warm, safe, comfy and lovey dovey.

As they grow up, they clean up a garden very nicely (like geese who also are great watch geese!) and are the dearest of pets.

Even their quacks are cute.

Enuff! : )

Now for a quote lesson: “Sometimes a leap of faith can save your life.” But not always! :O : )



Torture Video – MUST WATCH

Radio Shock Jock: “Waterboarding is NO BIG DEAL.
Water boarding is NOT TORTURE.”
Watch him go through it, see what he says afterwards…
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Jesse Ventura Confronts Elizabeth Hasselback
and the Others of “The View” on Waterboarding

Quotes by by Jesse Ventura…

“Enhanced Interrogation is Dick Cheney changing a word to cover his a**.”

“You give me a waterboard, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders.”

Thanks to Joni for bringing this.


Until you have worn a man’s moccasins, you will not understand his journey…

If you haven’t gone through something yourself, it’s difficult to really know how it really is.

Finally… it can be much worse for someone else than yourself depending upon surrounding circumstances and each person’s individual characteristics.

… by the way… animals do feel much of what we feel, and oftentimes, even more acutely and severely than we do.

This is because their nervous systems can be even more attuned and sensitive with much lower threshholds for pain than ours. Expecially animals taken from the wild.

Also… children suffer much more greatly from pain than assumed. Their bodies and minds do NOT forget, even if they cannot seem to recollect details.

Cruelly admiminstered pain most often affects a person’s choices and lifestyle for the duration of their lifetime.

Societies do not continue to exist for any reasonable length of time when even minimally populated by individuals who have been painfully disciplined and abused.

Pain grows and spreads like a virus. Once administered, the recipient either chooses good or evil, then prays or preys depending upon their predilections.

Perhaps our former vice president suffered greatly in some way in his past…

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Bunny Wants His BED! :O

You can fight for what you want…
even if you’re a softie! : )


Amazing Water Cure

Very interesting…

There is a medical doctor who believes that water has the ability to cure.

Now if this is true, it could save a TON on medical bills.

This doctor is a real MD, and has seen many patients cured of disease and relieved of pain by merely drinking certain amounts of water throughout the day.

Evidently, we can be thirsty without being thirsty. That is, without feeling thirsty at all, our bodies can still require water.

Interesting story: One day, a fellow suffering severe abdominal pain came to the doctor for help. The doctor had no medicine to help the fellow and was only able to give him 2 glasses of water to drink.

To the doctor’s surprise, the man’s pain went away. The doctor prescribed two glasses of water every three hours, and the man’s pain went away for the duration of treatment.

The doctor claims to have discovered that water can be used as a therapuetic agent for healing. Water can be curative.

Here’s an interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj (Dr. B) by Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Pretty amazing.
The Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj

Doctor’s personal website

Quote: “You’re not sick. You’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication.”

Quotes from his website:

“Our life, our planet. Over 70% of the earth’s surface is water. However, most of it—98%–is salt water. Only 2% of the earth’s H20 is fresh water that we can drink, and of this, almost all is trapped in frozen glaciers.

You are not just what you eat; you are what you drink.

This is why water is so important to your health.

The Water Cure (TWC) does not sell water or purification systems or any related products. We offer insights and information; both free and in books that give you easy-to-understand scientific explanations on why water is vital to your well-being.

TWC believes promoting “water for health, for healing, for life” is an invaluable public health message. We can all change the way we drink – by drinking pure, natural water that is good for our health, our pocket book, and our environment.

No miracles. Just common sense backed by Dr. F. Batmaghelidj’s years of research and investigation into why water works so well in keeping us healthy and pain free. It can even cure illness in some people who get sick.

Water is the basis of all life and that includes your body…”

Now the doctor HAS come out with a book. So take everything here with a grain of salt. Haha – just kidding! No salt! Take everything with some water. : )

If I have a chance, I shall mosey on over to the bookstore and take a looksee. His website has a ton of information he claims, all for free.

