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Tanja Askani WOLVES


The most amazing photographs… Tanja Askani takes the most wonderful photos of animals… She loves them with her whole heart, and it shows. She is able to capture their inner and outer beauty with such artfulness. Animals love her back, dearly. It is as if they have an understanding.

Wolves are magnificent, beautiful creatures
capable of great, enduring love.

Amazing and Wonderful Wolves…Wolves can love with great passion and intensity, broken hearted and inconsolable when they lose one another. They are devoted parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents to the cubs.

They can be extremely sweet to one another, playful and teasing, gentle and yet firm in their discipline. Some have observed that they excel as parents, beyond and above their human counterparts.

They hunt only when hungry, kill quickly, and will catch and eat mice if need be.

We do not know the wolf anymore. We came to fear them through fictional literature of the past.


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Tanja’s pictures make me cry… Thank you Suzie!




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