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Hippo Saves Gazelle



A valiant and courageous hippopotamus actually attempts to protect
and then, save the life of a very young impala gazelle.

After bringing the fawn to shore, the hippo very gently tries to revive
and comfort the little antelope by carefully and tenderly taking its head
into its mouth.

The video below is the clearest resolution I could find. The sound
may be high – you might want to turn down your volume a tad.

It’s an extraordinary video. One person who contributed said it very
well: “One of the saddest stories ever told…”

And yet, you may very well be deeply warmed by watching the
hippo’s magnificent courage and loving actions.

This video is seemingly unbelievable, until you watch for yourself.

Here’s another link to another version of the video:

The hippo and croc live within an uneasy truce. hippos are one of
the most powerful creatures on earth and are capable of biting a
croc in half. Nevertheless, the croc will not hesitate to hunt baby

Here’s another very sad video of a baby hippo being taken by a
crocodile. The mother soon appears to lick and then mourn the
loss of her baby. She raises her head and opens her mouth wide
as if in a silent scream. Devastating.

Notice that the another large hippo is at her side – perhaps the



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