His book is called, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.”

I have to admit that there have been times when I have just drunk water for no reason and ended up feeling better. I dismissed that as coincidence.

No longer! For sure one thing – drinking water can’t really hurt and is certainly affordable. Drink up! 😀


Virtual vs Real World

“Onlinism” and the Real vs. Virtual World
Social Networking and the Demise of Society
As We Once May Have Known It.

Onlinism and “social networking” has become the standard, “de facto” ways of life for this western generation. Do we really know anything else?

Once you start playing the Sims, who needs real life?

Or if you play role-playing games, who wants to return to the mundane, uninteresting, “Real 3D” world?

The virtual world seduces in a huge way.

Do you think you can, will leave it, and go interract with real people instead?


There is a ever increasing group of talented “young people” and “not so young people” who spend most of their free time online. Additionally, they are turning to the Web for means of income.

This is a fairly new phenomenon, but probably one that’s here to stay, at least while everyone has electricity and the grid keeps performing.

What does this mean for our society?

Well, what it probably means is that society will change and adapt, as it always has. Of course let us not forget that societies do fade and disappear…

Nevertheless, right or wrong, good or bad, old habits die and new habits are born.

It looks like the future generations may decide to live without much, or even any, actual human physical contact. Perhaps they will find comfort in having pets. And order pizza online.

Of course, in order to procreate, they may have to marry an “actual person.” Will they? Does one want to have little ones scurrying about touching the sanctitious reverential electronic equipment?

If people do decide to marry, will they then tire of the Internet and join the physical world rather than live in their “virtual” one? Will their children be onliners or choose the real world, opposite of their parents?


People do crave human contact. But more and more we seem to grow more distant from one another when we are in public places. Even parties.

We avoid looking at each other, we avoid physcial contact, we idly say polite phrases to one another signifying nothing, and we seldom if ever actually engage in meaningful conversation.

Do you know your next door neighbors? Do you interact on a daily basis?

How often do you see your family members? Are you all spread over the country or world, hardly recalling what one another looks like?

What about your children or parents? Do you sit down together, talk together, take walk together and really connect with one another?

If you do, you are an ever decreasing minority.

The world changes… we adapt.

Could it be that one day, we could have our “robots,” and that actual human to human interaction becomes a novelty rather than the standard?

“Wow! A real live person! How interesting! What will I say, what will I do?”

Science fiction has delved into this subject quite often and predicts bigger index fingers, bluish, greyish countenances and permanent couch potato flaccid bellies and rears.

But other writers say that we will tire of our online communities and reenter the “actual 3D” world.

But the online world of friendship, communication, game and role playing is mesmerizingly addictive.

Furthermore, it is BETTER than the real world. It is more romantic, more beautiful, more controllable, more imaginative, fancier, darker, lighter, more idealistic than the real world.

Those immersed in said worlds may never have the will to leave them.

Pull the plug and they will be lost. But, consider this… the human is most related to the cockroach, rat and pig. We are highly adaptable.

So, perhaps we have nothing to worry about! : )


Craigslist Prostitution

By any other name…

** Warning: Risque Alert ***

The following post may contain disturbing thoughts and sexual connotations.


We took a little look at about 12 – 20 ads in our local area.

The first thing we noticed was the great creativity in the noticeably imaginative headlines. Each was an artwork unto itself with lots of symbology and fancy flourishing.

The second thing we noticed were somewhat homegrown pornographic photos of young women in seductive and/or revealing poses offering “pleasurable” services.

Were they offering these services and “experiences” for free?

We quickly surmised, Absolutely Not. Why would all these ladies (some seemingly disturbingly young) wish to promote themselves so zealously for pleasure’s sake alone?


By any other name, Craigslist is a pimptious and whoremongering organization.

That said, we here are not so sure that prostitution is such an evil as it’s made out to be…

Now we can probably presume prostitution will most likely continue to exist no matter what. We can further surmise that criminalizing it has little effect other than to force it underground, contributing to the dark societal underbelly.


Possibly the legalization of prostitution, not necessarily morally, but rather, legally.

To become a prostitute legally, firstly, one should be provided completely free services at all times for psychological, psychiatric, counseling and medical services before obtaining their license.

Furthermore, especially if they have been a victim of abuse, they should have the opportunity to examine the reasons and needs behind their desire to seek prostitution as a livelihood.

They should be given a completely safe and monitored environment to provide them a comfortable location to conduct their business, for both them and their clients.

They should be provided educational opportunities as all people should be… however, when one is willing to prostitute their body, it’s likely indicative of greater need for ancillary support services than others not so inclined. Just an observation…

A good government would try it’s best to greatly assist those seeking this personally and bodily, very costly profession.


Craigslist promotes prostitution overtly and subvertly.

There are “no two ways” about it. Call a spade a spade, a rose by any other name, a rose.

The question is, will the law will consider their erotic section, legal or illegal?

Perhaps they will be able to continue as:

“Craigslist, Legal Purveyor of Prostitution and Erotic Services Around the Globe.”

If so, for “johns,” this would be… acceptable. And for the ladies of the night (and day), perhaps a sense of relief.

Or, considering loss of family, health, wealth and subliminal self recriminations, perhaps not.

At any rate, we will see what our governmental officials will say and do about all of this.


We reserve the right to NOT judge anyone except whom we choose. We choose to NOT judge any individuals, callgirls, callboys, prostitutes, whores, erotic purveyors, posters, johns, clients, customers. We DO choose to judge Craigslist as guilty of pimptious behavior… promoting prostitution and receiving monies, donated or not.

And about Free speech…

When free speech overtly leads to criminal activity, it needs careful review by a jury of our peers.

As for the term, whoring:

If a woman remains married to a man and has sex with said man strictly to receive money, a place to live, food to eat, is that whoring?

Is the provision of one’s body for sex and any compensation at all, whoring?


A whore by any other name is just a woman, a girl, a lady, a man, a boy, a person, a human being. And, as precious and beloved as any one of us could ever be.

Reference Article:…craigslist-prostitution…


FORCED Chemo Nightmare

True life horror story… imagine being 13 years old, hog tied and sedated by doctors while forced to endure painful injections delivering poisonous chemicals that cause you untold nausea, misery, suffering. Now that just seems WRONG.

But this story may end up being true to one little 13 year old boy who DOESN’T WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS.

When he is finally untied, what will he do? How will he feel? Will doctors tie him up for months? Will he moan, groan, cry, throw up, suffer against his will, all the while in restraints?

Some news here… once you receive chemotherapy, the likelihood of more natural methods (THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO WORK BY THE WAY…) no longer have the same benefits due to the severe deleterious effects caused by the destructive nature of the chemo.)

In other words, you could be digging it deeper. On the other hand, to be fair, if the boy is completely cured the doctors would feel justified. But really… how long does chemo last?

What if the boy comes down with a relapse of cancer a few months, years later? More forced chemo?

Suggestion: Let’s write the doctors and tell them to tone down the Frankenstein stuff and try to be humans rather than monsters. HE DOESN’T WANT IT AND VOWS TO RESIST.

The very thought of what this little fellow may have to go through boggles the mind.


Missing Link DISCOVERED not!

Update: Woops, discovery? Not really… Missing Link may not have been “discovered” after all, according to some higher falutin’ scientists who claim that humanoid fossils and remnants dating back 50 million years have been collected from places such as California Gold country and Switzerland that far surpass this little lemur monkey’s claim to fame as The Missing Link.

One scientist claimed that perhaps somebody was trying to justify the one million dollar pricetag raised to pay for this little plasticized fossil girl…

But, for a brief moment, we all had a semi-thrill that something monumental supposedly happened. : )

On the other hand, it was all seeming a bit tongue in cheek – agreed? ; )

Original Post:

Finally! The “Missing Link” proving mankind evolved from monkeys has been discovered. If so, it would prove that the Theory of Evolution is no theory. This is BIG news.

Little Ida is a fossilized lemur monkey, 1 foot 9 inches dying at about 9 months old (6 years in human age) (severe wrist fracture, thereby forced to drink water from the lake succumbing to toxic lake fumes). Ida has humanish toenails, opposable foot thumbs and humanoid tarsus bones in her feet.


Does this new information eliminate Biblical history as fact?

Well, not necessarily as far as I am concerned. The world is filled with mysterious things and circumstances that defy explanation. Things that absolutely don’t make sense.

For instance… someone I know well bought 160 piece stainless silverware set. (Stainless silverware… hmmm… hopefully you get my drift). Slowly but surely, the silverware is gradually disappearing piece by piece and all that’s left is 2 forks and 3 spoons. SERIOUS. Now that’s wierd!!! True story folks.

I can also tell you that the year my beloved Grandmother died, I was visited by a “presence” while waking up one morn. Coincidence? Don’t think so…

Well, what does this have to do with Ida?

Point: The world is an interesting enigmatic place of arresting circumstances…

What does THAT mean? Oh forget it.

Regarding Biblical history – if the Bible was 100% provable by pure fact, where would the free choice to believe by faith, be?

You’d have to be a num-ninny to deny pure undeniable facts… no room to quibble there.

Anyway, here’s the link to a wonderful article about Little Ida and her sad passing from tree-swinging kid to polyesterized wall hanging in some nameless German collector’s house for the last 20 years or so. Something a little ignoble about that. Anyway, dear poor sweet animals. Subjected to man’s whimsical whims.

This is huge, folks. Anthropologists are dancing in the streets. Of course, some colleagues are already sharpening their competitive little humanish toenails……Hailed_As_Mans_Earliest_Ancestor


Water Cave in House

Time for some cheering up. This upbeat fellow has build himself a water cave in his house replete with pool, stalagtites, stalagmites. Super fun and beautiful. Check the “spooky” slide, halogen lighting (just right).

Hey! Take that orange noodle out of the pool. It ruins the atmosphere. (no it doesn’t – adds just the right flair ; )

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This fellow (homeowner) is so cheerful and personable. No wonder he can afford to make this indoor wonder cave. He must be a joy to do business with. Hint hint, self.

Now he’s going to build a mountain outside. He lives on the water, so he’s got it all covered! Joy!



This is an amazing and beautifully done, full length documentary of Farrah Fawcett’s fight with devastating cancer. She reveals extraordinary courage, generosity and openness in revealing it’s ravages on screen. Farrah Fawcett is a beautiful and renowned actress, life love of actor Ryan O’Neal, mother of Redmond O’Neal and original star of “Charlie’s Angels.”

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Cancer is an insidious monster of a disease, and Farrah wonders why doctors in the United States don’t use successful alternative treatment methods used in other countries. She also found it almost equally emotionally devastating to contend with the invasive untruths and downright lies printed in the tabloids about these most personal, private and painful aspects of her life.

She has inspired so many with this documentary, as she reveals the good, the bad, the horrific about life facing this insidious, even diabolical disease. She writes beautifully, openly, in the hopes of showing the truth about cancer.

Shot by her and friend Alana Stewart (ex-wife of rockstar Al Stewart) and includes former Angels Kate Jackson and Jacklyn Smith as well as other very special people.

Throughout this very emotional series of videos, you can see how special Farrah is, both inside and out.

For those facing very difficult circumstances, this may provide inspiration on how to go on and confront difficulties with renewed strength, as Farrah did so many times.

This video series is unforgettable.


Check This Car!

Well it tis rather spiffy, tisn’t it?
Well? Anyways i thought so… : )
What a Car...…super-shiny-Merc.html

This car just inspires me to make more money! 😀 I think…

PS: Spiffy does not mean beautiful necessarily… :{}


Funny Cats – A Good One : )